The Pianist or, The Imaginings of Sirius Black


Although Sirius doesn't know if Remus can play piano, he fancies he'd be good at it. They lie in bed entwined in each others arms. Remus's breath softly caresses Sirius's neck. The dark haired boy shivers and clasps Remus's elegant hand in his own. Sirius thinks it's a beautiful hand and the other as well. He admires it in the early dawn light reverently. Long thin fingers, strong though not calloused. Delicate and sometimes demanding. The hand of a pianist.

Sirius has seen Remus drawing before. Not scribbling or doodling like James does when he's bored, but calm sketches of extensive landscapes. He's seen how that hand elegantly draws with swift yet careful strokes of charcoal. Remus doesn't draw people, no faces grace his parchment. Sirius has never asked why. Sirius can picture the boy in his arms sitting at a grand piano, though, his artistic fingers grazing over white and black keys as he plays.

His tawny brown hair, shaggy and needing to be trimmed, would fall over his eyes, obscuring them as he looked down at the keys playing from memory a piano sonata by Mozart or Beethoven. Sirius knows Remus would impart a heart wrenching element of emotion into everything he'd play and that it would be almost unbearable for him to hear. He fancies it would be worth it though, and that he should be there after the musician finished the piece to kiss away the sadness.

Remus sighs in his relaxed, sleep immersed state and shifts slightly in Sirius's arms. He's never told Sirius that his mother forced him to take piano lessons when he was younger. He's never told Sirius how the music could transport him into another place, peaceful or sad and dramatic depending on the composition of the piece and he'd feel safe whilst playing. He's never told Sirius that he used to miss playing piano when he first came to Hogwarts and he's never told him that he found another safe place.

Sirius holds him closer and Remus will never have to tell him, tell Sirius that he is his music now. He fancies he already knows.