They had just gotten off the train in Hogsmead for the start of their sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Harry Potter, Hermionie Granger, and Ronald Weasley stood in the pouring rain waiting for the carriages to pull up. The carriages, that they could all see being pulled by mysterious, skeletal horses. They had seen Sirius Black, Harry's godfather die the year before, and it now provided all of them with this ability.

Harry had a very tough time dealing with Sirius' death, but now that he was back at Hogwarts, he knew everything would get better. He'd be back with his friends, his teachers, and everything that he loved. He could use magic again, he could be free to do almost everything he wanted, without being beat up by his uncle and cousin, or yelled at by his aunt. Everyone knew (more or less) the real Harry here, he didn't have to pretend to be some criminal, or be called a "freak" everyday. Because everyone at Hogwarts was of magical ability too! (Unless you count Filch, but let's not get into that.) Yes, this was definitely going to make things better for him: He just didn't know how much!

Draco Malfoy stepped off the train, and looked up at his School. It would be another horrible year at this damned Mud Blood loving school. Everyone would worship "Prince Potter" again, and give him a rough time just because he was a Slytherin. He glanced over at Harry Potter. An odd sensation came over him, but it was interrupted by Crabbe being the big oaf he is, and knocking Draco over. After apologizing a million times, in fear of being beat up, Crabbe and Goyle helped Draco up. He looked back over at Harry, but he was gone.

Harry rode in the carriage with his friends very silently. He had seen Crabbe knock Draco over, and was very glad, or Draco might have came over to them and made everything worse. He would have made some snide comment, something really foul, to make Harry act up again. He didn't want to be in trouble anymore. He didn't want to think bad thoughts. For all he knew, the newest Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher could be worse the Umbridge. (Oh, and what a horror that would be!) He could go letting his emotions get the best of him anymore...

Draco road in a carriage with some second year Ravenclaws that looked horrified. He had ditched Crabbe and Goyle in the crowd. He was so pissed off at them now that he couldn't stand their stupidity for one more second. What was that feeling he felt? That great sensation he had when he looked over at Potter. How could this be? Draco Malfoy was the Prince of Slytherin. He was the son of the richest man in all of England. His father was also a school governor, and the second-hand-man of Lord Voldemort. This meant that Draco was supposed to hate Harry Potter with a passion. He was supposed to make his life miserable, beat him in Quidditch, and eventually, after he's initiated into the Death Eaters, he is expected to help kill Harry.

Draco shook all of these good and evil thoughts out of his head as he stepped out of the carriage. He made his way up the giant stone steps in front of Hogwarts. He walked through the great oak doors, and through the Entrance Hall, and to the Great Hall. He took his favorite seat at the Slytherin table and made up excuses for not riding with his friends. Then Draco just sat there; waiting, waiting for Harry to walk in. To take another glance and try to figure out what his feeling meant.

Harry didn't really care who was sorted into where this year. Since he and Ron had eaten a who trolley of candy on the train (while being lectured about ruining their teeth by Hermionie, who's parents were dentists), they both decided to just skip the feast. They would get all the new details from Hermionie later, considering she always memorized all of the speeches.

Harry was so absorbed in thought, that he didn't even noticed they had already made it to the Gryffindor tower. Harry was in the front, and stood like an idiot in front of the picture of the Fat Lady, fore he didn't know the password. Ron cleared his throat, walked up next to Harry, straighten his tie and prefects badge proudly. Harry rolled his eyes as Ron said the password, "Belly Button Lint". "What kind of password is that..." Harry wondered.

Draco watched for five minutes, but still no Harry. He sat through all of the sorting, but still no Harry. Then he went through the feast, rules, speeches, and the introduction of the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, but yet again, still no Harry. At least he knew that Potter hadn't managed to miss the train or something dumb like that again. He had seen him already. He had already felt that great feeling. Sigh "Well, better get a goodnights sleep, Draco, classes start tomorrow, and we've got to win over this new teacher before those Lion Losers have a chance to brainwash them!" came Pansy's voice.

After walking with Pansy, Crabbe, Goyle, and Millicent to their dungeon common room, Draco said goodnight and went off to his bed. He laid awake for hours thinking about that feeling. He hoped it was only his imagination. Or did he? Deep down, Draco wished it was something more. He always secretly looked up to Potter. All those brave things he's done... but they could never be friends. They live in two completely different worlds.

Harry was everyone's favorite. He was "The boy who lived." People only liked Draco because he was rich and powerful. He only got good marks because he had been practicing magic illegally most of his life. His father fixed everything so that he wouldn't get in trouble. By the time Draco really fell asleep, the sun was beginning to rise.