I stole the idea of having a random phrase at the end of fics from Sunfreak.

I think the movie mentioned is Schindler's List.

True Power

For a moment, he was the most powerful man in the world.

The memory had been, like everything else, stolen from Ryoh. An old and faded memory from a film that was some old black and white movie about a war and translated from English. It had been one of the things that stuck with Ryoh, and so Yami Bakura had taken it. Two of the characters had been speaking about power, and one had explained to the other that true power wasn't about guns or killing people or strength. True power was when you were able to make a person do whatever you wanted – clean your kitchen, shine your shoes, die, anything – and you let them go instead. That was true power.

Yami Bakura had always wanted power. Not for his own ends, but just enough power to kill the one person who needed to die. Therefore, he'd ignored that memory, like almost all the rest that he'd found. It had been useless. Yet it came back to him now, and he found he could agree with it, though he wouldn't usually.

Because there was Ryoh in Yami Bakura's arms, with his legs tensed to keep his balance so he didn't lean too much against the thief, and trying not to discourage Yami Bakura but also trying to not be too provocative, because he was completely inexperienced and didn't know what to do with himself and didn't want the spirit to think he was a slut. And Yami Bakura was simply amazed that the teenager didn't run screaming, but was actually willing.

Of course, Yami Bakura knew full well the consequences. His sworn enemy was the other half of the closest thing Ryoh had to a friend. If he were to lean forward the slightest bit, and tilt his head to the side, and give Ryoh even the smallest of kisses, a mere brush of lips without any tongue, he knew he would be forcing his host to chose.

For a moment, he was the most powerful man in the world.

[la fin]

[Le vouloir est le pouvoir.]