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Chapter 12- All for Love

The Journal of Gosalyn Mallard. Entry made on the eve of her seventeenth birthday. Final page.

And so I go. I go because I do not have the luxury of loving Negaduck here. I do this all for love. I feel as if I'm living in a movie with its ending undecided, unpredictable, and unwritten. I love Negaduck; I only wish you could understand. Yes, I address you now, the only person I know who'll read this--or at least the person who will read it first. I understand now, on these last pages, that this is my goodbye note… and my best attempt at an explanation.

I'm sorry that it has come to this. I do not want to leave… but I suppose that you do not want me to love him either, huh? In this respect, we are in the same boat. Both of us want what we know we can never have. And we both ask what we know we shouldn't. I know you. I know you hate asking me not to love him. I also know that you will never forgive me for running like this… taking this drastic measure. However, I forgive you… I forgive you for not allowing me to feel free in my own home. I'm not angry at you. I hope you understand that.

Above all else, I love you. I will always love you. I know that you think that I have forgotten that, but I haven't. I hope that you will leave me alone, but I have a feeling that you won't. And so, it goes on. I know you will look for me. But now, I must go. I bring to an end my first, last, and only journal entry. Thank you for the opportunity. I love you, Dad. Goodbye.


Darkwing closed the book and sighed. He rubbed his head and turned quickly when he heard a creak on the stair. Morgana stood there, her eyes glassy from tears that could not fall. He himself had not cried. It hurt too much to try. His little girl… gone… with him.

And it's my fault, Darkwing thought. What have I done? What has she done?

Morgana stepped closer. She picked up the journal and rubbed her hand over it.

"This entry was made last night. They'll be will out of town by now," she said, her voice quavering.

Darkwing stood. He picked up his hat, which he had laid on Gosalyn's bed, and put it on. Morgana leaned forward and gave him a small kiss.

"I have to find her, Morg. He… he could hurt her. I have to bring her home," the Masked Mallard said quietly. For some reason, he could not raise his voice any higher. If he tried, it caused a strange, strangling feeling.

"I can try a locating spell, Dark. Maybe she's not too far away… and I'm sure she's all right."

Darkwing nodded. He walked out of the room, downstairs, and out the door. He hopped on his Ratcatcher and started it up. Morgana shouted to him from the window.

"Where are you going, Dark?"

"I'm going to your father's house. Maybe he'll know something. Call me… when… you find her," he responded, hesitating a bit on the word "when." He knew that it was actually "if," but he was trying to be optimistic.

With that, he pulled out onto the street and sped off. Upstairs, Morgana picked up the journal again.

This could help me find them, she thought sadly, turning to go to the room she kept all her spell crafting things in. Gosalyn had named it the "Magic Room," Morgana recalled. Suddenly, the witch's tears fell.

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