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After the day Naruto brought a half dead Sasuke back to leaf, was the turning point in their relationship with each other. Sakura had become over protective of both of the boys, often convincing all of them to sleep over at Sasuke's house. Ironically the mothering that Sakura gave them was the one thing that both of the boys needed, to be apart of a family unit.

Not a month later Naruto left his apartment and moved in with Sasuke. Sakura, ignoring the pleas of her parents moved in a week later. She told them that if she could give her life for Konoha, then she should be able to live where she wanted. Realizing how grown up she had become, her parents let her go, on the condition that her and the boys would come over every Thursday, if they weren't on a mission, to have dinner.

Later when the rumors started a quick explanation of was giving of the sleeping arrangements. And if that wasn't enough a fist from a number of protectors was usually the end of the discussion. Now it had become mandatory that all of the teams live together after awhile, to promote and strengthen their bond.

Sakura watched her boys go at it. After 5 years together, she figured, they were hers. She babied them when they needed it, if they wanted it or not. She had even dated both of them. Sasuke may be more romantic, but Naruto was a better kisser. Things hadn't worked out with the relationships; it wasn't really any one person's fault. They were just better as friends and siblings, then boyfriend or girlfriend. Sakura lazily chewed on a piece of grass as she thought about the past. Each of them had advanced in their own way.

She laughed as Kakashi-sensei dogged both of the boys as they tried to take off his mask. It had been a long time that he was forced to put away his dirty little book and pay attention to where the attacks were coming from. Sakura turned onto her stomach and started to kick her legs. She never joined in on the "get the mask off" fights. She was content to let them all go at it.

Eyes wondering she noticed that Kakashi's precious little book had been carelessly left by the rock he had started out sitting on. She rolled up and walked over, keeping an eye on the fight, so she wouldn't get caught up in it. Reaching down and picking it up, she continued on her way home, leaving them there fighting.
Inner Saukra laughed evilly, "Maybe it's time I helped the boys with this."

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