Shoot the Moon

Summary: Watch out Hogwarts! The Marauders and the Masks are here! They'll shoot the moon down!!!!!!!!!!

Disclaimer: Any of the characters that are familiar to you I do not own (unless you read from my other story)!

Lily Evans walked into King Cross Station alone. She had no idea what to do and knew nobody. And to add to her list of disadvantages, she was the only one in the station that she could see that had an owl.

While Lily was pondering her disappointment, a girl with tan skin, blond hair that went just underneath her shoulder blades, and big blue eyes walked past her. "Stupid Sabrina . . . stupid muggles . . . stupid heavy trunk . . . stupid owl cage . . ." the girl muttered. She had a Southern accent.

Lily looked up at the girl, who was near the barrier between Platforms 9 & 10. "Hey, hey you!" Lily yelled at the girl, following her. The girl turned around. Lily ran up to the girl, panting from pushing her trolley.

Lily: Um . . . do you-pant-know how-pant-to-

The girl: -get onto the platform?

Lily: Yes.

The girl: SURE!!!!!!!!!

People in the station stared at her. She just put on a big smile, taking in all of the attention. And batted her eyelashes at two boys.

Lily: Okay, so, how do you do it?

The girl: Oh, sorry, I got sidetracked. What you do is run at the barrier between platforms 9 and 10. But don't think that you'll crash, 'cause then you will.

Lily looked at the girl, eyes as big as saucers and mouth clamped shut.

Lily: Ho-how do you know?

The girl: My brother Salem did it last year. He's a year ahead of me, and my parents went in with him. Along with my stupid sister, Sabrina.

Lily gave the girl a weak smile.

The girl: Oh my god! I am sooo rude!!!!!!!!!! My name is Sapphira White. But you can call me Saf. Whats your name!!!!!!!!????????????

Lily: I'm Lily Evans. But you can call me, well, Lily.

Sapphira: Nice to meet you!

Lily: Just to be safe, can you run in with me?

Saf: SURE!!!!!!!! (More stares) You ready?

Lily: Yes.

Saf: All right, let's go!!!!!!!!

They began running at the barrier. Lily's eyes were open, because she didn't want to miss a thing. Sapphira's eyes were open because, well, she was taking in all of the rushing air. They were a foot from the barrier. There was no turning back now.

They were two inches from the barrier. Lily felt a sudden rush as they went through the barrier. There was a beautiful scarlet steam engine in front of them. "Welcome, Lily, to the Hogwarts Express." Sapphira said, beaming like the maniac that she was (that included dimples).

James Potter stared at the muggle train station in front of him. People were jam-packed in there, and it would be difficult to get to the station. Pat, his guardian, was checking his trunk to make sure he hadn't forgotten anything.

Pat: Now James, dear. You have everything, and I made it light for you.

James: Yes, Pat.

Pat: Now do you have the picture?

James: Yes, Pat.

Pat: Good, now you are POSITIVE that you don't have ANY dungbombs?

James: Yes, Pat.

Pat looked at the boy. His jet black hair was as unruly as ever. His glasses were clean and his hazel eyes behind them were full of excitement. And, of course, his infamous cheeky smile was plastered on his face.

Pat: Oh, James! Your parents would be so proud!

She lunged at him, engulfing him in a hug. His face was turning purple from lack of breath.

James: Pat struggling for breath were in public. Let go.

Pat: jumping off him right, right. Well go on then. Don't forget to write!!

But James was lost in the crowd. Pat just sighed and smiled. After she walked away, a boy came up to James and screamed in his ear.

The boy: HEY JAMES, OLD BUDDY OLD PAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James was so startled that he fell forward, knocking his glasses askew. While James was searching for his glasses, the boy started laughing uncontrollably like a maniac. "Sirius! That wasn't funny!" James yelled at the boy, but he just kept laughing.

The boy was Sirius Black. He had shaggy black and misty blue eyes. They had met at numerous Quidditch camps and were the best of friends since.

Sirius: Yes it was, James!

James: No it wasn't!

Sirius: Was

James: Wasn't

Sirius: Was

James: Wasn't

Sirius: Was

"SURE!!!!!!!!!" A loud voice rang through the station. All heads turned to 2 girls. One had blonde hair and blue eyes. The other had red hair and green eyes. The blonde just smiled like Shirley Temple batted her eyelashes at Sirius.

After the station started moving again, Sirius stared at her.

James: Si, hel-looo!!!!!!!!!

Sirius: I'm alive, okay? But she's American! I've never met an American before! A cute American at that.

James: You mean you weren't staring at her because she was hot? Just because she was American and CUTE!!!!!!!!!???????? She is so HOT!!!!!!!! Not CUTE!!!!!!!

Sirius: Well, yeah. She's just cute to me. I also just don't think we're meant to be. I mean, she looks like a Scorpio. I'm a Leo. Were not supposed to be together. Leo's go good with Aquarius.

James: snorts well, how can you tell?

Sirius: Tell what?

James: That she's American.

Sirius: Oh, that's easy. Look at her clothing. A black shirt with Legolas on it, camo pants, and combat boots. Totally American.

James just stared at him.

James: Sirius, I need to ask you something.

Sirius: Ask away.

James: Are you gay.

Sirius: NO! How could you ask such a thing!

James: Because you know a girls style.

Sirius: That's because I studied them. Girl's that is.

James: You studied girls!?

Sirius: Yeah, so I could be ready for the girls here.

James: Okay. Weird. But can I ask you something else?

Sirius: Sure.

James: Who's Legolas?