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The Journal of Gosalyn Mallard. Entry made on the eve of her seventeenth birthday.

It is an odd history I've decided to write here. I feel as though I write this for everybody when, in reality, I write it only for myself.

What made this happen? When did I leave the world of a ten year old tomboy for the world of a young woman in love? I'm not entirely sure I can answer that. I believe my father's wife, Morgana MaCawber, had something to do with it. Not directly, but in the long run, I think.

You see, my love for him grew--I think--from the fact that we had so much, yet so little, in common.

But I get ahead of myself. To start a story you must start it, and that's what I intend to do. Like I said, Morgana had something to do with it. She's there, at the very beginning of it all.

I believe that it all started about five years or so before my father's wedding to her.


It was a downpour that night. It wasn't thundering or lightning, but it was still a downpour. Negaduck glanced up at the foreboding house that was his destination. He hugged himself, trying to block out the cold, and approached the front door.

He didn't even get to knock. The old wooden door opened with a drawn out creak. Numbly aware of this invitation, he entered. He removed his soaked hat as the woman of the house descended the dark staircase at the back of the adjacent hall.

She was dressed from head to webbed foot in red. A fold of her dress was looped around her white feathered finger. Her black hair was up in a sort-of beehive hairdo. Negaduck gave a ragged sob.

"Morgana," he choked out. He was on the verge of sobbing, something he had never genuinely done before in his entire life.

"What are you doing here? How dare you come here! After what you've done!" she growled at him, her brow furrowed in a glare.

"Morgana, I… I went too far," he said.

This seemed to shock her, this confession. But her feelings seemed to be coming to her just as numbly as his was to him.

"What the hell gave you that idea? Was it the hurt faces? The tears?!"

Morgana--the powerful witch, the beautiful ex-villain, Darkwing's fiancé--was crying. Tears flowed as though they were rivers from her eyes.

Eyes. That's what had done it. That's why this crime was affecting Negaduck more so than any of his other crimes. The pain. Eyes.

"Morgana, I can't… live. Not with this. Not anymore. I've come--"

She cut him off with a look. A look of indignant surprise.

"That's why you're here? You want me to kill you? How dare… the nerve--!"

The former Mallard Menace fell to his knees. Tears, his first ever, fell forth--unchecked--from his eyes.

"I can't live with this crime! Not this one! Kill me, please!"

The witch had stopped her tears. Grim satisfaction was now etched on her face.

"You want to be dead? You want to be killed?" she whispered. The malice in her voice was something that even he could've never achieved. He merely nodded.

He lowered his head to look at the floor as she raised her hand and pointed at him. She began to mutter in a language he could not understand. Her magic was filling him. A spell. He could feel it.

But death was not what he thought it would be. Especially death from her. It wasn't painful. It just… was. There were no words to describe the feeling that seemed to be filling him. It wasn't pain, but it wasn't pleasure. Suddenly, the feeling left. Her chanting stopped.

He was still alive. How could this be? Was he immune to magic? One glance at the malicious face of the witch told him that he had indeed been put under a spell. Just not the one he had wanted. He became angry.

"You! What have you done to me? I begged for death! You could've exacted your revenge! What have you done?!" he raged.

"I gave you life. This is my revenge. You will live with what you've done. You will no longer age, and you cannot be killed. You are immortal," she said.


"Leave, Negaduck. I care not for where you go. Just… leave."

With that, Morgana turned her back on him and ascended the stairs. Unable to move from his place on the floor, Negaduck wept.


When Morgana awoke the next morning, Negaduck was gone. She received a letter from him a week later, telling her where he had gone. Five years later, Morgana and my father married. I was sixteen.

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