Mae had made sure to leave to make it back in time for Anna and Van Helsing's wedding. She had conjured up a crystal ball for Adam to watch the wedding on. It would be during the day, so Adam could not attend. Mae had to make several stops before she got to Vaseria, but she was confident she wouldn't be late.

The tailor of Vaseria and Katalena helped design a dress for Anna to wear, but Anna thought they were going a little over the top. Her dress had a long train in the back, and Anna worried it would get dirty by the time she took it off. But, she didn't know why the dress should stay spotless if she was going to only wear it that once. She was standing in front of the mirror looking over her white silk dress with a layered skirt. "This is not going to stay white if I have to go outside, and I will because there is a reception for the village outside." Anna told Katalena and Madeline, they were the only two in the room with her.
Katalena had told her, "You will just have to try and keep the dress clean."
Anna replied, "Tell me why that is again."
Katalena told her, "So that you can pass the dress down if you have a daughter."
Anna looked over at her. "That is a big if," she told her.
Katalena shook her head. "Just keep the dress as an heirloom."

The tailor had desperately wanted to get a hold of Van Helsing dress him up, but Anna had ordered him not to. She wanted Van Helsing to be wearing what she had first met him in. The tailor tried to talk her out of it, but she wouldn't listen. So, he gave in and left Van Helsing's outfit alone. But, he continued to grumble under his breath.
Van Helsing was asked to tie his hair back, so that he didn't look so rugged. Van Helsing despised his hair pulled back because it looked bizarre to him. He was used to just wearing his hat and not worrying about how his hair appeared. Carl had snickered over Van Helsing's hair, but Van Helsing had grabbed the friar by the front of his robes and pulled him inches from his face. He stared angrily into Carl's eyes, and Carl muttered quickly, "I'm sorry," and Van Helsing put him down. "You just look different like that."
"I know, Carl. But, it wasn't my idea." Van Helsing replied.

Mae had arrived shortly, but she waited until Van Helsing had gone back inside the church. She wanted everything to be a surprise to Van Helsing and Anna. Quickly, Mae used her magic to decorate the Town Square. She conjured up silk streamers, tables, chairs, and light posts with candles to be lit inside. She conjured up silk table clothes, plates with silverware, and elegant candles--two dozen for every table. She was pleased with her work after she had finished.
Mae used her magic to change into a dress worthy of a wedding, then she hurried to get into the church. The church was large enough to fit the entire village of Vaseria in, so Mae was able to blend in quickly. But, Mae was ushered to sit next to Madeline, who was keeping Benjamin and Tyrney. Mae sat down and took Tyrney in her lap. He had a mess of dark, dark curly hair. But, he behaved well except he wanted to pull at Mae's hook earrings. Mae didn't seem to mind.
Van Helsing entered from a room to the right of the altar. He walked over next to the priest, who looked over at him. Van Helsing wasn't sure if he was being judged or not by the priest, but he ignored the look. He turned to the crowd and heard the whole room chattering amongst themselves. He focused on Carl, Madeline, and Mae. They were the only ones Van Helsing knew, and he saw Tyrney point over at him then talk to Mae in baby gibberish. Van Helsing smiled at his son, and the boy smiled back.

Anna was being led by a trail of women from her village. The only one that was Anna's friend was Katalena, who would turn around and grin at Anna. Anna felt ridiculous in her dress and all the make-up on her. She had lip rogue and powder applied before she and the other women had lined up. Her curly, dark brown hair had a crown of flowers woven into it. She'd been handed a bouquet of flowers, and Anna was glad she had the flowers to hold onto because she would be wringing her hands if she didn't have the flowers. She was worried about the whole village seeing her all dressed up, which was something new for Anna.
The line of women started moving, and Anna followed. She shut her eyes for a moment and took a deep breath. 'Am I suppose to feel terrified of being in front of my village? I've seen them all my life, but I feel vulnerable having them see me now.'
Anna stopped right in front of the door. She was told to wait until the line had reached one side of the altar. She started walking after Katalena had nodded to signal her to come forward. Anna glanced around the room and wished that Velkan was there to lead her up to the altar just so she wouldn't be walking up there as the main attention. Carl had offered to walk her up to the altar, but she had told him it would be fine. 'So, get everything straight, Anna,' her mind told her. She focused on Van Helsing and knew she'd be all right.
Van Helsing saw Anna and felt his breath catch in his chest. She was beautiful all the time, but she shone as she walked closer to him. He had a feeling she was afraid because she didn't have a confident look upon her face. He smiled at her, and he saw her smile back. She was either putting on a face just to look confident, or her confidence had returned. It seemed forever before she made it to the altar, next to Van Helsing. Anna looked over at Van Helsing, and she mouthed, 'I love you.' Van Helsing mouthed, 'I love you,' back to Anna. Then, they both faced the priest.

Mae saw the priest talking, but she didn't hear what he said. She was too lost up in the sentimental moment. She heard Tyrney jabber something to her that had the words "mama" and "papa" in it. Mae smiled down at Tyrney, who was looking up at her waiting for her to react. Her smile seemed to satisfy him, and he grew quiet again. Mae returned her attention to Anna and Van Helsing.

Adam watched the wedding and smiled. He could move the view around, and he moved it once to see his daughter and grandson. He kept it on them for a moment and touched the glass of the crystal ball as if he were touching Madeline's face. He felt sadness grow within him, but he buried it back down. It was a happy time, and Adam didn't want to have his thoughts clouded by sadness when something joyful was taking place. So, he watched the wedding without thoughts of his sorrows.

After the ceremony, everyone waited for Mae to stand up. Anna came over and took Tyrney in her arms so that Mae could run to the door. She had everything set up and needed some more things to attend to. She had special orders that she was following. They were her own orders, but that made them more urgent. The crowd followed her outside, while Anna and Van Helsing waited until they had left. Carl and Madeline waited as well.
They were surprised when they finally did walk out of the church and saw all of Mae's decorations. It was dusk, and the sun was setting behind the decorations. It was a breath taking sight. "Mae put a lot of effort into this." Van Helsing said impressed.
Everyone was seated, but Mae was nowhere to be found. Madeline glanced around for Mae, but she failed to see her. Suddenly, she saw Mae dressed in a butler's outfit. Her hair was pushed back like a man's, and it made everyone laugh. Mae bowed and clapped her hands together. At the signal of Mae's clap, hundreds of faerys brought people their meals. Everyone cheered over the faerys, and they all told Mae their praises as she walked by. Finally, she made it to where her friends sat.
"Mae, this is lovely." Anna told her.
"You deserved a lovely reception." Mae replied.
"Are you going to sit?" Madeline asked.
Mae shook her head. "No, I have more planned that I have to set up. So, if you will excuse me..."
All Mae's friends nodded, and Mae was off once again.
"She is exceeding what is expected of her." Van Helsing laughed, and the rest agreed.
Mae had a group of larger faerys stand up on a platform and play flutes and beat on drums to create a whimsical melody. Mae started a small fire on both sides of the platform to give the faerys a soft lighting on both sides. Then, she helped a large red toadstool grow in front of the platform. Several of the smaller faerys flocked over to the toadstool and began to dance around it in a circle. It was a wonderful thing to watch because the faerys were like ballet dancers on thin air.
Mae used her magic to change her outfit again to an outfit similar to a belly dancer from Arabian Nights. She danced around in a fashion much like the faerys and gained laughs, claps, and cheers for her attempt. Madeline laughed her friend's playful behavior. 'She knows how to bring joy to crowds,' she thought. Mae had already told Madeline that she would be leaving for London again because she liked London. She promised she would come back to visit regularly, but Madeline was still going to miss her.
Later when the sky was very dark, Mae used her magic to create tiny stars. She took one and threw it up in the air as high as she could. The star exploded in a vibrant blue color like fireworks. The crowds cheered and clapped for the display, and Mae threw another up into the air. It exploded in shades of red. She threw another one after that, and it exploded in shades of yellow. Then, Mae began using her magic to throw two up at a time. The colors alternated every time: Red and blue, blue and yellow, yellow and red, blue and blue, red and red, and yellow and yellow. The small exploding stars were definitely a crowd pleaser, and Mae kept the display going.
Madeline looked up at the colorful explosions then glanced over to Carl, who was interested in the scientific reasons for the explosions as much as their entertainment. She smiled at him, and he saw her smile. Carl smiled back at her and took her hand. Then he looked back up at the exploding stars. Madeline looked down at Benjamin, who she was holding in her lap with her right arm. He was staring up at the stars, captivated by their bright colors, and he reached up in the air like he could touch them. Madeline let her smile grow. 'All my life I've been living for times like these,' she thought. Madeline looked back up at the sky and watched Mae's beautiful exploding stars display.

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