Amidamaru sat up with Yoh until late the next morning, after managing to carry the unconscious shaman to his bed with one arm, his now-useless limp hanging limply by his side. He had tied his white belt around it, a makeshift sling, and, though it did not help the break much, it did ease the pain slightly.

The samurai couldn't bring himself to look at Yoh's pale face – it seemed that everyone he cared about was destined to be hurt by him, in some way or another. Was the vampire right? Was it bad luck to be a friend of the Fiend?

"Oh, Yoh…" he breathed, his good hand moving to gently brush a stray lock of dark hair from his shaman's face. "I am sorry. This is… all my fault. Forgive me."

Through some miracle of strength, the teen's eyes opened a fraction and a limp hand moved to clutch the samurai's. After jumping, Amidamaru smiled in relief.

"Thank the gods…" He breathed, helping Yoh into a sitting position. "I was worried."

"'Maru?" A small husky voice came forth from the injured shaman, causing the samurai to lean closer to him. Smiling at the sudden closeness, Yoh kissed his former ghost on the cheek. " 'M fine… you look hurt.."

Before the swordsman could even utter a response, the door to the room was opened. If Amidamaru had expected Anna or even Katsumi he was mistaken, because it was neither who walked through the door; it was Silva.

"What…?" Yoh raised heavy-lidded eyes to stare at the Patch, whose five ghosts were restraining a certain struggling vampire.

"I found him outside." Came the bland explanation. "From what I heard, he is the cause of all this. Goldva has shown me how I can return Amidamaru to his original form and destroy this creature before it hurts anyone else."

Silence followed the blank statement before Yoh heaved himself out of bed. The shaman was against totally destroying anything, but Katsumi was eaten up with a bitter raging hatred, and every time he hurt Amidamaru for revenge, the truth is he was only hurting himself more. It would be a great kindness unto the fiend if he simply did not exist.

"Oh?" The swordsman asked, loyally at his shaman's side still. "How would you do that?"

"It was voodoo that has done this, samurai." Silva responded, pouring his mana into the writhing vampire and stilling him. "Therefore it must be fixed by voodoo. Goldva has knowledge of a ritual that, though has not been performed successfully before, will return you to your original state of ghost."

"Never been done before?" Yoh asked weakly, though Silva didn't hear as he was too busy listening to Amidamaru's question of:

"What does this entail?"

"This one," Silva shook Katsumi, "will be utterly destroyed, and the energy released from that, like nuclear fusion, will instantly kill you, no matter what rituals have already been performed."

"And what if I don't want to die?"

"Yoh will forfeit the tournament."

Those words caused a long silence, which was interrupted by said shaman's quiet words.

"Don't die, Ami-chan. I'll forfeit."

"Don't be ridiculous." The swordsman snorted in humourless amusement. "You can't forfeit the tournament. I've died once, I don't mind doing it again."

Silva nodded, laying down a time for when the ritual was to be completed.

It was Yoh's greatest regret that he was unable to be there when Silva killed Amidamaru and destroyed their greatest enemy. He had sworn to himself he would not let Amidamaru die alone again, though his only consolation was that Silva was there – at least Silva was a familiar usually-friendly face.

All the young shaman knew was that an immensely bright light had come, and then Silva had deposited ash outside the door where Yoh was waiting.

That had been all that was left of Katsumi.

Amidamaru appeared not long after, looking quite shy and bashful, a samurai ghost in modern clothing. Yoh had felt a pang of hurt when he had moved to hug his warrior but had only grasped air – ghosts, after all, were not solid matter.

They could still join, of course, in integration. But it just wasn't the same. Yoh wasn't sure what Amidamaru thought, but he knew he would miss the samurai's touch, and that one time that Amidamaru had shown him such pleasure.. that would stay in his mind forever.

"Amidamaru…?" He asked his ghost, the first words he had spoken since before the ritual. The samurai turned a translucent face onto Yoh, speaking after a pause.

"I am glad to be back."