For the next few weeks things were really great. It seemed like the perfect happy ending to a fairy tale. Ron and Hermione's relationship was all patched up. Harry and Draco were a lot more open with theirs, and their friends, including the Slytherins, finally accepted them for who they were.

The night before the start of Christmas brake Draco walked into Harry's bed room. The raven haired boy sat on the floor talking with Hermione. "So why aren't you packed this time?" Draco said as he bent over and kissed Harry on the cheek.

"Draco, the Order is too busy for me to stay with them right now. What, do you expect me to stay with the Drusleys?!" he boy laughed hysterically.

"Actually," Draco spoke softly. "I was hoping you'd come and stay with me..."

"What?! You've got to be kidding. I'm sure your family would love the boy who lived showing up at their house for a visit."

"My dad's in jail. My mum isn't like him. Trust me Harry. She'll be happy for us. My dad will never find out. Please come and stay with me. I'd miss you way too much. We've barely been apart this year, I don't want to be ripped away from you for two weeks!"

"If you're sure... I trust you. I'd better pack fast." He said and kissed Draco.

"Hermione, could we talk a lone for a minute?" Draco asked her suddenly.

"Oh, er, okay." She said and followed him into his bed room."

"It's important for you to know how sorry I am for everything in the past. I know, that even now I could be a little less or a jerk. I have sudden thoughts and out bursts that aren't very nice. It's been bothering me for some time now. I want to officially tell you that I consider you a friend, and anytime in the past, present, or future that I ever say anything bad about you or anyone else of Muggle or other descent, it's the years of being a Malfoy talking, not me."

Draco finished it all in one breathe. He let it all out to Hermione, everything that had been bothering him. He wouldn't be able to completely be at peace with himself or be happy until her did so. Hermione just smiled at him and hugged him tightly. "We all make mistakes, we all struggle with things, and I forgive you. I'm going to go say goodnight to Harry. Have fun while you're gone... a behave!" she winked and left the room.

Harry packed a few of his clothes and other belongs. When he was done he walked into the common room and ran into Hermione. "Hey, what was that about? What did Draco want?" Hermione smiled and answered, "If he wants you to know he'll tell you." She hugged him goodbye and said "Happy Christmas." before leaving.

The next morning Harry and Draco made their way to the train together. They sat with Ron, Seamus, Blaise, and Pansy the whole way back to London. The two boys were met by Narcissa Malfoy at the station, who escorted them back to a white, stretch limousine.

"So, you're the famous Harry Potter?" she asked as they started driving home.

"Yeah..." Harry said uncomfortably.

"Mum, don't you remember him from the World Cup two years back?" Draco asked.

"Ah, yes, he was with that Weasley lot." she said stiffly.

They arrived at the Malfoy manor some twenty minutes later. Harry's jaw dropped. It looked like a miniature Hogwarts, but more homely. As they walked inside Harry felt like he was in heaven. There were servants at every corner giving them what ever they wanted, even if hey didn't ask for it.

Draco's room had black walls, a black ceiling, and a black rug. It was built in one of the mini towers, so there were sapphire steps along the way that led to his own bathroom, and his own game room/zoo. All of the furniture, artwork, and trinkets in the room were pure silver.

Harry searched the room, gawked at the beautiful animals his boyfriend had, and examined the Olympic pool sized bath room he owned. "Draco, why haven't you told me have amazingly wicked your house is!?" he screamed and kissed the blonde.

Draco mumbled something about not wanting to brag before he took Harry in his arms and threw him onto his bed. They laid making out for some time before Harry broke away. "Draco, what were you talking with Hermione about last night?" he stared into his boyfriend's silver eyes.

"I needed to be forgiven for my past, I needed to move on. I feel so much better now." he smiled and continued to search Harry's mouth with his tongue.

"Draco, I was wondering... should we buy a green or black fountain for the third floor ball room?" his mother came bursting in the room to find the two boys kissing on the bed.

Draco quickly separated from Harry, fumbled to his feet, and caught his mother before she fainted to the floor. He was planning on telling her everything that night after dinner, but that was now ruined. That was the worst way his mother could ever have found out.

"Mum! Mum, wake up!" he poured a glass of water on her face. She jumped up. "My make up! Milky! Come!" a tine house elf came running into the room and fixed Mrs. Malfoy up. She turned back to the boys and suddenly remembered what she had seen.

"Draco! W-what is going on?" She had on one of his silver chairs to brace herself.

"Mum, I love Harry. He and I have being a couple for a few months. When Dumbledore stuck us together we got to know each other, and we fell in love. I hope you can accept this, because I want to be with Harry for the rest of my life."

He took Harry's hand and pulled him close. They hugged and turned back to Mrs. Malfoy. She smiled weakly before standing and collecting the boys in her arms. After a few seconds she said "Okay, enough touching. I have places to go. I'll see you both tomorrow morning, if you need anything, well there is plenty of help around." she left the room.

Draco laughed and said, "Well, she's a Malfoy, what'd you expect?" He totally felt at peace with himself now. He made up with Hermione, he told his mother about his love, and she still accepted him. Things were definitely going to be okay.

Harry decided that if Draco could tell his mother about this, then the Weasleys would definitely understand and still love him. He took a hold of his lovers shirt and pulled him in. He kissed him passionately and this time he was the one to throw Draco on the bed.

Draco looked into Harry's emerald eyes before going in for another kiss. Those eyes gave Draco a meaning to live. He smiled inwardly as his tongue wrestled Harry's, and his hand found Harry's tight bottom.

Harry rolled onto of Draco and started working his magic to create a hicky on the blonde's neck. His hands ran down Draco's body and started unbuttoning his shirt. "Are you sure?" he heard Draco breath.

"I've never been more sure of anything in my life, I love you Draco." Harry said as he pulled of his shirt, exposing his toned body. "I love you too, Harry Potter."

The boys found themselves naked within seconds. Harry's mouth caressed every part of Draco's body, and vise versa. That night they made sweet, sweet love.

They had finally found their happily ever after.

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