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Placement: Right after Trent offers Zeltrax a deal t take down Messagog and he betrays him. TRENT IS EVIL HERE!!!

Summary: Trent is walking down an alley, Kira is down that alley; and she's in a heap of trouble; only... it's not from him.

Hurting and Helping Hands

Part I

Kira ran outside, ignoring the rain, trying to get to Dr. O's place as soon as possible; She had just been contacted via Dino-Morpher.

She walked through a crowd and was immediately grabbed by the arm in a painful grip.

His voice had a small drunken slur to it, and she immediately knew it was one of the bullying jocks from school.

"Hey baby, wanna go somewhere private?"

Jerry Randals.

God how she did NOT want to go through this right now.

"Umm.. How about not!" She replied dryly, trying to wrest her arm from him.

He pulled her to him roughly, tightening his grip until she cried out painfully.

"I don't like that answer."


Trent was, invisibly, walking along down the street, having just come from his father's base.

'Man that was so easy!! I wonder if he even knows that I'm betraying him! Man he is so thick-headed he didn't even see me swipe that... thing.'

He was still smirking to himself when he heard a small pained cry.

It was followed shortly by a slurred voice and a slap.

"I TOLD YOU BEFORE PAL! I'M NOT INTERESTED SO BACK OFF!!" Kira. He recognized that voice.

The smirk faded instantly and he walked around the corner, making himself visible as he did so.

There stood Kira, her arm in a bruising grip of Jerry Randals.

He had a hand print on his face from where she had slapped him and he was looking very pissed off.

He let go of her arm, only to punch her so hard that his class ring scrapped her cheek, causing a small trickle of blood to run down her face.

Trent felt anger swell within him and immediately walked forward, behind the pair.

"Excuse me. But I believe she said she wasn't interested."

Jerry turned and glared at him.

"What 'ould you know! We were just havin' a chat, right babe!"

He grabbed her arm again and had her halfway off the ground before he found himself up against a nearby wall with a hand around his throat.

"Like I said before. She's not interested, now apologize and move it!" His face was partially twisted with anger and hate, and his voice was a hiss.

He dropped him, his knees buckling so he fell to the ground at Trent's feet.

He stood up and glared at Trent again, but when he saw it didn't work he glared at Kira before stalking off.

Trent rolled his eyes and looked at her. She looked afraid, but by the way that it was fading; he knew it wasn't of him. She should be afraid though.

He glared at her, furious with both her and himself, wondering why the hell he saved her.

She flinched, then let out a hiss of breath when she strained a muscle in her arm.

He sighed, glare partially vanishing he helped her up.

Bringing her close to him he hissed in her face, ignoring the impulse within him; "Next time I see you, you'll need saving... this time from me."

He threw her, lightly; though still confused as to why, against the wall.

He turned and stalked off, vanishing into the night air with a final thought.

'Next time I see her; I won't want to kiss her. Next time I see her, she will just be a power ranger... nothing more.'

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