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"Hiya Billy." Said Roxie uneasily as she cleared her throat. Akin to a child in a candy shop he ogled them up and down with delectable fancy. "Long time no see." He commented cheekily through a shifty grin.

Velma sneered petulantly, more than irritated with Billy's transparent coyness. "Yeah Billy, it's only been eight hours since the last time I seen ya, and God knows that's such an eternity." She went on rolling her eyes.

But before she could go any further in expressing her discontent with his played allurement, Velma was reminded of the danger she would most likely find herself in if she continued to play with fire. She had better be nice. After all, this was the man that was going to be saving her life for far less than $5000...or so she hoped.

"But then again it's always nice to see a face as handsome as yours." She added at once with a smile sweeter than molasses. Billy was visibly pleased.

Suddenly they all turned around to find Mama swiftly approaching with a large collection of keys hanging from her belt clangoring noisily with each step.

"I'm assuming you two would like to use the conference room then, huh?" Contended Mama gazing blank-eyed at Billy and Velma. "If that's not too much trouble Marilyn." Said Billy gingerly, never once drawing his eyes from Velma's fine form.

"Ooooh, on a first name basis, are we now?" Kidded Velma ostentatiously. With the caustic glare of a provoked rattlesnake she challenged them. "Are you sure this isn't just another excuse for Billy to come a-callin' on you, Mama?" She teased.

"Sit on it, Kelly."

"Maybe there IS more between the two of you than meets the eye." Continued Velma waggishly.

Now plainly annoyed and unable to detect sarcasm in its brightest light, Mama set her hand on her hip. "Maybe there is more between the TWO OF YOU than meets the eye!" She snapped leaning in towards Roxie and Velma before she could catch herself. Eyes bulging, both Roxie and Velma gasped silently to themselves. Slowly they turned around, terrified of seeing the truth that was sure to be reflecting in Billy's visage. 'Billy can't know.' Velma thought. 'It'll ruin everything.'

But to the amazement of all three women, his eyes were solely fixated dotingly on Velma, his gaze appearing to have become almost robotic.

"Well I'd personally like to think so, Mama." Billy replied taking Velma's hand in his own. Seeming to fear the tainting of something so divine, ever so gently he planted a kiss on her soft skin.

But no sooner had Velma clocked in on the situation, than had she ever in her life been more grateful for the God-given gift of a misunderstanding. She sighed in relief as she glanced over at Roxie, who was now looking about as hollow as a silo.

"I better go now, Velma. You and Billy have trial stuff to talk about." As Roxie turned to leave, Velma grabbed her arm desperately through the bars. "OK, well you'll come see me tomorrow then?" Bidded Velma desolately.

"Are you forgettin', Vel?" Asserted Mama before Roxie could answer. "You're being held for murder...AGAIN. This isn't a country club ya know. Roxie can come see you next Monday, I'll see to it.

Velma felt as though someone had physically ripped her heart from her chest. She never needed anyone before the way she NEEDED Roxie with her now. But here trapped behind bars she was little more than a fly caught in a spider's web. What could she do about it?

"Bye Vel." Whispered Roxie dolefully. "Bye kid." Muttered Velma overcome with every existing negative emotion, all at once.

As she leaned in to kiss Roxie goodbye she remembered her surroundings. If Billy was going to help her without the up front payment of $5000, there was no way under any circumstance that he could find out about her and Roxie. At this point in time, the $5000 was definitely out of the question. And this being the case, Velma knew she had to keep him some fashion apart from his finances.

Before Roxie could draw in any closer to press her lips to Velma's, Velma quickly pulled her face away, darting her eyes to the side, all the while watching Billy to make sure he sensed nothing.

Roxie gazed up at Velma puppy-eyed. She had grown so pale that by now she was beginning to look sickly. It was more than apparent that her newly thawed heart was now being reduced to ashes through her desolation. As she departed down the hall and out the entranceway, a tear fell from her eye, slowly dancing its way down the slender bow of her powder-white cheek. And although Velma could no longer see Roxie, the immense pain diffusing from her being like a radio broadcast was so tangible to her now. She could feel it. ...Or perhaps it was just a lover's intuition.

"Do my eyes deceive me?" Billy's words thundered in Velma's head, immediately shaking her from her paralyzing reverie. "Velma Kelly and Roxie Hart actually getting along behind closed doors and out of the public eye?! ...Tell me, should I go and cash in my life insurance policy now? Run and take cover? What?!"

"Har-Har." She countered mockingly.

"Friends tend to do that...get along, I mean." Cut in Mama who was still standing there now fiddling with her keys. Finding the right one she pressed it into the lock and opened the door, gesturing for Velma to vacate her cell. "So are you two gonna use the conference room or what?" She inquired hastily.

Velma stepped out from her cell and took Billy's open hand apprehensively, as Mama slammed the door behind her.

"Well I'm not going to wait outside the room for you today." She directed at Velma as she opened the door to the conference room. "I have more pressing matters to attend to. I just remembered I lent June my can opener to open the can of peaches I brought her."

"What's so urgent about that?" Asked Velma.

"It's attached to my pocket knife!" Cried Mama.

"Oh poor Liz. I saw her SCREAMING at June in the game room about God knows what on the way over here." Said Billy, a hint of amusement in his speech.

"Looks like mine isn't the only history that's repeating itself around here." Laughed Velma shrewdly.

"Yeah, yeah, Vel. Just try not to walk out the front door while I'm gone.....And the same goes for you." She joked, flashing Billy a wink and running her hand along his shoulder seductively. And with that she had taken off down the hall.

Billy leaned against the open conference door and smiled auspiciously at Velma. "After you." He bid.

"Why thank you kind sir." Velma jested in a southern drawl. Billy grinned like a shark. His world was becoming distorted beyond his eyes' power of correction. Every little movement, statement, every word to pass Velma's lips, was beginning to drive him more and more insane...Insanely in love with Velma Kelly...And in this case he no longer fancied his sanity.

Once they both sat comfortably at the conference table and after about five minutes of making legal small talk, Velma took Billy's hand.

"I just wanted to say that I'm sorry about being sour with you before and it was really nice of you to come back here so early to help me out with all of this." Velma remarked eyes heavy with dejection, though for once being sincere with this inexplicable character. "I always knew there was something about you I liked. I'd like to think that maybe we can be friends...real good friends." Velma gazed at him across the table with coerced captivation, all the while praying to her fair-weather God for her charm to be enough inspiration to win over Billy's succor.

Billy could not take his eyes off of Velma now even for a second. He watched as her ruby red lips curled up into the felinic smile of an Egyptian goddess, half woman, half lion. Consumed in wonder he beheld the rays of sunshine that danced through Velma's perfectly pared bob, seeming to almost shove their way through the pavilion blinds of the single barred window solely to indulge in Velma Kelly's beauty for themselves.

Any drive in his heart that he had deliberately built up to preserve his self-control, had fallen in like a card house. Billy himself who at once had surmised that he would never love, was now most definitely loving...someone who he at one time had assumed was the one person most incapable of being loved.

In a whip of unmasked passion, Billy jumped up from his seat and ran over to Velma, pulling her into his arms. An air of breathless intensity overtook them both and at once their lips blended as one.

His appetite growing stronger, he savagely propped Velma up on the table. With courtly intrigue he ran his hands up and down the dancer's hard-worked body of female perfection. Forgetting where he was, he then lifted Velma's gray woolen prison skirt.

Velma leaned back on the table and closed her eyes. Everything was working out beautifully. As she predicted Billy was falling head over heels in love. He was the moth, and she was the flame. She had him in the palm of her hand now...

So then why did she feel so miserable?

Just then the stars that were dancing in front of her eyes were disrupted by a vision of Roxie...alone and forlorn in her apartment, biting her lip so hard that it bled, to keep from crying again. 'Damnit!' She thought.

Velma felt guilty. She was the one that was responsible for having transformed this iniquitous ice queen into the sensitive kitten-hearted soul that she now saw before her. And here at the present it seemed the first chance she got she was spurning her loyalty to her.

No. She couldn't do it. It was Roxie who had motivated her to begin anew in the first place. How would cheating on her, no matter what the conditions, help better their relationship? She had promised that no one would ever hurt Roxie again in their lifetime...and that included Velma herself.

No. SHE WOULDN'T DO IT. --Even if that meant being unjustifiably punished for a crime that in a sense, she didn't commit this time. Velma knew she was no angel, but she was going to save what little honor she still clung to...and that of Roxie's as well.

Gently she pushed Billy off of her. "I'm sorry Billy. I really don't feel like doing this right here and now."

Billy refused to let the moment slip away without a fight. "WHAT?! Oh Velma don't worry. I'll see to it that no one barges in on us."

In the blink of an eye and with the strength of 10 men Billy picked up the heavy wooden table and flung it in front of the door, watching it land with a clunk. He looked at Velma hopefully.

"Heh." Velma rolled her eyes playfully. "That's not it Billy. Personally, I'm a little turned on about the idea of someone possible walking in on us." She muttered alluringly. "But that's another story. Anyway Bill, I meant being here in prison. I don't want to be with you here like this. It should be special. Like the night we celebrate YOU winning my case for me." She whispered in his ear as she stroked his cheek.

Having finally been with Velma had seemed as close as a star to the moon, but similar to the reality of the distance between the stars and planets, Billy was further than he cared to be from fulfilling his dream.

"Well we're just going to have to make sure you're out of here as soon as possible then, now won't we?" He said kissing her luscious swollen lips again. "In the meantime though I'm off to take a cold shower. But I'll be back tomorrow, you can count on it!"

Velma burst into giggles. "Try not to miss me too much."

"That would be asking the impossible, darling. He said nonchalantly as he grabbed his jacket and briefcase. "Come on I'll walk you back to your cell."

"How romantic." Velma joked. "You're such a gentleman."

After closing Velma into her cell and having verified with a warden that no prison escape attempts would be commencing this evening, he turned to the object of his desire one last time.

"Oh and forget about the 5000 dollars, honey. No lady of mine is going to be charged for my services." He winked.

As Billy walked off down the hall, Velma sighed in relief and relished in her silent victory.

She snickered. "It never ceases to amaze me what lengths men will go to get a good piece of action."

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