I DON'T OWN JUSTICE LEAGUE!!!            If I did…wow…

Summary: Takes place after A Better World, so there might be spoilers!! The day the League has been dreading is coming up: The day that the Lord's Flash was killed. Superman and Batman have been arguing about whether to tell Flash or not, because there is no guarantee that the event will occur in their reality…but a deadly sequence of events may spell the end for Flash…no matter how hard the League tries to stop it.

A/N: Spoiler warning! Violence! Mild Language! Like a day at my house!!! I guess slightly AU!


     " I'm telling you that no weapon can hit something that fast!! " The young man shouted at his colleague, anger radiating from him as he fought the urge to jump at the man sitting calmly in front of him, " And I'm telling you that you had better find a way…or else. " He sighed inwardly; the threat was lame but necessary. " Y-You wouldn't not after everything—"

" I will do what it takes to reach my goals…surely you knew that? " The man smiled at the shaken expression that flashed over Paul's features, " Find a way or don't, their fate is in your hands. " He smiled again as he watched Paul's inner battle.

" Fine, I will, but tell me this…why would you risk their wrath over this? " The man's smile became twisted and a laugh began bubbling up, sending chills down Paul's spine.

" Why? Why! For the sport old boy, and the rewards promised. " He raised a hand and smoothed back his green hair.

" Your bidder will pay up of course? " the man nodded, " Then you have a deal, Joker. "

         The ringing bell went off in his ear, ' Six a.m….ugghhh ' he rolled to the side and forced himself out of his bed, not surprised to find that he was still tired; he had pulled another old nighter finally hitting the sack at two in the morning. He slowly walked towards the bathroom that was connected to his sleeping quarters and gazed out the window, down at Earth: his home. It was so small from here, so vulnerable, but as long as he lived he swore that no harm would come to the blue planet. He sighed and picked up his shaver and began to rid himself of the stubble that had grown during the night. His eyes glowed neon green from the ring that was around his finger, his weapon. Sighing once more when he realized that he was out of aftershave, he finished his other morning activities.

Lantern? John flinched as the voice intruded on his thoughts,

Yeah? He answered back, not caring if he should annoyed.

Superman has called an emergency meeting for the League.

So I should go pick Flash up, right?

No, Flash is not to attend this meeting.

John was surprised at this answer, Why not?

Because this meeting concerns him, I am sure Superman will explain in greater detail once the meeting has begun.

Superman calling a meeting considering the youngest member of the team? It didn't make sense; Lantern furrowed his eyebrows, his mind racing to think of the many reasons that this meeting would be called. His eyes traveled around his room finally settling on his pin-up calendar, " No… "