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Sitting around in a circle one night, in secret, was one of the oddest I've Never groups of all time. Ron had bounded throughout the castle, getting everyone he could to play. Oddly enough, some of the people Ron had invited had invited teachers themselves, so alone with Ron's invitations, there sat Dumbledore, McGonagall, Snape, Fred and George (who never let anyone call them Professors even though they were), Hagrid, Professor Weasley (which was what Percy made everyone call him), Firenze, and Trelawney (who was looking mystical and doing weird motions with her firewhiskey, all while humming under her breath).

"You all know the rules," said Hermione, getting up, "We go around in a circle. A volunteer will start us off, saying something they have never done. If anyone else has done it, they will drink the firewhiskey in front of them."

At this, there was a bit of protest from Professor McGonagall, but an exceedingly amused-looking Dumbledore quickly silenced her. "The point is to get everybody else to be out of their firewhiskey first," continued Hermione, unusually rebellious and unperturbed. Okay, are we all settled on the rules?" Everyone nodded. "Okay! I need a volunteer to go first." Nobody volunteered.

"Oh, fine, then I'll go first, so you can see how it's done! Okay..." Hermione said, visibly struggling, "I've never owned a pet considered dangerous by the Ministry."

"Aw, Hermione, don' pick on me," grunted Hagrid. Obviously, Hagrid drank immediately, but so did George, Dean, and...

"Albus?" screeched McGonagall. "Yes, well, there was this one time... eh... er..." stammered Dumbledore, evidently flustered. "I was covering up for Hagrid, I... er... took care of Grawp..." Dumbledore winked, while almost everybody was whispering, "Who's Grawp?" Only Harry, Ron, and Hermione really knew what he was talking about.

"Er... okay..." said Hermione. "Er... Colin, you next. No, wait, we're going clockwise. Okay, er... Professor Weasley," she said, holding back laughter, because Percy threw out his chest pompously when she had said it. "Your turn." "I've never slipped dung into somebody's mail," Percy said immediately, glaring at Fred and George, who drank so quickly everybody just barely caught it. After much hesitation, Snape also drank. Trelawney, who was sitting next to him, screeched, "THE GRIM! IT IS IN YOUR FIREWHISKEY!" and fell silent again. Firenze scoffed.

"Professor Snape?" asked Harry.

"Do you really want me to reminisce about your father?" snapped Snape in return.

"No, that's really annoying," said Ron. "Oh, and by the way, I'm next. Erm... I've never kissed Harry Potter."

Quite a few girls hesitated, and then, one by one, drank. There was Cho Chang, and then Hermione almost immediately afterwards. Then Parvati and Lavender both drank. "WHAT?" bellowed Harry, and everybody except Snape (who scowled), Firenze (who looked confused), and Trelawney (who was still doing those stupid fortune-telling motions with her firewhiskey) burst out laughing. Parvati, after a right fit of the giggles, explained. "It was when you were asleep, we crept up into the boys dormitory. I couldn't help myself, and neither could Lavender." Both of them started giggling. All at once, out of nowhere, there was a total uproar at who drank next.

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