Standing at the Edge of Everything I own nothing pouts

He always stands on top of the roof every night looking down on Los Angeles as if he were an angel looking down on the city from heaven. But she knows he wants to jump, just to see if he can still feel. She usually watches him from a crack in the roof doorway wondering if she should go to him try to figure out what's wrong but she keeps her distance from him. He had asked her once why he had come back hoping she could give him the answer to a question no one knew the answer to. She tried to find her voice when he asked her that but it wouldn't come, so she shook her head and looked away from the blue eyes that still held the reminisce of a fragile poet who died 156 years ago.
The lights from the city below made him look older than he seemed. More wise and mysterious than most of the law firm gave him credit for being. Every night one tear would travel down his face and hit the pavement far below, just one. Nothing made sense to him anymore it seemed. He had told her once that only angels get to come back to this place, this place of dirt and tears. She asked him why he didn't think he deserved another chance and he looked at her and smiled, she felt special when he smiled at her like he would tell her he loved her at any minute but never did. He told her that because the powers already had there champion it didn't make any sense for him to be here unless it was to annoy Angel.
She sighed quietly to herself wondering what to do about the vampire that stood at the edge of everything. She looked back at him and smiled. She was surprised by him one day that he actually took her advice about his hair. It was still blond but it was no longer slicked back. He had grown his hair out and had blue put into streaks that started right above his forehead. She asked him why he covered up his right eye with his hair and he just shrugged and said he didn't know. She sighed again and opened the door to the roof.
She saw him look over his shoulder at her. He turned around slowly and asked "What are you doing up here this late". "Looking for you" she said. "And why are you looking for me" he asked her as he stepped of the ledge of the building. "Because I want to know what's wrong" she said. "Nothing's wrong" he lied. "Then why are you up here every night after everyone's gone to sleep" she asked him. "I like the view" he said. "Liar" she said softly. He looked away from her and said "I just want to why I'm here". She raised his head with her finger and said "It doesn't matter why you're here it's that you are here". He smiled at her and said "How is it that you always know how to make me feel better". She smiled at him and stammered out "I...I don't...I don't know". She was caught off guard when he gave her a hug. She hugged him back and murmured "I love you" hoping he wouldn't hear her. "I love you too Fred" he whispered in her ear.