Spongebob:Ahh A Good Day GARY?????


Spongebob:Well Of To Sandys

(And Spongebob Puts On His Helmet)

(And He Runs To Sandys Place)

(In The Treedome)

Spongebob:Whats With All The Green And Blue And Brown Junk

Sandy:This Isn't Junk Its Land

Spongebob:What Kind Of Land?????????????????????????????????????

Sandy:Beaches,Fields,Playgrounds,Streets Are Land Only In My World


Sandy:Youll Understand Once You Get In My World

Spongebob:Well Bye Sandy

Sandy:Bye SB

(Spongebob Walks To Patrick's House And Takes Off His Helmet)

Patrick:Hi Spongebob

Spongebob:Hi Pat

Spongebob:Do You Have A Map To Get To Land And Come With Me

Patrick:Id Love To

Spongebob:Hmm Better Ask Squid And my Boss Too

(Then Spongebob Skips To The Krusty K )

Mr.Krabs:Hi Boy And What Took You So Long

Spongebob:Me And Sandy Who Where Talking About Land Mr.Krabs:Talking To Your Girlfriend !?!?!

Spongebob:Can You Come With Me On Land

Mr.Krabs:(GULP!)Don't You Remember Last Time

Spongebob:FORGET THAT 1!!!!!!!!

Squidward:Besides,Theres No Culture There

Spongebob:There Is Money And Culture There

Squidward and Mr.Krabs:Hmm I AGREE(With Money Eyes)