The 2nd Chance

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Chapter 1: Talking to statues

It is said, that a being without memory can not exist. There have been, cases where one may not remember things, such as dates, places, or even people, but that does not mean they have lost their memory, simply that they have misplaced it some where deep within their soul.

Because, one can not truly exist with out a knowing of themselves, others, times, perhaps events that left an impression on them…It is simply impossible not to have some sort of memory, without ceasing to exist.

The memory is truly the center of all life, holding a being's hate, fear, sorrow, joy, love… And with out it, the being is lost. No longer belonging on earth, in Limbo, Heaven, not even Hell. Not in body, nor soul, and there for completely disappears from existence all together…


A soft breeze blew on the warm summer's day causing tiny wisps on Inuyasha's hair to float about as he stepped out into the sunlit garden and began walking.

Stopping before the stone statue of an angel Inuyasha kneeled down and set a bouquet of crisp white daisies down, and then stood up again.

He inhaled deeply as the warm wind washed over his body, soothing him. It was a beautiful day. Not a cloud in sight, just clear blue skies as far as the eye could see.

"Not like back then…" Inuyasha whispered to himself remembering how it had been. Dark rain clouds had hung around thick that day, and the rained poured down as if the sky itself was mourning over such a terrible loss.

And, today was the day… As of today it had been exactly four years since the day Kagome sacrificed not just her life, but also her soul's passage into heaven "For me…" Inuyasha sighed.

Looking up at the graceful face of the statue Inuyasha blinked away a tear. "Hey, Kagome.." he spoke.

"Wow. Hard to believe it's been four years now isn't it?" he asked, not really expecting to get a response.

"Things have changed a bit, since you've been gone. Dad's retired and him and mom went of to check out other parts of the world, the nuts…" he paused and smiled a little.

"Sesshoumaru is the Lord of the West now ya know? Keita, well he would be next in line for control of the west, after Sesshoumaru, but he's actually denounced the title. He wouldn't say why though… Heh, and the twins, well they can't both rule at the same time."

Inuyasha rubbed his temple "And some how I've found myself landed with the spot as the next heir… Heh, me, the next Lord of the Western lands, never saw that coming did ya?"

"Talking to the statue again?" came a slightly annoyed voice from behind. Turning around Inuyasha was greeted by cold gray eyes.

"Oh, hey Kikyou." Inuyasha gave a small smile before turning back around.

Kikyou stepped forward to stand to the side of Inuyasha. "You know, I don't understand why you talk to that statue as if it were her." She spoke then turning Kikyou looked into his eyes.

"It's not as if she can hear you. Inuyasha, she's dead for Kami's sake!" Kikyou said with a piercing gaze at the hanyou.

Inuyasha sighed an looked her straight in the eye "Firstly, there is nothing wrong with me paying my respect to the dead, even if that means I choose to pay my respects by speaking to them." Inuyasha paused, "And secondly, Kagome is still alive, in my heart. True, she may not be able to hear me… But if there's even the slightest chance that she can, I'll never stop talking to her." Inuyasha finished.

Kikyou just gave him an odd look and shook her head "But she is dead Inuyasha. And talking to a statue isn't going to help any. I'm truly concerned that you'll never move on. You should let go, move on with your life." Kikyou replied a slight hint of concern evident in her voice.

Inuyasha looked at her and smiled "Don't worry about me, Kikyou. I'll be fine, promise." And with that Inuyasha turned and began walking away. "Now if you don't mind, I've got some hunting to do." And with that Inuyasha left.

Kikyou narrowed her eyes and looked at the statue. "What's so special about you anyways?" Kikyou questioned the statue. "Sure, you gave up your life, even your passage way into heaven, just to save Inuyasha. But if anything you didn't help him. You hurt him! Because of you he is wasting his life away in love with you, even when he knows that he'll never see you again, not even in death."

Kikyou clenched her fists in anger "Well you know what I think of you? I absolutely loathe you! And I plan on changing Inuyasha's mind. He'll fall in love with me, and forget you easily, just watch, you'll see." Kikyou finished glaring at the statue.

Shaking her head Kikyou turned and began walking away. 'They'll all see.' Kikyou mused to herself as she entered the Manor.


"And then you'll meet a Judar, who will decide weather you belong in Heaven or Hell." Kagome finished explaining as the young warrior nodded in gratitude and then went on his way.

Sighing Kagome rested her hands in her pockets and began walking, passing out of the dessert sector of limbo, and into a sector that was a long field filled with various flowers.

Propping herself down against a tree Kagome leaned back at looked at nothing in particular. It had been four years now that she'd been in limbo.

Gin, which she found to be the name of the Judar that she met when she first came here, had said that an eternity in Limbo was even worse punishment then hell. Because the infinite loneliness and wandering would drive a person mad.

But Kagome wasn't stupid. Instead of wandering around with absolutely nothing to do.. instead of being all alone, all the time, Kagome found an alternative.

One didn't have to be alone just because they were in limbo.. After being in limbo only a few days Kagome had come up with a plan to keep herself from the horrible fate that was predicted for her.

She decided that at the Center sector of Limbo, the infinite white sector that was directly between heaven and hell, where everyone who ever entered limbo in between arrived, that's where she'd start.

That was where she was able to keep herself occupied, and not so lonely. Kagome knew how it felt when you first arrive in limbo, not having a clue where you are, or what was going to happen. It wasn't fun to say the least…

So Kagome figured she could be a sort of, information guide to the souls that passed through. Not only did it keep her mind occupied, but she met a lot of well… interesting beings…

Her eyes begging to drift lazily shut Kagome had every intention of taking a quick nap.

"You'd think after that incident in life you'd learn not to fall asleep under random trees."

Kagome peeked one eye open and shook her head at the smiling face that was Gin's. She knew what he was talking about. He was speaking of when she was alive, that one time she had decided to take a nap under a comfortable looking tree in the forest, and had ended up almost getting kidnapped.

'When I first met Inuyasha..' Kagome mused to herself cringing a bit at the memory of the hanyou she'd never see again.

"Kagome?" gin questioned eyeing her. Kagome shook her head clearing her thoughts as she looked at Gin. "Yes?"

"I have some good news, and some horribly bad news" Gin replied in a serious tone.

Kagome's eyes widened a bit, horribly bad news didn't sound too appealing at the moment.

Gin sighed "and I suppose I should give you the good news first, so I want your undivided attention, ok?" the old Judar instructed.

Kagome nodded her head, urging him to go on. "Well" Gin started "For the four years you have been here, some how you have managed to keep yourself sane" he paused and stroked her small beard thoughtfully.

"And in the time you've been here, you've also helped a lot of the souls that have passed through. It's true, ever since you've been letting them know the basic stuff, like meeting us Judars and all, things in limbo have been quite a bit less hectic, and more organized." He said stopping for a moment.

"You've been a real help, and it came to our attention, that your services deserve to be awarded."

Kagome blinked "Awarded?" she asked in confusion.

Gin nodded "Yes, awarded. It took some time, and a lot of convincing, but I managed the get the council of Judars to agree with me on the specific way in which you would be awarded." Gin spoke.

Kagome raised an eye brow, she really had no clue where this was leading.

Chuckling gin smiled "Kagome Higurashi, as an award to the outstanding help you have provided over the past four years, you are being granted a Second chance and will be returned to the living world as soon as you like." Gin finished smiling like a fool.

Kagome just sat there stunned. Did she just hear what she thought she heard? Gin looked at Kagome curiously as she just sat there. She wasn't jumping up and down in joy or anything.

"Uh Kag-" Gin was cut off as she flung herself at him and hugged him so tight he thought his lings would snap. "Thank you Gin!!!" Kagome practically squealed with joy.

But then she paused "Wait.. if that's the good news. Then what's the horribly bad news you were talking about?" Kagome asked the smile fading from her face.

"Oh, that? The horribly bad news is that now you won't be able to help the new souls that enter limbo, and I'll be stuck with tons of beings that know absolutely nothing about being dead once again." Gin replied Wryly.

Kagome grinned from ear to ear "Oh, is that your way of saying you'll miss me?" Kagome asked mischiefly.

"Ya right" gin replied teasingly flicking Kagome on the nose. "Well, are you ready to live again."

Kagome nodded and stood up. "Never been more ready for something in my life, so to speak" Kagome replied.

And soon a white mist began to flow around Kagome's body. "I'll miss you Gin!" Kagome called out. "And you'll be missed here" Gin replied right before the white mist completely enveloped Kagome.

The mist gave her a warm comfortable feeling as if she began to feel more alive by the second.

But then, all of the sudden the warmth left her, and was replaced with an icy cold empty feeling that chilled her to the core. 'This doesn't feel right' Kagome thought

"No! Wait! Something's wrong!" Kagome yelled out in panic as she emptiness started to completely consumer her.

"Please! Gin help me!" Kagome cried out. But it was too late as everything went blank…


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