Observations on James Potter


Lily Evans can see James Potter from where she sits in the library. She looks down at her books and half filled parchment of notes and then up again at the boy. She watches as he runs his index finger along the spines of the books as he searches for the one he's looking for, and then plucks it from the shelf. She watches as he opens the book to the index and locates the information he's after. She stops watching, then, as she realises she had been staring.

Lily Evans doesn't like James Potter. She never has, although for a week in her second year she though he was alright but that was before his ego kicked in. Most of the time she ignores that blemish in her past and says she's never liked him for a moment. Lily notices as she goes back to taking notes, that James Potter has left the library. She tells herself she's glad.

The other girls tell her James is a lovely boy. Alice Longbottom informs her daily that she should just go out with him already. Lily thinks they don't know what they're on about. She's seen him hex another person out of pure spite and boredom. The other girls chose not to see it. It's just Snape, they reason, he's a Slytherin-he deserves it. Lily hates it when they say that, and when James echoes their sentiments.

She absolutely hates James Potter, she decides as she scribbles down more notes for her fifth year Ancient Runes essay. Lily Evans knows that it'd be a lot easier to hate him a bit more if his hazel eyes didn't look so longingly at hers every time she turns him down. She knows she's doesn't hate the way he looks, but she knows she couldn't like someone like him.

Someone with an ego the size of the world, with no compassion for others, no sense of real morals and ethics, someone who's prejudiced against a section of the school community on no better grounds than those who are prejudiced against muggle-borns. Someone who doesn't see the bigger picture.

Lily Evans tells this to Remus Lupin later on after the Prefect meeting and he laughs. He apologises profusely when he sees Lily's green eyes darken with anger and a side of confusion. He says he wasn't laughing at her and that she is right in most of her observations, but it's obvious she doesn't know him. She gives him a questioning look, and Remus continues. He says James does have compassion, and that most of what he does is for other people. Lily tells him that it's not excuse for being a prat, and Remus tells her that she'll see past that one day.