The 2nd Chance

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Chapter 7: It was the closets…

Kagome floated there, her breath caught in her throat as she watched the malicious red eyes watch her. At the moment she felt like the stupidest being in existence.

Quite he says, and what does she do? She frikking yells! How dumb could she get? How much more trouble could she possibly get herself into? Kagome gulped, considering the current position she had gotten herself into, probably not much before she ended up dead.

All Kagome wanted to do right now was sink into the arms of the man that was holding her, and disappear. Unfortunately enough, that was not, and option.

Kouga cursed mentally and looked at the woman in his arms. She looked scared shitless, and for a moment he smirked at this. She probably thought she was about to meet her death.

Kouga narrowed his eyes as he looked up at the youkai in the woods. But not if he could help it. Since it was, in fact his own pack of wolves that had put her in this situation to begin with.

"Listen." Kouga spoke in a serious tone. Kagome looked up at him with surprised eyes, but nodded.

"The red eyes you see surrounding us, are that of the Soushen youkai. Kind of like large lizards… They're generally rather weak and harmless alone, but when in packs, like right now, they are highly dangerous." Kouga spoke knowingly.

"And, we just happened to be lucky enough to fall into their territory. Don't make and sudden moves, hang onto me, and you should be fine." Kouga said eyeing the youkai as they began to come out from the woods.

"Hang onto yo-?" Kagome eeped in surprise as Kouga sprung out of the water and into the air. Clinging onto him Kagome looked on with worried eyes as the youkai began leaping at them in the dozens.

"Back off you low lives!" Kouga yelled as he kicked through some of the youkai, and began running towards the cliff. The youkai reacted quickly and began gathering up in front of the cliff to block his way.

"Heh, isn't going to work, not on me." Kouga smirked as he picked up his pace, and blew the youkai away with the whirlwind created from his speed.

Reaching the cliff he sped up even more, and than began to run up it quickly. Reaching the top he sighed in relief. The Soushen youkai's territory started at the bottom of the waterfall.

And they didn't tend to venture outside of it. Him and the woman were both relatively lucky. Had he not gotten them out of there so quickly, they could have had a real problem.

Looking down Kouga almost couldn't stop himself from laughing as he saw Kagome. She has pressed herself so close to him, you'd think they were connected at the hip. And her hands were to tightly fisted around his armor that he knuckles were turning white.

"It's safe now, you can let go." Kouga chuckled.

Kagome opened her eyes and looked up to Kouga's soft blue ones. Realizing just how cloths she was to him, and just how tightly she was clinging to him Kagome blushed.

Noticing this Kouga smirked. "That is unless, you would rather stay in this position." He said huskily and winked. Kagome turned several shades redder, shook her head and let go.

Kouga laughed and shook his head. "I was only joking mouse." He said in amusement.

"Mouse?" Kagome asked raising a skeptical eyebrow.

"Yes, mouse. I have yet to find out your name, and considering that you are so small, and afraid, I've decided to call you mouse." he replied.

Kagome narrowed her eyes in anger. "I am not small and afraid!" she retorted.

Kouga laughed for what seemed like the millionth time since he had met Kagome and tapped her nose. "Perhaps not so afraid then, but still tiny like a mouse."

Kagome huffed and crossed her arms. "My name is Kagome for your information." She said heatedly

"I'm Kouga. And may I ask you, Kagome, why you were running around at this time of night, in the part of the woods?" Kouga inquired, enjoying how nervous he made her.

Kagome's face fell. "Just like you said, running. That's what I was doing." Kagome replied quietly.

Kouga's smile fell as he sensed her sorrow. "From what?" he asked.

Kagome bit her bottom lip. "From a lot of things I'm not sure of.." Kagome replied sighing.

"And, where were you running to?" Kouga asked looked at her thoughtfully.

"I don't know. Anywhere but where I had been before. I don't want to cause them any suffering.." Kagome replied, her bangs covering her eyes.

'So she's running from a someone then…' Kouga thought. 'Probably some bastard that was ass enough to break her heart.' Kouga growled at the thought, but then turned his gaze back to Kagome.

He didn't know why, but she was special. Her scent was warm, yet enticing, so alive! And she just didn't seem like the kind of person who should ever have a frown on her face.

"Would you like to come with me? I'm sure the pack wouldn't mind." Kouga said smiling warmly.

Kagome looked up into his blue eyes, with uncertainty in her own eyes. Would it be ok? Or would she bring on the same burden that she had some how brought upon the Taisho household?

Kagome shrugged it of and looked up with a smile "Yes, Thank you.." she replied. If it came to that, came to her burdening them, she'd just leave.

"Ok then, lets go!" Kouga said as he swooped Kagome off of her feet, and into his arms bridal style.

"Oomph! Hey, what are you doing?" Kagome asked in a flustered tone.

"Caring you." Kouga replied looking at her oddly for asking a question with such an obvious answer.

"Uhg! Put me down right now." Kagome replied.

Kouga shook his head and smirked. "Do you think I haven't realized how weak your legs are right now, not to mention all of the cuts and bruises. Hell, you aren't even wearing shoes!" he commented.

Kagome looked down at her feet. He was right…


An ear-piercing scream rang through the forest as Kagome clung to Kouga's neck tightly.

"eehh, losnyrgip!" Kouga gagged.

"What?" Kagome asked in confusion.

"Loosen your grip! You're choking me!" Kouga yelled gasping for air.

"Oh! Sorry!" Kagome responded lessening her grip on his throat. "You know, I wouldn't have been hanging on so tight if you weren't running so fast!" she added in.

"Well if you trusted me enough. Not to drop you, then we wouldn't have that problem." Kouga sighed as he jumped on last time and landed.

Kagome gasped at the sight. It was Beautiful… A small water fall fell down into a large crystal clear pond, which continued into a stream that led into the woods as the blue moon light shone down upon it, giving it all a sort of mystic look.

Kouga smiled at this. "Welcome to my home, Kagome.

Setting her down he continued to walk over to the cliff where the dens were, and Kagome followed.

As they approached the man who had been standing guard looked over at them, and his eyes widened. "It's the miko! The one who tried to kill us all!" he gasped in fear.

Kouga shook his head. "Take a whiff, she's not the same person, Chulin." He said smiling as the guard nodded, and stepped aside.

Kagome was about to follow when it hit her again. The pain that had shot through right before Inuyasha had caught her back at the Manor. It came again as Kagome fell to her knees.

The feeling.. The emptiness consuming more of her soul. She didn't understand what it was, or why it was happening, but she wished it would just stop.

"Kagome!" Kouga cried out as her ran to her sides.

Kagome put her hand up and took a few deep breaths of the cold night air. "I'll be ok." She assured him as she tried to stand up, and wobbled a bit.

Kouga sighed. "You're probably exhausted. You can sleep in my den until we get you one of your own." Kouga said as he hefted Kagome off of her feet once more and carried her inside.

"Yeah exhausted.." Kagome mumbled.

'Again..' she thought to herself.

"I'll crash with Ginta tonight. You just rest ok?" Kouga said as he laid her down on the bed, and then left.

Kagome raised an eyebrow when she noticed something. The pink-ish purple jewel that served as a pendant for her necklace, was missing about a quarter of itself.

'Probably chipped off sometime in all of the commotion that happened tonight. Wish I could remember how I got this necklace in the first place, I hope it wasn't something special to me..' Kagome pondered.

She had learned something tonight.

There were bad demons, yes… But they weren't all bad. Some were good, and very kind. Like Kouga.

"Like Inuyasha…" Kagome whispered, and then fell into a peaceful slumber.


Inuyasha's nose twitched as he sneezed a third time.

"Some one's talking about you." Keita said calmly as he took another sip of his tea.

"Feh." Inuyasha responded crossing his arms.

All five brothers, Sango, Miroku, and Kikyou were gathered in the throne room to discuss Kagome's disappearance.

"Do you think she was kidnapped by the zombie lords!!!?" Ryuichi asked in excitement.

Sesshoumaru rubbed his temple and sighed. "For the twentieth time Ryuichi, no." he replied.

"I bet she was abducted by aliens!" Ryohei commented happily.

"She was NOT abducted by aliens either!" Inuyasha yelled at his brother in annoyance.

Miroku sighed and shook his head. "I think I know who's responsible for her disappearance." He said grimly.

Kikyou paled noticeably and bit her bottom lip.

"Really? Who?" Sango questioned as she popped the last of her sandwich into her mouth.

"The closets. It's always the closets. It's been their fault from the beginning. And if you guys would have just listened to me when I first suggested ridding this manor of all of them, this never would have happened." He replied shaking his head.

"For Kami's sake Miroku! Four years, four frikking years and you still haven't gotten over the fact that the closets ARE NOT haunted!?" Sango yelled at the top of her lungs in anger, and then burst into tears.

"I just want my friend back1 why does all of this horrible stuff have to happen to her!?" Sango wailed as Miroku took her in his arms and patted her back.

And then a look of terror graced Sango's face "What? What if she's dead!? Again!? Or worse! What if they're torturing her!?" Sango screamed in panic and stood straight up.

"Sango.." Miroku started. But then Sango started grinning happily.

"Heh. That won't happen to Kagome. She'll probably knee those guys where it really hurts, and then escape!" she said triumphantly.

"Mood swing attack." Inuyasha mumbled to Sesshoumaru, who nodded his head in agreement.

"Er, um. I think that I'm just going to take Sango, to bed. Ehehe.." Miroku excused himself and Sango as they exited the room.

Sighing Sesshoumaru turned back to the topic at hand.

"It's late right now, and we all need our rest, for none of us will be of any help to Kagome, if we're all exhausted." He said waving his hand in dismissal.

Inuyasha wanted to object, but he knew Sesshoumaru was right, so he stood up, and headed off to his chambers.

'First thing tomorrow, Kagome. I'm going to find you, and kill which ever bastard was stupid enough to take you from me..' he thought angrily.

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