Title: Touch the Stars

Summary: (Armada-Energon) Starscream's last thoughts before he dies... Chapter 3 up! It's been 10 years, so how does Alexis feel now?

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Starscream didn't remember anything. He didn't remember how he once fell in love with a human girl, and then died to help save her. He didn't remember how they had started out as friends, and how he was killed before he ever got the chance to tell her that he wanted to be more than just friends...He remembered nothing.

He didn't remember Alexis. But she remembered him.


Alexis looked at herself in her bedroom mirror.

She was a woman now. She didn't have time for childish crushes or sappy fantasies.

It had been ten years since she met the Autobots...Ten years since she met Starscream, then later fell in love with him. She knew he only thought of her as a friend, if anything. If he had known about how she really felt, he probably would have laughed. He had been a Decepticon and he didn't have time for her.

But he had cared for her...hadn't he? They had been friends, right?

She honestly didn't know.

Not long after she, Rad, Carlos, Billy, and Fred returned to Earth, she had often started dreaming about what life would be like if Starscream hadn't died...What life would be like if they were friends, maybe more.

But now she was older. She wasn't a kid anymore and she had no need for romance at the moment. She had moved on...or at least she acted like she had.

Frowning, Alexis reached into a drawer and pulled out the stone she had found on Cybertron. The crack stood out more than ever, at least to her it did.

She gently ran a finger over it.

Suddenly, she scowled and dropped the stone back into her drawer.

She didn't love Starscream anymore.

At least she wished she didn't.


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