This is a poem I made actually quite afew months ago, I think in 2003, of
Kirie, and thought I'd share it anyway.

- - - - - -

people said the only purpose is to die
that's the fate for me, but i don't want it
so here i'll be, shuffling abit where I sit
in this lunatic room, as i painfully cry

a small ball, my only friend in this jail
as i pour my soul into the only listener
if the cherry blossoms could leave a trail
to free me from this stage as the prisoner

does anybody else listen to my crying tonight?
anyone at all? no one who will die, not never
someone who i won't be losing from my sight
and will never feel pain from me that's so severe

how malice runs through my body so wounded
even it could never take away these tears I cry
your calamity has come, down hard it pounded
yet mine always is, as every minute I die and die ..