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Ages: Tim-6; Raven-5; Beast Boy-6; Cy-5; Starfire- not in this chapter

Cheesy title, I know.

My Buddy, My Friend

"Hi! My name's Tim, and these are my friends Victor, and Garfield. What's your name?" questioned a six-year old, jet black haired, scrawny, Timothy G. Wayne.

"None of your business" replied the young, purple-eyed girl, as she went about brooding.

The three boys eyed the child before them with uncertainty.

The tallest of the three, Victor, whispered to his friends, "Told ya Tim! She doesn't like people! We shouldn't have tried to be friends with her! Let's leave now and play some ball while the sun's still shining!" With that said, he ran off in search of a ball.

"Yeah let's play ball!" repeated the slightly green looking boy, Garfield. "I'm getting bored with just standing here doing nothing!" And he scampered after his dark friend yelling, "Wait up! You know I have asthma!"

Watching his friends run off, he realized that he was alone with the odd girl. Turning to look at her, he saw that she was acting like she had to go to the washroom or something, she just kept fidgeting. Being the sympathetic boy that he was, he asked, "Are you okay?" He placed his pudgy hands on her tiny shoulders, and looked into her eyes with concern.

Dark violet met goldish brown.

'Remember what Mama said? Try to make friends. This is your chance!' with that thought in mind the girl said, "I'm alright. Thank you for asking. I'm sorry 'bout being rude to you and your friends, I didn't mean to scare you away. I'm not used to being around kids. And you can take your hands off now"

With tinted pink cheeks, Tim retrieved his hand back from her shoulders, "Sorry"

With an ever so tiny smile(or smirk, you couldn't really tell) she said, "My name is Raven. Raven Roth. It's nice to meet you." She held out her hand for a handshake.

Tim grabbed her hand, and began to pull her towards the direction of where his friends went moments ago, "Nice to meet you too, Raven! Now let's go find Victor and Gar, they'll be shocked to see you!"

Pulling him back, and slowing him down she lowered her head and said quietly, "Do you think they'll like me?"

Lifting her chin back up and looking straight into her innocent eyes he whispered, "They'll love you. And if they don't I'll---I'll-- I don't know. But hey! You have me for a friend. Ain't that enough?" While saying that he gave her the cutest look that he could muster up.

Smiling, she said, "You're weird"

She grabbed his hand and they continued on their way to find his buddies, and her, hopefully, new friends.

I don't think this was written well, and it was too short for my, and most likely the readers, taste,so criticism is welcomed.

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What to expect next chapter:

- high school students Raven, Tim, Vic, & Gar

- new student Starfire, or as she'll be known as, Kory Anders

- plus, plenty of hormones