(Ok this is my first fanfic on this website, and I know the years in the story are messed up. But, they change of dates was necessary for my story
to take place. Most characters are not my own. As of now, Adam, Madeline, and Monty are the only ones I am owner of. Oh, don't mind the Abraham Van Helsing reference because I plan to have Gabriel Van Helsing
further on. Please if you want to read where Van Helsing is at in my
story, he appears in Chapter 4 and will be in the rest after that.)

Adam Christophen, a sandy haired man dressed in the upper fashion for England in the late years of the 1800s, stood at his window enjoying the full moons beauty. He studied the lunar activities carefully through extensive records that traced back for centuries. Most records were reports of werewolf activity, which captivated Adam's curiosity. Adam was no ordinary man who could travel by day or night, whichever he fancied, no Adam was harnessed only to live his life by the night. As a child he suffered from a terrible illness that prevented him from even being touched by the sunlight. The sun could have killed him within a few minutes as a child and throughout his adolescent years. But when Adam reached adulthood, he encountered another form of illness that would also hinder him to live in the desolate darkness.
At age twenty-two, Adam walked alone in the English woods, as he was accustomed to most nights. He took in as much fresh air as he could during his walks, and he would study the changes in the forest each night. Each night, Adam missed not being able to walk in daylight, like the rest of his friends and family. He had few friends, most were too afraid of him to come close, afraid they too would catch his terrible illness. So, Adam never walked near the townspeople just to keep the shrieks of terror at a minimum. But, he desperately longed for human affection, which his parents rarely showed towards him.
Adam walked alone one night until clouds covered the moon and left the woods dark, too dark to even see his hand held out in front of him. He tried to back up, but he ran into something. Adam spun around and felt the object he ran into and felt a person's face. He gasped and fell onto the ground. He crawled away the best he could, but the person closed in on him. The clouds passed, and Adam saw a red-haired woman crouching before him. Her linen dress flowed, but the moonlight shone through to reveal her sleek body. Her eyes were a peculiar color, and her skin was white like ivory. Adam assumed she too had the illness he possessed and felt a deep calm inside.
"Have you lost your way," the woman asked in a friendly manner.
"No, the clouds merely covered the moon, and I could not see to proceed." Adam told her.
The woman smiled. "People usually avoid these woods, you know. Haunted, they say." The woman's voice was soothing, and Adam felt a strong attraction to her.
Adam sat up, and his face was mere inches from the red-haired woman. She was beautiful to him because of her pale skin, peculiar eyes, and ruby red lips. "I do not fear ghouls," he told her.
"Oh, but they say ghouls are the least of problems here. Werewolves, they cry, werewolves and...vampires," the woman's eyes lit up at the words.
Adam leaned even closer towards the mysterious woman. "I do not fear them," he told her quietly. "They live amongst the dark, as must I. I feel remotely connected to them."
The woman smiled, but did not open her mouth. She stroked Adam's cheek and leaned in to kiss his lips. She pulled back after that only to have Adam press his mouth up against hers. It was only a moment before she pulled her mouth away and whispered in Adam's ear, "I shall bridge a gap from those creatures to you."
Before Adam could protest, the redheaded woman bit down into his with sharp fangs. He was not frightened and did not struggle against her. He let her take his miserable, lonely life in hopes that as an undead he would find more pleasures. His mind grew dark and fuzzy as he was drained to the brink of death. The woman laid him on the ground and marveled over his body. Even with her deadly fangs visible, Adam found the woman irresistible beautiful. She brought her wrist up to her mouth and bit into her vein. She hissed as she held her wrist over Adam's mouth.
Adam tasted the woman's blood and was attracted to it. It gave him a strength he never felt before, a lust he never held, and a life he never had before. He bolted up and held his mouth to her bleeding wrist. The woman hissed amusingly before pulling her arm out of Adam's grip. Adam screamed as her blood began its transformation of his body. His body felt like it was on fire as it slowly and painfully died. He rolled on the forest floor writhing in the horrible pain.
Adam felt the woman sit down upon Adam's chest as his body came close to the end of its transformation. Adam looked up into her eyes before succumbing to the call of death. The woman watched his chest sink and calmly awaited it to rise once again. It took a moment, but Adam's eyes popped open and changed from dull green to a bright, multicolored green. He grinned up at the female vampire upon his chest, showing his new, but sharp, fangs. He felt a lust for the vampire that he never felt for any woman in his mortal life.
The female vampire adored the lover she'd made and leaned down engaging in a kiss with him. Adam returned her kiss just as passionately as she had been. Adam rolled her down onto the earth, which his heightened senses told him was full of life. But, he was more side-tracked by his lust for his maker. He kissed her hard then softly. Then, he pulled away and sat up, his knees locked at her hips. He panted before he asked, "What is your name?"
The female vampire ran her hands along Adam's body as she held his gaze in her own. "Lucy," she replied.
Feeling satisfied knowing his maker's name, Adam resumed his passion towards Lucy. They spent a long time enjoying acts of passion on the forest floor before leaving to feed their lust for blood. Adam had never felt the hunger he felt that night. The hunger blinded his eyes but heighten his sense of smell even more than his normal vampire sense of smell. But, Lucy knew what she was doing. She stood in a garden of flowers, which grew around her as she stood singing a soft, sweet melody.
After a few moments, several children came running towards Lucy. Adam stood adoring Lucy even more that she held so much power as a vampire. Lucy took the hand of one child and sank her teeth into the child's neck. She did not drain the child, a little boy, but left him in a daze. Lucy held out her hand to another child, a girl, whom Lucy led over to Adam. The girl let go of Lucy's hand and held out her own little hand to Adam. Adam took her hand and pulled her over to him. The little girl was under a trance from Lucy's song, so Adam took advantage of the trance and bit down into the girl's neck. He felt his hunger slowly be relinquished as he drank from the child. But, he felt content before draining the little girl and pulled his fangs from her neck. He held the dazed girl in his arms and marveled over the girl. She was a beautiful, blonde girl with spiral curls. He caressed her cheek as he laid her down onto the soft grass.
After several weeks of feeding upon the children every night, the people of London began to hunt for the creatures preying upon their children, using the children's description of the "bloofer lady" and her friend to hunt down the predator. Lucy hid Adam in the basement of her family's tomb, so he could be safe. But a man named Abraham Van Helsing came with three other men to vanquish the vampire inside of Lucy. Adam had to watch in horror as his lover was killed not by Abraham but a man who was quivering before driving a stake into Lucy's chest.
Adam mourned Lucy for several nights, but eventually left to feed upon the children of the town. But, he felt the loneliness that had consumed his mortal life and longed to kill that Abraham Van Helsing for his pain. But, Dracula and his brides had revived Lucy to her vampire form and Adam let go of his hate. He had his lover back, and they relished their love. They soon parented a child, a little girl born dead. Lucy sacrificed her life to bring her daughter to life. Adam could not persuade Lucy otherwise and watched her die once again. But, his daughter let out an ear-piercing cry upon Lucy's death.
Adam picked up his daughter and held her tightly. The child, whom he named Madeline, had his green eyes and blonde hair. Her hair was curly, like her mother's hair had been. Adam wept several hours for Lucy, but he soon recomposed himself and resumed his role as a father.
Years flew by, and Madeline grew to be a lovely adolescent. But, she never grew past adolescence. Her blonde hair flowed down her back in a mass of curls, and she had a love for everything she knew nothing about, especially mortals. So, Adam collected records of human history and gave it to Madeline to indulge her mind. She became captivated with the folklore of humans, and so began that collection that would spawn Adam's fascination with moon and how it affected life.