Disclaimer-I do not own Jason or Pamela...Or any of the dreadful counsler

The Inocent Little Child


Where are you mommy

I know you are here

But where

Those counslers didn't help me

You promised they would Mommy

Why can't I find you

I know you wouldn't leave me me here

Would you Mommy

Please come back

Mommy is that you

Wake up Mommy

Please wake up

Are you okay

Why won't you answer me Mommy

You aren't breathing

What's wrong

You're not waking are you Mommy

I'll just wait for you to wake up

I'ts morning Mommy let's go

What happen Mommy

Why is there all this blood

Please wake up Mommy

Can you here me

I guess not

Why won't you wake up Mommy