Title: Touch the Stars

Summary: (Armada) Starscream's last thoughts before he dies...Very sad. My first Transformer fic, so please be gentle. Warnings: Obviously, it's character death Disclaimer: I don't own Transformers no matter how much I wish I did

A/N: I was balling when I saw "Cramp" and then I decided to write this. I've had to edit it a bunch, but I hope you all like it the way I have it written. Like I said, this is my first TF fanfic, and I'm really sorry if this sucks.

I never wanted to admit before now...but that human girl, Alexis, is very important to me. If one were to glance at us they might even see us as more than just friends. Using what little strength I have left, I am giving my death speech to Galvatron. I swore an oath to him, and I could never break it. If I ever did, it would be for Alexis. She was, and still is, the only one who ever truly trusted me. Even though we have a very powerful bound, I am not in love with her.

We are just friends. Close friends. The closet.

Anyone, even Galvatron, would be feeling even just a little pain right now. The Star Saber almost impaled my spark. Not that it matters...I'll be dead soon anyways. My only regret is I didn't get to say farewell to my friend. My dear friend, Alexis. I wish that I could see her smiling face...I wonder if when she hears I am dead, if she will cry. That is another thing I regret about doing this. I don't want her to cry and be upset.

I want her to be safe, to be loved, and to be happy.

No! I do not love her, though I may be making it sound like I do. I haul myself to my feet and aim my null cannons at that evil demon...Unicron. Oh, I how I desire to see him burn in the fires of Hell, to see his soul damned forever! No...He has no soul! It's his fault I am to leave behind Alexis! I feel so awful abandoning her like this without a word. Why, Primus? Why did it have to come to this? Ready...now!

"YOU'RE ALL MINE, UNICRON!" I scream, letting loose a powerful blast. Unicron counters and a bright beam heads towards me.

I feel my body being burned apart, and I begin to fade away. I've felt much pain in my life, but never like this...If I had the strength, I would laugh. I mean...Would've thought I'd actually enjoy the pain? It lets me know I've saving her. So long, my dreams of ruling the Decepticons! I knew ye well. Soon my ashes shall spread across the ground, not even a trace of energon left. It's over, but I have succeeded in protecting her.

If only we could touch the stars one last time... Goodbye Alexis...I will miss you. I hope you do not take my death so hard. I wish only for you to be happy...because...maybe I do love you.

I love you, Alexis. Forgive me.

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