Title : A game of lost and found

Warnings :I am not sure where the story is gonna head, and I do not know which pairing I'm putting or if there's even a pairing. Hehe, but I'm evil enough to put in a few characters fighting over Hikaru. :D And plz review, whether to insult  me or whatever. Will love you if you do :) Domo!!

Summary : Set after the Hokuto Cup, where Hikaru still trying to go on. This time around though, he has Sai back with him. But life isn't that easy, not when another Go genius other than Akira had his sights set on him. Life is definitely not easy nor simple for him.

Disclaimer : I do not own Hikaru No Go, its characters, and what-so-ever I used in this fic that associates with HnG. It's solely for my own entertainment... and yours if you enjoy it. :) 



Chapter 1: Haunted




The same sound has been vibrating throughout the room for the past two hours. Those who knew Shindou Hikaru well will know that this will continue or at least two more hours, if not more. After all, this is his life force, his goban with the stones, and the game of Go itself, they gave him a meaning in life. To live, to fight, to feel… and to remember. Although if anyone would see Shindou now, they would be shocked. For Shindou has tears running down his face. Greenish-grey eyes so full of suffering that one could not imagine a 16 year old kid would have.

'Why? WHY??' Shindou asked himself, while recreating the game. The game where he had lost to Ko Yongha. 'How could I lose? Was I not strong enough? I thought I could win, but I lost… I could not defend you. I could not defend your memory… SAI!!!!' By this time, Shindou was no longer recreating the game. The disappearance of Sai still hurts, and Shusaku being put down by a Korean boy nonetheless really grated on Shindou's raw wounds. After all, Shusaku and Sai are one and the very same person.

Sai, his very own personal ghost, was his closest friend. One whom he had looks up to and needed in time of joy and sorrow. The one who had taught him the game of Go and encourage him to become better. For Sai had love the game more than his own life, which had lead him to drown himself 1000 years ago. Sai had resides in his mind when he came back to earth from a goban, therefore how could they not share everything together? But then, maybe this was not such a good thing after all, for it had made the youth too dependant and too close to the ghost. The disappearance of Sai more than a year ago still fresh in his mind, still giving deep pain, sorrow and regret.

Shindou sat beside his goban, finally giving into the urge to cry his heart out. Finally, all spent, he fell asleep on the floor, last thought on his mind, again was… Sai, where did you go? Why did you leave me?


A youth can be seen sitting on his favorite sofa in his living room, staring into space in the middle of the night. A stylish living room that will be appreciated and admire by anyone who happens to be in the room. Walls were painted white with a very faint touch of soft blue. Furniture consists of a gloss black cabinet full with books and manuscripts, with one section consisting of CDs of various kind of music, another gloss black cabinet lining the width of a section of the wall, holding all the necessary electronics equipment one would expect to find in a house. Soft white sofas and an oval marble tea table completed the setting. But of course, this being the living room of one of the most recognize youth in the world of Go, it can only be a complete and suitable living room when there is a goban nearby. And of course, there is one sitting on the tea table, decorated with a recreated game.

'Shindou… Hikaru' A small smile graces the proud face of the youth. A sudden laugh broke out his mouth, his shoulder length hair brushing gently across his face. 'You intrigued me so. I came to Japan for the Hokuto Cup, thinking that Touya Akira, the Go prodigy, was my only worthy rival. Instead I found you. You who made me panicked where others will only kept me amused. And all because I put down Shusaku.' This time his eyes gleam with confusion, though still tinted with amusement. 'What is Shusaku to you I wonder? That you must defend him with such spirit and vigor. Well no matter, as I have got your attention, as you has gotten Suyon.' At this he frowned, wondering why he wants Shindou's attention. Then he shrugged, matters like this does not bother him.

"Ah… That game you had with Shindou again huh?" Suyon, who had just woken up from his sleep to get a glass of water, mentioned as he looks at the goban, jerking his friend out of his reverie. "You know Yongha, if I didn't know better, I would think you are obsessed with Shindou." Suyon mentioned casually, drinking his glass of water while seating himself opposite of Yongha.

"Obsessed…" whisper Yongha. 'Hmm… maybe I am obsessed with Shindou. His eyes which shows me fire and ice. Never had I seen someone who is so passionate and cold at the same time.'

"Hello? HELLO!! Earth to Yongha!!" Suyon raising his voice trying to get his friend's attention, which of course earn him a glare. " Geez, what's the matter with you? Ever since we return from the Hokuto Cup three months ago you have been like this. Recreating this game only. Too bad it did not alter your performance, I would just love to have an upper hand on you." Suyon at this point can be seen rubbing his hands together gleefully, complementing on the thought of him beating Yongha in Go.

"You wish, my dear friend" came the sarcastic reply together with a smirk on Yongha's face. "Since you are up, how about a game?"

"Sure. Why not?" Suyon replied good-naturedly as they proceed to start the game with nigiri which earn Suyon black and Yongha white. Soon the game ended with Yongha as the winner as expected. Which had Suyon groaning in defeat and accusing Yongha of being heartless to his friend and housemate, in a pitiful attempted to make Yongha feel bad, which of course did not work. Yongha just smirked at Suyon telling him to pick up the stones while he, the victorious one, goes to bed.

As Yongha walks to his bedroom, his thoughts are again, filled with Shindou. 'In less a year I'll see you again. Will you still have the fire and ice in you? I just can't wait to see you again.' a small smile graces his lips 'Just as I believe you will be as impatient to see me again. By winning, I had made sure of it.'