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WARNING: Jess needs his mouth washed out with soap. Isn't he wonderful?

Jess rushed into the diner the next afternoon looking frantic.

Luke squinted. "What's your problem?"

"She's everywhere!" Jess cried.


"Rory!" Jess replied. "She's everywhere I am! Bookstore...Doose's... Everywhere!"

Luke shook his head. "Are you still drunk?"

"No," Jess snapped. "Hung over, god yes." He slumped into a seat at the counter. "But not drunk."

"You talk to her yet?"


"Well, that's why she's everywhere you are," Luke replied. "You gotta talk!"

Jess brooded.

The bell on the door sounded and both man turned to see.

Jess groaned. "Why are you following me?!"

"What?!" Rory cried. "Why are you following me?!"

"Oh, yeah because my mission in life is to be everywhere you are," Jess droned.

"Well, it sure seems that way," Rory snapped. "My grandparents' house... the book store... the market... here!"

"Okay. I was invited to your grandparents'," Jess pointed out. "The book store and the market? Public places! And I'm STAYING here!"

"Why can't you just leave me alone?!" Rory yelled.

Jess got to his feet. "Are we forgetting who came onto whom the other night? Huh? Because I sure as hell didn't initiate it."

"You didn't stop it."

"Maybe I didn't want to stop it!"

They stood in silence.

And, of course, Rory lunged forward and kissed him.

And of course, a long, long moment later, she pulled away, and ran out the door.

And Jess cursed.


And cursed.

"Holy shit!"

And cursed.

"What the fucking hell?!"

And then he cursed some more.

"Mother fucker!"

"Hey!" Luke yelled. "This is a family establishment!"

Jess merely cursed more ("Jesus fucking Christ!"), and stormed up the stairs. Luke heard the apartment door slam.