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Flash back

"Why do you insist on making us read that weird book?" Ron asked, slightly annoyed.

"If we are supposed to be witches and wizards don't you think we should learn some magic?" Hermione said.

"Yes, but that is why we'll go to Hogwarts." Ron said.

"Yeah and when are we getting off this island and going to Hogwarts?" Hermione asked stubbornly.

"Good point. But why learn anything at all?" Ron said.

"If we ever do get off this island don't you think that we should know some stuff about magic. I mean if we get back to our families then what will become of us. We will be so far behind everyone our age. We already are." Hermione said.

"Let us be behind I say." Ron said leaning back against the wall of their hut.

"And I say let's at least know the basics. That way we won't have to be complete idiots when we return." Hermione said.

"If we return you mean." Ron said with a sigh.

"Okay can you just please do this for me? Without comments?" Hermione asked.

"Fine." Ron said.

End of Flashback

Hermione Granger laid in bed not able to sleep. Her life had defiantly changed. For the better. It had been exactly one week since Hermione and Ron were back. Everything was so different from the island. The smells, the food. Even the heat and the sun seemed different.

Hermione went to the cradle and picked up Bonnie, being careful not to wake her. Hermione looked at her daughter. Being a parent was hard. She had no idea it would be this hard. But that hardly mattered when she looked at Bonnie. She loved her daughter so much.

'How can I love someone so much that I practically just met?' Hermione thought.

She had been thinking a lot lately. What was to become of her? Was she going to go to Hogwarts? What about Bonnie? Surely she couldn't come along. If she didn't go how would she get her schooling? How would she get a good job?

Questions like these kept her up at night. Getting up, she softly put Bonnie into her cradle. She tucked her in, making sure she wouldn't get cold during the night. She got into bed. Ron stirred a little, bringing Hermione closer to him. Their legs tangled together and Ron unconsciously threw his arm across Hermione's stomach. Hermione smiled to herself and snuggled up to Ron. She soon fell into a peaceful sleep.

Flash back

Ron tossed and turned, unable to sleep. He was going to be a dad soon. He couldn't wait. Hermione's stomach was huge. Of course he would never tell her that. Hermione had gotten a little moody lately... Okay a lot moody. He didn't care though. He still loved her.

His favorite part of Hermione being pregnant would have to be feeling his child move inside her. It amazed him how something was alive inside her. He was always touching her stomach, kissing it, and you could occasionally catch him talking to the baby. He didn't think the baby could hear him, but Hermione said that the baby could. So he continued his talks with their child.

Even though he couldn't wait to be a father, he was dreading it as well. What if he wasn't a good father? How would he become a good one? He didn't know anything about being a father. He didn't want to let Hermione down. That would kill him.

Ron spent many nights staying up with his thoughts about being a father. Hermione always told him that when the time comes he would be a great father to their child. He hoped she was right.

End of Flashback

"Hermione?" Ron said.

"Yes?" Hermione said waking up.

"Do you think I'm a good father?" Ron asked. Hermione could hear the nervousness in his voice.

"No. I don't." Hermione said.

"Why?" Ron said with a hint of hurt in his tone.

"Because I think you're a great father." Hermione said.

She turned to face him. She knew that he worried about being a father. She always assured him he would do fine.

"Honestly?" Ron asked, uncertain.

"Yes Ron I honestly think so. You are so caring…loving your child is one of the biggest parts of being a great father. I can tell by the way you look at her., with such pride and joy. It's the way a father should look at his child." Hermione said, kissing him on the lips.

"I love you." Ron said.

"And I love you. Now go to sleep. You need your rest. Good night Daddy." Hermione said.

"Good night mommy." Ron said kissing her good night.

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