Flash pulled at the warm blanket, moving it closer to his chin. He snuggled deeper into the comfortable bed and sighed. He closed his green eyes and fell back into a deep sleep.


Bruce was walking by the infirmary when he heard the muffled shouts of his teammate, thinking the worst, Batman rushed into the room only to find Wally in a tangle of blankets,

" Hey Bats…I…umm…I pulled out my IV. Just tryin' to get it back in." Batman smirked and walked up to the IV line and quickly placed it back in his arm before Flash had any chance to object,

" Ouch!" Flash muttered sourly, rubbing at the sore spot in his arm, " Forget being a detective, you should be a doctor."

" Your welcome." He watched as Flash attempted to retrieve a fallen pillow. Realizing Flash would only pull the IV out again if he continued, Batman reached for the pillow and tossed it back onto the bed,

" Thanks," Batman nodded and made to leave the room,

" Bats!" Flash started, Batman turned to face him again,

" What?"

" It's just…you won't tell, right?" Puzzled, Bruce cocked his head and stared at Flash,

" I mean about who I really am. My identity."

'Duh' Batman chided himself for not realizing, " I won't."

" Promise?" Batman did not reply. That was something he could not promise, even if he wanted to.

" Batman?" Bruce turned on his heels and left the room, " Well, I guess that's a yes or maybe a no or…" With the IV replaced, the sedatives began pumping back into Flash's blood stream, reliving the stinging pain that he had been feeling since he had woken up.

" Sleep is good…"


Clark looked up from the pile of papers he had been reviewing when he heard the door slide open,

" Hello Hawkgirl," He gave her a smile and moved some papers so she could sit down,

" Hey Superman, what are working on?"

" Lex won't be going to jail, in fact he's considering running for governor or another high government position." Hawkgirl let out a small gasp,

" What? But what about what he did to Flash—"

" Humanite 'says' it was his idea and that he 'forced' Lex into it."

" What about the other man who was involved, Paul O'Reilly?"

" He only saw Lex once, Joker had taken his family hostage and threatened to kill them if he didn't hand the poison over."

" What about Flash's testimony or the disk? Luthor tortured him!" Superman met her gaze sadly,

" It won't hold up in court, Lex's lawyers will say that Flash was delirious from the poison or that Humanite forced him to hurt Flash. And with the disk, the statue of limitations is almost up on the crimes; the most he'll have to do is community service. It's a lose-lose situation, and I don't want to have Flash go through it if it won't help."

" What does Batman think we should do?"

" He says that we should just move on and hope that Luthor's past crimes will prevent anyone from voting for him. And I agree with him. There isn't much else we can do." Superman slid a folder over to Hawkgirl, who took it without question,

" Can you give that to Batman for me? I have some work to finish up here." She nodded and left.


J'onn rewrapped Flash's broken ribs and sighed,

" Something wrong?"

" Oh, Lantern…no nothing is wrong." Lantern made a small scoffing noise and walked forward to join the Martian,

" You sure?"

" Why wouldn't I be?"

" You haven't slept in a few days."
" Martians don't require sleep as humans do. You know this, so I suppose the real question is are you alright?"

Lantern seemed taken aback,

" Yeah, 'course I am." He shrugged and took a folder from the small pile, it was a review of past injuries and it happened to be Batman's,

" I don't think he would want you looking at his information." J'onn stated lightly, picking the folder gently from Lantern's hands. Flash groaned and turned in the bed, the IV moving with him,

" If he keeps turning like that he'll continue to rip out his IV's." J'onn answered Lantern's unspoken question. John moved back and glanced around the room slowly,

" I guess you heard about Luthor, huh?" J'onn nodded,

" It is unfortunate that no matter how hard we work he still seems one step ahead of us." He gazed down at the sleeping human,

" Most unfortunate."


Bruce rolled his eyes, " No you can't go." He folded his arms over his chest and cast a weary glance over at the smirking Lantern,

" Batman's right, Flash. You're still recovering, you shouldn't risk it."

" I'm fine. Look!" He rose to his feet, wincing slightly and praying Batman didn't see, of course he did. So did Lantern.

" Riiiight." Flash sat down angrily on the sofa, he had really wanted to go with the rest of the team to the planet Siclor, who had called the League for assistance with another dictatorship,

" It's just a demonic overlord!" He shifted his gaze back to Batman, who shook his head firmly. If Batman said no then there was no way he was going to leave the Watchtower. John clapped him on the shoulder and walked with Batman out of the recreation room,

" We'll be back later." Once the doors were shut Flash hissed in pain,

' When did G.L. get so strong?' He rubbed his shoulder and recalled that it was probably still one big bruise, hell, he was one big bruise. His ribs were almost healed and the muscle soreness he had to cope with the first week was gone.

J'onn had been counseling him, helping him deal with what he had been through. He thought he was fine with it, but he was wrong.


Flash walked the length of the infirmary for the sixth time; he didn't feel like running, not just yet. He moved back to the large window and stared into space. He hated this time of the day, when the infirmary window faced nothing of interest. His ribs were still killing him, forcing him to take several breaks ever hour and rest. He watched the glass of the window and took a step back,

" No…" Luthor was standing behind him, with the grin he would always have when he wanted to ask Wally something he knew the younger man would not answer.

" Flash—" The Scarlet Speedster whirled around and sent his fist, with all the strength he could muster, straight into Luthor's jaw. The other man seemed dazed but he kept coming,

" What is the matter—" Flash brought another fist forward, forcing Luthor to block it.

" I'm not tellin' you anything, Luthor!" He yelled, moving back to the window. He was stuck and Luthor wasn't backing down. He clutched his ribs and began to regret punching Luthor, the man looked ready to kill. He closed his eyes, slid to the ground and threw his hands up to defend himself from the blow that never came. Slowly and hesitantly, he opened his eyes, blinking in confusion when, for a split second, he didn't see Luthor, only a worried John.

" Flash?" Flash continued to stare past John, not focusing on him, but on Sapphire, who had just entered the room. He let out a small gasp and pushed the returned Luthor away from himself. He ran for the door and nearly fell into Humanite's waiting arms. Grodd was waiting behind Humanite and when he had enough room, he slipped in and rushed to the supply cabinet. Humanite grabbed him on the shoulders and lifted him high into the air; he kept kicking his enemy in the chest, surprised when he seemed unaffected. Grodd came back, this time with a needle and Flash turned his kicks on him. The first kick connected and Grodd was sent back, he rose to his paws and came towards Flash once more, this time signaling for Luthor and Sapphire to help hold him down. He fought and found them to be stronger then normal. The sedative began working quickly and Flash found himself succumbing to the darkness.

" What the hell was that about?" John muttered, Batman glanced at the others, rubbing his jaw, and placing the needle down. Superman shook his head and carried Flash back to his bed, John and Hawkgirl releasing his legs as he did so.

" He didn't realize who we were." Hawkgirl informed her teammates,

" I was afraid of this. What can we do?" Batman walked next to the window and turned to the others,

" He needs to be counseled, J'onn could probably help."

" Couldn't he just block the memories from Flash's mind?"

" No. And even if he did, we couldn't risk something triggering the memory and having Flash fall apart because of it."

" I'll go talk to J'onn."


Several months had now gone by since the incident and Flash was completely healed, physically and mentally. It had taken awhile to get used to the danger again. But the heat of battle was a feeling he gladly welcomed back. The past months had not been uneventful, in fact they had been filled with danger and adventure. He even saved the world from some snake-creatures bent on destroying their sun. Then there was Superman's apparent ' death', which had hit the League hard. And before that the League almost split up after another run-in with Grodd and his freaky new powers. Flash still felt guilty that he had caused Grodd to become stronger, but that didn't keep him from kicking some monkey-ass! Recently the League had traveled to Las Vegas, where Joker had set up about twenty bombs all across the strip. Flash rubbed the back of his head, where Ten had shoved him into a wall, angry at him because Superman had sent him sailing. He kept walking down to the evidence room, the Royal Flush gang's flying cards stacked on a hovering wheelbarrow,

' What section were these suppose to go to?' He moved around the evidence room at lighting speed and finally found the correct section. He marked them and went back to the main floors of the base. On the way up he nearly collided with Hawkgirl, who was pacing back and forth in a narrow hallway, looking at some alien disk.

" Flash!" She quickly hid the disk behind her back and narrowed her eyes at him,

" Geez, Hawkgirl, what were you doin'?" Flash noticed that she seemed nervous and fidgety,

" You okay?" She nodded and went behind him and moved down the hallway,

" Fine, just watch where you're going." Flash stood in the hallway, completely confused about what had happened,

" You were the one pacing!" He laughed her actions off and zoomed back to the monitor room to talk to John. It was good to be back. And it would be even better if he had an iced mocha.


Hawkgirl entered her room and locked the door.

" That was close." She brought the disk back up and reread the orders she had just recieved,

' Lt. Hol-

We will be arriving in one Earth month. Make sure all of your preparations are ready.

- Lt. Kragger'

She began pacing again, they were coming soon and now she wasn't sure if she wanted her life to change…not after—

" I am a solider and this is for Earth's own good. I'll be protecting this planet. I'll be protecting my team. I'll be protecting John." She let her last statement sink in before sending Kragger her reply,

' Lt. Kragger,

All is set. Arrive at the pre-arranged time and you will meet with the Earth's leader easily.

-Lt. Hol'

She sat down on her bed and gazed at her array of photos she had taken after Flash had given her a camera for her birthday. Most were of the team, but she did have one of John and herself that Flash had taken before John could stop him.

She knew she was doing the right thing. Wasn't she?






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