YuugiAnzu drabble. 200 words. I like dancing, and I like Anzu.

Note: on any girl with breasts, a shoulder-shimmy will make them bounce.


Typical dancers are far too skinny, and generally flat as a board. Anzu's build isn't typical of a dancer – she has curves. She doesn't mind, though; you can get onto Broadway without being built like a typical ballerina. Yuugi doesn't mind either, except he wishes he weren't so much shorter.

Isolation is when a dancer moves one part of their body without moving anything else. When Anzu explained that term to him, and shoulder-shimmied as an example, Yuugi was too busy attempting not to blush to notice that her hips were isolated and perfectly still.

A dancer's hands are always doing something, even if they appear motionless. Never are they idle. Constantly full of energy, often moving, and absolutely never limp. Anzu told him that once, at a ballet she dragged him to. When they kiss, her hands never stay still; they run through his hair and over his arms and pull at his shirt. The moments when they do pause, he can feel the energy in her grip.

Yuugi's mind wanders to the oddest things when he lies in bed and watches Anzu sleep. You would think that, as a dancer, she would have enough endurance to stay awake.

[la fin]

[may I have this dance?]