Author's Note: Akila: Well that took it a while.

Star Girl: Hey! It's a foreign computer what do you expect.

Akila: You handled one last year and from what I have heard you had no problems then.

Star Girl: Oh be quiet. Anyway if your wondering what we are talking about, I was trying to get this computer to right in English and stop reverting into Japanese on me and it took me some playing around with the computer before it finally happened.

Anyway this is my first Harry Potter fic so please be nice! And please enjoy the story.

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Chapter 1
The Dream

A five-year-old Harry shifted slightly on his "bed". Which was more of a mattress with a thin sheet, and a very small pillow than it was a bed. He rubbed one of his many bruises wondering what had earned him the beating this time. All he had asked for was a little food.

Off in the distance he heard the slamming of a car door. He winced knowing it was probably his Uncle Vernon back from the bar. Which meant he was probably drunk which usually led to another beating because his uncle just felt like taking his frustration on having to raise two kids out on him, even though he was barely noted as living at their house.

Sure enough the door to the house was opened and footsteps came down the hallway and soon the door to his "bedroom" which was a small cupboard under the stairs was unlocked and he was thrown out and beaten until he lost conciousness.

Miles away a certain Albus Dumbledore woke up from a strange dream about Harry Potter.

End of Chapter 1

Authors Note: Short I know but the next one is longer. I have it all ready written down on paper I just need to type it up and edit and should be up in the next couple of days. Any ideas for the title?