In a battle, Kira got injured badly. In result, he is captured by ZAFT and became a prisoner. YAOI fic. KiraxAthrun fic. Torture fic. Drug fic. Angst fic. XP
There had been some uneasiness in the morning, a bad feeling lurching deep down in his stomach, warning him to be careful. It was brushed aside by Kira when he put on his suit, determined to protect his friends. After all, a distraction can lead to horrible consequences, that was what he knew long ago.

Just when he was eating, the radar showed four mobile suits coming to their way. It was all Gundam, the computer revealed, and Kira was given the task of distracting them in order to make a getaway for Archangel. The hope was slim, but it was better than none. Kira had done miracles before. He was expected of it, carried a heavy responsibility on his shoulders.

The bad feelings proved right. Soon in battle, him against Buster, Blitz, and Aegis, he was hit by a particularly strong missile. His head banged against the mini-screen, smashing them. Blood soaked his amber hair and trickled down his forehead. Two deep cuts from the glass marred his cheeks, smarting. To make matters worse, the impact broke two long, rod-like controllers, sending one of them through his stomach, stopping only to the plush cockpit seat. The wound made him cry out in pain; again and again as more missiles hit him. His tears mingled with salt, and he panted in exhaustion.

The pain was unbearable, but it cannot- not enough- to kill a Coordinator. Images in attempt to contact him were blurry, but the messages got through clear enough, even though the communication system could not function properly.

"...Kira?... F..Fraga here. Are you allright? Kira? Answer me"

"I'm okay" he lied, suppressing his pain, not wanting to distract the older man.

"Archangel is safe. They are in the Luna territory. Exit battle immediately and fly over in top speed"

"I'll try" he answered. What he didn't tell, of course, was for the fact that he could not control Strike. Not in his condition. Not without the compass malfunctioning. Not with the nausea he was having for losing too much blood in a short time. Not with three Gundams having the advantage on him.

"Roger" Fraga ended the line. Kira gritted his teeth in pain just as Aegis's sword collided with his Strike. Clutching his stomach, he no longer cared of the controls. It was not long until Athrun notices that Strike is no longer responding to his attacks. He attempted to contact his childhood friend, but in vain. It was cut off almost immediately. Two seconds later, sparks came out from Strike, and its Trans-Phase Armor went out. It remained lifeless, a dull, dead gray.

Sensing something wrong, Athrun decided to contact Captain Raww, asking permission to capture Strike instead of going after Archangel. Besides, the Archangel was too far away to do anything to, and they might rage the Luna Nation, an action better avoided.

After hearing the report from Athrun, their missions are automatically changed from destroying Archangel to capturing Strike. Athrun grabbed Strike, fear and happy mixed uneasily within him. Capturing Strike means that he could be with Kira again, but he was unsure of the reaction that he would get from his fellow teammates. Nichol is okay, he mused, but it was the stubborn Yzak that he concerns about. Dearka could help him in that matter, he decided. They reached Versalius without any disturbance.

Athrun could hardly suppress his worry as he opened the cockpit of his Aegis. He knew his friend. Knew his strong points, his weakness, and his personality well enough. It was not his nature to give up, to surrender himself. He would not abandon the ones he wanted to protect. These were enough to make his stomach knot in envy.

He was greeted by Nichol just as his feet touched the floor. The young boy just smiled sadly as they reached Strike, who still lay immobilize. He knew Athrun's connection with Strike's pilot, though secretly.

Yzak and Dearka came a moment later, a mob of armed soldiers behind them. After registering a curt nod, Athrun took an amplifier and spoke to it.

"Strike's pilot, please come out and surrender. You are surrounded by the ZAFT army. If you surrender quietly we will not harm you"

It felt strange, saying that to someone dear to you. But there is no choice in the condition. It might be different under a different circumstance, one on one.

Nothing happened. Strike's cockpit did not open. Athrun repeated the threat in his usual suave calmness, though his heart proved otherwise.

"Let me go up" decided Athrun. Protests against it by his subordinates were calmly countered. Clutching a gun, he hopped up, and force-opened the cockpit. The sight made him froze. His childhood friend was gripping the long rod stuck through him, his eyes half-opened, panting, moaning in pain in attempt to take it out. His bangs stuck to his forehead by a mixture of sweat and blood, and his cheeks revealed two deep cuts. Red stained most of his blue suit. The rest of the cockpit was in a mess; most of the compartment is either broke or covered with blood.

"Kira..." stuttered Athrun, clearly shocked.

As if he had just realized Athrun, Kira smiled a little, a mixture of relief and longing, yet the pain still lingers in his features. "Athrun.." Then realization struck him, hard. "Why am I here?! Where's Fraga?!" The sudden movements made him flinch in pain, and he clutched his stomach again.

"Kira.." began Athrun, pointing his gun to Kira, sadness painted on his features "We captured you"