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Room to be Ourselves

Tanoshii-garu: This is a story I remember from a dream, except I've added
the beyblade characters in place of a few students. Hope you like it.
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---Chapter 1---
The Perfect School

The clock on the wall struck 12 pm and its chimes rang through the bleak, white hallway. There were many things in the hall to make it look any less immaculate, just a few pot plants and some chairs, on which sat two girls.

Both had long blond hair tied back in a ponytail but one was a lot shorter with green eyes while the other was tall with light blue eyes. The shorter girl had a black eye and the taller had a bleeding lip, both of their baggy uniforms were ripped and messed up.
They glared angrily at the floor as if trying to burn holes through it and didn't even look up as the stuffy school secretary waddled in and announced that the principal would see them now.

"This has been the 5th fight this week!" screamed the principal Mr Robinson, his face going a deep shade of purple.

"It wasn't our fault this time!" cried the green-eyed girl, whose name was Konna.

"Well it was obviously enough your fault to get yourself thrown out of a 2nd-storey window, Miss McCallum!" shrieked Mr Robinson, blue veins popping out on his fat head, "If that tree hadn't been there..." He didn't finish the sentence. Instead he puffed and caught his breath before turning to Tanya, the taller girl. "I had been expecting more from you Miss Stewart, but it appears Miss McCallum has been a bad influence on you." Konna snorted and received a glare from the principal before he continued. "It is a pitty, but none-the- less. You're both expelled." The girl's jaws dropped as Mr Robinson sat back and chuckled to himself. Still sneering, he pushed the intercom button to the secretary's desk. "Mrs Walker," he crooned, "please get Miss McCallum's and Miss Stewart's paper please."
And with that he ushered the girls out and slammed the door in their faces.

"Here are your papers," croaked Mrs Walker, "don't think that just because your leaving your going to get away with all the trouble you caused!"

"Good-bye Mrs Walker," sighed Konna, "you old bat," she added in a whisper, making Tanya snigger. They turned and walked down the hall.

"I'm watching you two," the old lady croaked after them, "always watching... always"

"Creepy," shuddered Tanya

"You said it," Konna agreed, hitting her locker to open it.

"Well, well if it isn't our old pals!" smirked an all to familiar voice. Both girls frowned as they turned to face a tallish boy with long whitish hair, tied back and blue eyes, also the most popular and powerful boy in school. With him were his gang and a bunch of girls wearing the skimpiest clothes and hanging off the guys.

"Ok look Tanya," smirked Konna, "it's Roger and his band of cronies and whores!"

Roger frowned, "guess this means you're still not ready to join us, even after we beat the crap out of you so many times." His gang laughed along with him, the girls high-pitched laugh was agonizing to the ears.

"Money and fists can't get you everything you know!" yelled Konna, raising her fists.

"Aww, have we ruffled the little birds feathers?" laughed one of the braver men, Jack.

"C'mon Konna," groaned Tanya, "We don't have to worry about them anymore!"

"Too true!" grinned Konna, grabbing her bag.

"What do you mean?" asked Roger grabbing her arm. She shook him off and stood on her toes until she was face to face with him. Leaning in close she whispered.


Smirking she turned on her heel and stormed out, Tanya close behind.

"How can someone so small make so much so much noise?" asked Jack, dumb- founded. The guys just shook their heads and the girls snarled.

"What do we do now?" asked Konna kicking a stone into a gutter.

"Simple," smiled Tanya, "We go to the library and look up a new school!" Nodding thoughtfully, Konna followed Tanya to the nearest library.

"Found one!" cried Konna happily.

Tanya lent over to look, "err... that's a boys school Konna..." she laughed

"What?! But it's the best one!" sulked Konna

Tanya looked through the information, her smile growing with each section, "well the only thing that actually says it's a boys school is the name, Bartlett High: boarding school for boys. But that can be changed for our parents view..."

"You thinking what I'm thinking?" grinned Konna

"Transparently," smirked Tanya, use the computer to cover up the 'for boys' part of the title and printing out two copies.

Tanoshii-garu: What horrors await Konna and Tanya? How will they disguise themselves as boys? Will their parents see through their trick? And will Konna realize that Tanya's favourite saying 'transparently' is really an insult? Find out next time on ROOM TO BE OURSELVES!