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-Deadly Beauty

Mind Games
Chapter One

On a small island in the middle of the ocean, day was just beginning to break. One by one stars faded from the sky, being replaced by early morning birds searching for a meal and fluffy white clouds that would float lazily across the sky during the course of the day.

This was the way of Kame Island. A relaxed, laid back life style with a friendly attitude and even friendlier people. Inside the small pink house, two people were just beginning to stir. It was nothing unusual; they were both early birds, up with the sun in order to get the most out of their day.

It is here, under the clear blue ocean skies that our story begins. We pick up where we last left off a year ago, to find that everything is going well in the lives of our two hero's. But that is all about to change, as a dark cloud is looming over their quiet little corner of the world, and things are going to get worse, before they get better.


Slowly, she became aware of her surrounding. She didn't need to open her eyes to know where she was. The soft bed below her, the familiar smell of salt water in her nose and the steady breathing coming from beside her. Smiling into her pillow, she rolled over, into the warmth of her husband. Without waking – acting purely on instinct, he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer still. She could feel his breath tingle against the back of her neck and smiled. Life was grand.

She drifted in and out of sleep for the next 30 minutes or so, upon when her husband decided that his eyes needed to be open.

"18," he whispered into her ear. He knew she was awake, whether or not she would reply was a completely different story. "I know you're awake. Don't make me force you"

"You couldn't force me if you tried" came the cheeky response.

"Oh really?" Krillen asked, his grip around her small waist tightening as he rolled over, pinning her underneath him.

"Really" she replied, rolling back over again, sitting on top of him and pinning his arms on the pillows above their heads.

"That's cheating"

"There's no such thing as cheating in this game" 18 pointed out as she leaned down to kiss him. At the last second though, Krillen moved, leaving 18's lips with nothing but bed to connect with. In her shock, 18 released his hands, and before she knew it, it was Krillen sitting on top of her.

She gazed up at him, making no effort to move or struggle out from underneath him. She loved their morning together; they almost always began like this. They would play, laugh, and kiss. Do the things that most newly weds liked to do. They had been married a little under a year, technically they were still classed as newly weds, though it felt more like they had known each other for an entire lifetime. Tipping her head to the side, 18 glanced at the photo on her bedside table. Their wedding day, the most magical day she had ever experienced. What she would give to go back and relive that again. Oh well though, it was no matter. She had something even better. She had Krillen, and she woke up in his arms every morning.

Looking back up at him, the two became lost in a kiss that seemed to last a lifetime. Happy thoughts raced through 18's minds, she loved it when Krillen kissed her, the feeling of his lips against her own, and he always knew just the right time. 18 had found her soul mate in Krillen, someone to share her life with, however long that may be. Someone who loved her more than life itself and would do anything to see her smile.

The kiss was broken then, by the one thing that 18 loved more than Krillens kisses. Her daughter. Happy noises began to float though the baby monitor, signalling that the day had started. It was time to get up. Marron, as always, never skipped a beat. She knew her parents were having fun, and wanted in. She was such a beautiful little girl, loving and affectionate to both her parents. Though as much as she loved her mother, it was clear she was a daddy's girl. Mainly because Krillen spoiled her rotten. Spending money they didn't really have on things she didn't really need. She was loved by all she met and well looked after, and 18 feared that her little baby would grow up to be somewhat of a spoiled brat, much like Bulma's 4 year old, Trunks. Who was one of the most unpleasant children 18 had ever come across.

"Should I go get her?" Krillen asked, as he began to untangle himself from the mess of sheets he and 18 had got themselves entwined in.

"In a minute, she'll be fine for a little bit longer on her own" 18 replied as she pulled Krillen down for another kiss.


What had started out as a beautiful morning, continued to be a beautiful day. 18 sat on and watched as Krillen splashed around in the surf – pants rolled up to his knees, with his tiny daughter, who was dressed in a cute little pink swim suit. Her enjoyment was undeniable. The smile on her perfect little face stretching from ear to ear as her father chased her to the waters edge, then when the waves reached their feet, chased her away again.

She watched as Krillen bent down to talk to Marron, then flashed 18 a grin. She rolled her eyes and shook her head as Marron made her way up the beach, her little feet getting caught in the sand every so often. She would fall over, only to get up and keep on going. She was a baby, falling over didn't seem to faze babies.

"Mama" she tugged on 18's hand, indicating that she wanted to take her mother on a journey somewhere.

"What is it?" she asked as she stood up and followed Marron.

"Krillen, what did you tell her?" 18 asked, she tried to sound unimpressed, but didn't to a particularly good job.

"Me?" Krillen placed his hand on his chest. His wedding ring glistening in the sun. "I told her nothing. If she wants her mother to play in the water with her while daddy goes to the bathroom then so be it" he flashed her a big grin, kissed her on the cheek then trotted off into the house. Passing Master Roshi on the way in.

"18" Roshi called as he made his way down the beach.

"What?" she asked, never taking her eyes off Marron who was splashing around in the ocean, and laughing joyously.

"Phone for you. It's Bulma"

"Tell her I'll be there in a minute."

Scooping her daughter up out of the ocean, she hugged her close to her body and carried her inside. Placing Marron on the floor in the living room, she took hold of the phone and greeted her friend on the other end.

"Hi Bulma"

"Oh, there you are. Hi" Bulma greeted her friend

Looking up at the clock, 18 replied "Good afternoon. What can we do for you?"

"I just thought you might like to know I have the results back from those tests we took last week"

"And?" she asked. The tests really hadn't been anything. 18 had been feeling a little nauseous, but since then it had totally cleared up. She had actually forgotten all about it until Bulma had brought it up just then

"Perfectly normal. You're healthy as healthy can be!" 18 could tell Bulma was smiling when she said that.

"That's reassuring" 18 watched on proudly as her daughter built up a pile of blocks on the floor, then smirked as she stood up and kicked them over.

"Hey, do you want some company this afternoon?" Bulma asked.

"Yeah, sure why not" 18 agreed. She often got restless around the island. The same faces day in and day out often became boring and mundane.

"Ok then, great. I'll see you a little later on ok"

"Ok then, bye." 18 waited until she heard the click of Bulma's phone being hung up before she hung up the phone herself.

Just as she ended her conversation with her friend, her husband walked into the living room. Taking a quick glance to make sure his old master wasn't in the room, he wrapped his arms around 18's waist and pressed his lips to hers.

"What was that for?" she asked when they finally parted.

"Isn't a man allowed to kiss the woman he loves anymore?" Krillen asked, looking at her through sooty black eyes.

"I never said that" she argued as she pulled out of his embrace, and walked across the room into the small adjoining kitchen to fetch Marron some lunch.

"Well what were you implying?" Krillen asked, as he to walked into the kitchen.

"I wasn't implying anything" 18 replied, flashing Krillen a smile she saved only for him.

"Are you sure" Krillen asked, pushing her back to the kitchen counter and pressing his body to hers

"Quite sure" she replied, locking her eyes onto his dark ones. There was a long silence between the two; both were content to feel the others heartbeat. No words needed to be spoken.

Several minutes later though, 18 remembered her small daughter playing in the other room. "Can you heat Marron's lunch up?" she asked, "I'll get her ready"

"Sure thing babe"


"So anyway, I said to Vegeta that if he didn't start acting civil with my mother then I would shut off his damn gravity room once and for all" Bulma concluded as she sipped her coffee.

"I see" 18 clearly didn't care about Vegeta's stuck up attitude towards Mrs. Briefs.

"You know 18, if I'm boring you, you can just say it. I don't take offence that easily"

"You're boring me Bulma" 18 bluntly stated.

"Mum!" Trunks came bursting into the small pink house then, sand clinging to his wet body. 18 narrowed her eyes at the boy, now she was going to have to spend the evening vacuuming the carpets.

"What is it darling?" Bulma turned to look at her son.

"Krillen won't let me swim around the other side of the island. He's being a jerk" Trunks crossed his arms over his chest and stuck out his bottom lip.

"Now now Trunks. Don't talk about Krillen like that. He's just making sure nothing bad happens to you"

"Yeah, well he's still a jerk"

"Hey!" 18 snapped, glaring at the young boy "Don't say that. Would you be calling him a jerk if he saved your life?"

Trunks stood and looked at 18 dumbly. No one ever told him off, well no one expect for his father. He didn't know what to say, so turning on his heel, he marched right back out the front door, wearing a very sour expression.

Bulma turned to look at 18 with a raised eyebrow.

"What?' 18 asked her friend.

"Nothing," Bulma smiled, "People don't usually tell him off. So thank you 18, he deserved that"

"Damn straight he did" she told Bulma. She may not have been an expert on raising Sayians, but she did know a thing or two about manners, "if he is going to be rude, then he deserves to be told off"

"I couldn't agree with you more"

18 shook her head and stood up, she was thankful she had a girl. Boys were just too much trouble.


Within about 30 minutes, clouds had begun to form over the island. Knowing it was going to rain soon, Krillen brought Trunks and Marron inside, where it was warm. After a quick bath to rid themselves of the smell of ocean and remnants of sand in their hair, both children were dressed in warm clothes and left to play. Marron was happy to sit on the floor and play with her mother's shoes, Trunks however, wasn't so easily amused.

"Mum, I'm bored. There is nothing to do here!" he wined, interrupting Bulma's conversation with Krillen and 18 for the millionth time.

"Trunks, there is a whole pile of toys over there to play with. Go be good"

"But mum…those are kids toys"

"Yes, and you are a kid, so go and play"

"I don't want to"

"Trunks. I am getting so fed up with you. If don't quite down this instant you father is going to hear about this and god only knows what he will do to you" Bulma threatened the almost 5 year old who took after his parents far to much. He had the intelligence of Bulma, being far more advanced than most other children his age, and the stubbornness and pride of his father. Poor kid, his family was rich and dysfunctional. He was going to be one hell of a teenager.

Looking at her watch, Bulma sighed, "I suppose we should be going. It's getting rather late and it is going to rain"

"Ok then" Krillen picked up Marron and walked to the front door with Bulma and Trunks, 18 close behind. They all walked out onto the deck of the Kame House and shared their goodbyes.

"You guys should drop by Capsule Corp some time. We'll do dinner or something"

"Yeah, sure" Krillen smiled as Bulma hopped into her little plane, "see ya"

"Bye!" she yelled and zoomed off.

"Krillen" 18 said as she watched the plane disappear into the grey horizon. The sun had almost set and it was getting cold.

"Yeah babe?" he replied as he re-adjusted Marron in one arm, and threw the other around 18's waist.

"Do we have to go to the Capsule Corp? I don't think I could handle Trunks, Vegeta and Bunny all being in the same room as me"

Krillen had to laugh, "He sure is a handful isn't he?"

"Trunks? No he's not a handful, he's a spoilt brat. Now what do you want for dinner"


"Babe, are you alright?" Krillen asked as he pulled back the bed covers and climbed in beside his wife.

"Yeah" she replied, though she sounded distant, she was looking at one of the photos on her bedside table. A shot of Krillen, 18, Marron, 17 and Krillens late mother Kira, taken on Krillen and 18's wedding day.

Krillen leaned in closer to his wife, "bullshit your fine. I can see right though you babe," he threw his arm across her shoulders and pulled her close to him "c'mon tell me, what's up?"

18 sighed as she snuggled up against her husband, "Nothings up, I guess. I just have a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach that something isn't right"

"Really?" Krillen asked, "what?"

"I don't know" 18 shrugged. "I really don't know"

"Well," Krillen looked at her and smiled, "maybe I can help take your mind off it"

18 had to smile as Krillen kissed her. He loved her – of that she was sure. He had loved her forever, and he would continue to love her forevermore. She still remembered that first night so vividly, she may have been drunk but she remembered it all. The night Marron had accidentally been conceived – yes, Marron had been an accident, but now, 18 couldn't imagine her life without her tiny daughter in it. Marron was one of the greatest things that had ever happened to her - and also the catalyst for the biggest tragedy ever to occur in her life.

Pulling away from Krillen, 18 stopped. She looked like she had been upset by something.

"18, babe, are you ok? Did I do something?"

"No," 18 shook her head, "no. I was just thinking. Krillen," she stopped and looked into his eyes, "I love you"

Krillen smiled proudly at his wife, she didn't say those words all that often, but when she did, Krillen felt his heart overflow with love. He knew he was the only one those 3 small words were meant for. Him and him only, and it made him feel like the luckiest guy in the whole world.

"You're really not okay, are you?" Krillen asked, as he rested his head against the soft pillows and rolled onto his side.

"Yeah, I am. I'm fine" 18 also lay down, letting her head sink in to the pillow. It had been a long day, and she would be glad when sleep was finally hers.

"Okay then," Krillen decided to drop the subject before 18 got annoyed. He was concerned for his wife, but he knew when to give up, if something was really wrong, 18 would come to him. "Let's get some sleep" 18 rolled over, pressing her back against Krillens stomach, her favourite way to sleep. "That sounds wonderful"

"Goodnight babe"

"Night Krill"


18 hummed a quiet tune to herself as she made a cup of coffee. Usually, humming wasn't something she did. But today though, she found herself in an unusually good mood. It was a beautiful spring day and the island was bustling with life, and best of all, 17 had dropped by for a visit.

Walking out onto the front deck of the Kame House – which Krillen and Goku had built many many years ago, 18 handed one coffee mug to her brother, and rested hers on the railing of the deck. It was then she noticed something wasn't right.

"17," she asked, "where's Marron?" 18 felt her heart rate increase at this newest turn of events. When 18 had gone inside, Marron had been sitting just below the steps playing with a bucket of sand.

17 sat up more in his seat and looked around, upon seeing that Marron wasn't where he had left her, he only slouched back down again. "I dunno" he replied.

"17!" 18 shrieked, hauling her brother out of the chair by the collar of his shirt. "Tell me you didn't let my daughter walk off when we are surrounded by a fucking ocean and she can't swim!" her voice rose more and more as she proceeded.

"Well you didn't ask me to watch her, did you?"

"17 she is a baby, that's what you do with babies, you watch them!" 18 threw her brother back down onto the chair with so much force it broke as he came in contact with it, and then raced down the 3 steps frantically calling her daughter name.

Her first instinct was the water, Marron loved the water, but she couldn't swim. Her heart thudded in her ears and her mind instantly jumped to the worst possible conclusion. Marron had wandered off down the beach, into the water and drowned. Tears streaked her face – 18 didn't cry often, but this situation warranted tears.

Oh god, what was she going to say to Krillen when he got back from the store. "Oh yeah wile you were out, I left 17 to watch Marron for a minute and he let her drown in the ocean. Sorry 'bout that hun"

"Marron!" she screamed as she raced around to the other side of the island. "Marron!" this time relief flooded her voice as she laid eyes on the tiny girl, who was standing knee deep in the water and bawling her eyes out. All that was needed was for the water to break on the shore – Marron would have fallen over and been swept out to sea. Within less than a second, 18 scooped the girl up into her arms and held her close. She was wet from head to toe, indicating she had already been under the water.

18's breath returned to normal as she held onto Marron for dear life. Once her composure had finally been regained, she headed back to the deck – only to find 17 still sitting there, sipping his coffee. Walking right past him, she headed inside to give Marron to Roshi, then marched right back out again.

"17, what the hell where you thinking. Marron could have died!"

"Well she's a hybrid anyway. You know she's going to go through shit when she gets older"

"How dare you 17! How dare you say anything like that about my child? Your niece. How could you be so heartless? You never used to be this way 17. What happened to you?"

"No 18!" 17 stood up, to be nose to nose with his sister. "What the hell happened to you?" he demanded. "This is how I've always been. This is the real me. It's you who's changed! You who became too human. You should be ashamed of yourself 18. The old you wouldn't of give a shit what happened to that kid"

18 was irate. She was hurt. She felt betrayed. And all that did not make for one nice woman to be around. "You want the old me 17?" she snapped. "Fine then. Here I am!" she balled her fist and smashed it firmly into 17's jaw, sending him flying out to the beach, were he landed on the hard sand with a thud.

She wasn't done yet though, she quickly chased after him. 17 was too quick for her though, lack of training had made her weaker than him, where once they had been perfectly matched, and before long, 17 had a strong upper hand against his sister.

She was fighting for everything she loved, fighting for the right to protect her world and her family. And he was fighting for his sister, the old sister he had had before she got knocked up by Krillen then married the loser. 18, fighting out of blind rage at her brother, had a sloppy technique; she was rarely making contact, and bleeding from several of 17's attacks. But she had to get up, or who knew what 17 would do to her family.

Opening her eyes, 18 felt fear consume her entire body. 17 stood above her bruised and battered body, laughing like a maniac, holding a very large blue Ki ball in his hand. There was no way she would survive an impact like this, she was practically at point blank range. It would explode her body into a million different pieces.

"Goodbye sister dear. I hope you know you deserve this"


18 sat up, the room was pitch black and she felt like she was going to vomit. A dream, it had all been a dream. Her mind was merely reliving that awful day.

Suddenly, the room lit up. Krillen had turned on the bedside lamp. "What's wrong?" he sounded scared.

18 didn't reply until her breath returned to normal. "Nightmare" she finally spoke. The worst thing hadn't been that she had come within an inch of death; it had been the thought of her only child drowning.

Krillen moved across the bed and took 18 in a big tight hug, she didn't resist. "What was it about?" he asked as he gently rocked back and fourth and stroked 18's hair – something he knew she found highly soothing.

"That…that day" she stumbled on her words, not wanting to relive the horrors of that day for the second time.

"What day" Krillen asked.

"The last time we saw 17"

"Oooh" Krillen sighed and hugged her closer. That had been one hell of a day. Coming home to hear that not only had 17 been over, but he had almost let Marron drown and then on top of that, beat 18 to the point where she was sore for a week. "Why where you dreaming about that?"

"I don't know" 18 replied. Krillen could feel her shaking against him. "I really don't think something is right though"

"Is there something wrong with Marron? Is she sick?"

"No." 18 shook her head "Marron is fine. Something else is not right"

"I…I don't know what to say sweetheart. I really don't"

"It's okay. Let's just try and get some sleep. We'll see what happens in the morning"

"Ok then," Krillen laid down, taking 18 with him. He knew she had had a nasty shock, and was more then happy to hold her close. "I love you"

"I love you too"


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-Deadly Beauty