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Room to be Ourselves

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Chapter 17


Tanya sighed and tapped her pen against the desk. It was a particularly boring Chemistry lesson and her mind was already too occupied being anxious about the upcoming events.

"Phsst, Tan!"

Tanya looked over at Kyle, "what?"

"Who are you taking to the dance?"

Tanya shrugged, "Either Rei or Kai." Her alter ego choked IDIOT!

Kyle's mouth hung open, "w-what? You're taking a guy?"

"uh…" Tanya blanched before quickly saying, "Nooo! I was just messing with you! I'm… not going."

"Oh!" Kyle laughed nervously

Way to freak him out, genius her alter ego slurred. Tanya ignored her, "I don't think Kon and I should go somewhere hosted by the very guys trying to kill us."

Kyle laughed, this time genuinely, "Too true."

A few rows ahead of them, Johnny made a mental note to tell Robert his prey wasn't taking the bait. But as Tanya sat bored in class, Konna [who'd been placed at the front of the class for talking too much pondered over the plan that they had to pull of that very night. Their 'female' disguises were hidden in an old room Rei assured them was all but abandoned by teachers, staff and students alike. On hindsight, Konna had also organized and stored a pair of formal suits as a just-in-case.

She also wondered, as a passing thought, what would happen if the dull, bland, monotone world of Chemistry teacher Mr Henderson were to ever clash with that of the infamous Ms 'Rainbow' Yutter. She imagined it to be similar to a cataclysmic explosion of reality. As she giggle at the thought of the multi-coloured atom bomb, something out the window caught her eye. She watched in amazement as Tyson, Kevin and Lee scuttled across the lawn, a large cardboard box held tightly in Lee's arms. Cursing her class for being on the second floor, and idea suddenly struck her.

"Good! Bad!" she hissed.

"Sir yes sir!" they cried, appearing in a puff of green and red smoke.

Konna blinked, "…Good? Why's your smoke green?"

The small angel blushed, "Nothing Boss, just a few… glitches." She glared at Bad who was whistling innocently.

Konna shook her head with a chuckle and decided she probably didn't want to know. "As you probably saw, they're moving the box of eternal shame again. Our mission, should you choose to accept it, is to get that box once and for all! Now this will be a dangerous mission and some of us may not return in time for lunch-"

She paused to let the angels gasp in shock and horror.

"-but it is a mission, that if succeeded, will never interrupt our lunch breaks ever again!!"

The angels whooped and cheered and Konna took that as a plea to begin the quest.

"Right! Now first things first – we need to get out of here. Bad?"

The angel grinned wickedly, "Leave it to me boss!"

As Bad vanished to do whatever deeds she did so well, Konna concentrated on somehow getting a message to Tanya.

Though the taller girl had never been able to see or hear her best friend's angels, she'd learnt over time the strange signs that suggested they might be more than just figments of Konna's over-active imagination. And here was one of them now. Floating very slowly, very carefully along the ceiling was a paper plane. It paused at the point right above Tanya's head before shuddering slightly and dropping into the girl's outstretched hands.

Vents! Get ready!

Neither girl had to wait long, before there was a loud crash and Ms Yutter came flying through the door, a bright, flailing, colourful mess. She was shrieking painfully and evil spirits and clutching desperately at a scarf that can only be described as 'What a clown would look like if it blew up."

Unnoticed by anyone but Konna, Bad slipped out from under the coat and scuttled over to sit on the girl's shoulder. The rest of the class, including Mr Henderson [who looked near death at the sight of so much colour entering his bland existence just stared speechless at the batty old woman. A bunch of students -presumably Rainbow's unlucky music class- stood outside the door, craning to see the events inside. It was Ms Yutter's attempts to 'ward-off' the previously mentioned spirits that finally cracked the boundaries and all the students flooded into the room in a panicked attempt to escape the crazy hippy's psychotic paint-brush.

In a blink, Konna and Tanya took the massive distraction to slip into a nearby vent, already loosened from other get-a-way attempts from the boredom of Mr Henderson's Chemistry class.

"What's happening?" laughed Tanya, "You never use the angels unless it's important."

"The box!" Konna grinned, "Good's tracking them right now. We're gonna solve this damn mystery once and for all!"

"Sounds good! We're in!"

The girls' turned around in shock to see Kyle and Raven crawling quickly a few feet behind them.

"Hey guys!" Konna laughed, "Good to have you onboard!"

They scuttled along in silence for a bit until it started to get too dark to see. "Anyone got a match?" Raven's voice questioned from the back of the line.

Bad sat on Konna's hunched shoulder, swinging her legs, "Don't light a match, the vent seems to be full of gas!"

"Gas?" Konna asked, "In the vent?"

"Yeah gas!" Bad laughed nervously.

Konna sweatdropped, "…what kind of gas?"

Bad went red and stayed silent

"OH GROSS!" Konna cried, jumping backwards. There was a loud creak and the vent shuddered violently. The whole group froze, not daring to breath. But with a sickening crack, the vent broke and all four kids came tumbling out.

Tanya sat up rubbing her back, "I think you knocked my butt out of place," she groaned.

Luckily the hallway was empty of all but one annoyed looking Good shoulder angel, "I've been looking everywhere for you guys!" she fumed, "Hurry, the box is alone for now, but I don't know how long that will last."

"Right!" Konna nodded, "Lead on! This way everyone!"

As the rest of rushed down the hall, Kyle and Raven stood blankly in the hall. Kyle tapped the side of his head – his face twisting slightly in a strange expression.

"What's wrong?" Asked Raven

Kyle shook his head, "At first I thought it was just the vent, but now I seriously think I'm hearing voices! And did you smell something weird in that vent??"

Raven laughed, "You're hanging around Kon way too much I think. C'mon, or we'll loose them!"

They caught up to Konna and Tanya creeping into the darkness of yet another random room. They'd all often wondered about the sanity of the building's original architect. As soon as the door was shut and the coast clear, Konna ran over to a point in the floor and started pulling at the loose floorboards. With everyone pitching in, they made short work of the hide-away and Raven reached in to pull out the cardboard box. Apparently it had a lid now. Tanya opened it up and pulled out a document looking paper that was placed on top of all the photos and notes the others had already started digging through.

She read the neat handwriting out loud:

"To be read out at our next meeting:

We, the members of the Bartlett investigation committee, present here our findings over the past few months.

For a time now it has been suspect that not everyone attending our school is exactly who they claim to be. As witnessed and evidenced by our listed members, we finally have proof that some of our fellow students are indeed females posing as guys – for reasons as yet unknown.

It has become a unanimous vote that the girls will not be exposed by us. We do not know their motives and must take their situations into consideration.

Persons under study:





Morning report complete.

Next – member count"

The paper fell from Tanya's hands as the four stared at eachother.


Tanya whacked Konna with a notebook, "You know I'm a girl! It's them we're surprised about!"

"Oh right!" Konna laughed. She pointed at Raven and Kyle, "YOU'RE GIRLS??"

They sweatdropped. Swiftly Raven stood up and pulled a packet of matches from her pocket and dropped a lit one into the box. Almost immediately the flame began to lick hungrily at the contents.

"Wait!" Tanya cried.

Raven held her back, "Let it burn. They have no evidence anymore."

Tanya sulked, "Yeah, but the list of members was in there!"

"Oh crap!" Raven cursed, "Do'ya think we can save it?" Something metal in the flames gave a sudden, loud crack and sparks flew into the air. The girls jumped and Raven chewed her lip, "guess not."

Konna smirked remembering the guys running across the lawn, "I'm pretty sure we can guess most of them – I mean, they're not very good at hiding it." She turned to Kyle and Raven, "Your secrets are safe with us."

"Likewise," Kyle nodded, "But we should probably head back to class before… did anyone put that fire out?"

Blanching the group turned around to view the full towering inferno the curtains – and soon the roof – was quickly becoming.

Konna glanced over at Tanya, "Shall we run for our lives?"

"Yes," Tanya nodded, "Oh yes, lets."

Screaming FIRE!! At the top of their lungs, the girls bolted from the room, running down the halls. They turned a corner only to run straight into the Magestics, all furious and rainbow coloured – obviously victims of crazy Ms Yutters spirit wards.

Konna gawped, "Why are you guys always where you're not wanted? What are you guys a fungus or something?? Or CLONES??"

There was a moment of tense silence interrupted only by Roberts left eye, which was twitching so much with rage, Konna wondered if it might fall out. The silence ended suddenly with Robert crying "GET THEM!" Just as Tanya screamed "RUN AWAY!"

Sprinting back the way they'd come, Kyle yelled to Raven, "Why are WE running??"

Raven glanced behind her at a random crony, "'Cause that guy doesn't look smart enough to even know who he's trying to catch!"

"Point taken!"

Suddenly Konna took a detour, "Follow my lead!" She cried. They arrived at the burning room and stood with their back to the closed door, "Raven! Kyle! Get back to the vent and try to crawl somewhere safe. Robert doesn't know your faces yet and he won't be after you if you get away now!"

Nodding the girls ran off and Tanya and Konna turned just in time to see Robert, Johnny, Enrique, Tala and Oliver skid around the corner.

Johnny glared, "Why are you running?" He looked around for a trap.

Konna cleared her throat, "Because we're making a stand!"

Oliver watched from the back of the group, wondering what the girls plan was. There was no way they'd stand up to so many some-what violent guys at once They must have a plan of some kind!

Tanya looked baffled, "THAT was your plan??"

Oliver sweatdropped. Maybe not…

Johnny stormed forward and pushed his face right in front of Konna's, "You're lying."

Konna growled, "Well….. You cant see!!" and with that she pulled open the door and covered her eyes against the smoke. But she underestimated the amount there would be and soon the hallways was flooded and visibility was a big fat Zero.

She began to feel faint, unable to breathe without gasping in more and more fumes. But in the midst of fumbling bodies and hacking coughs, she felt someone grab her hand and drag her through the halls. The next thing she knew she was knelt over coughing and gasping for breath in what she remembered were Oliver's chambers. She stopped wheezing long enough to make sure Tanya was in the room, and was relieved to see her sitting on a chair, Oliver using a cloth to wipe out the smoke and smog she'd got in her eyes during the confusion. She was about started coughing again when a glass of water was pressed to her lips and a hand gently pushed her head back, making her swallow. She finished the glass and looked up into the boys stern, but worried yellow eyes.

"Please tell me you didn't try to burn down the school," Rei scolded.


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