Gryffindors feared potions lessons more than Muggles would fear double maths. The exact science and complex method were hard enough but the potions master is what made it unbearable. Professor Snape was head of Slytherin house and partial to a little bit of favouritism, resulting in the lessons being pure hell for those not in his house. Harry Potter got more stick than most, not only was there house rivalry in his case but also personal discrepancies, Severus Snape hated Harry's father with a passion and now James was no longer in the picture after dying in 1981 Harry had inherited his legacy.

The potions dungeon was colder than usual, being in the north of the UK and also being underground was not a good combination at the best of times and adding the gale force winds outside into consideration most people would be distinctly peeved. Harry's potion was going wrong and he knew it, while Hermione next to him had a smooth white liquid Harry's potion was deep brown and giving off a stench of pear drops. "Potter! Didn't you look at the board? Doesn't it distinctly detail each step? Only someone of your arrogance could go wrong. Did you decide to experiment?" Harry didn't even look up, once the insults would have bothered him, now he realised they passed quicker if you did not retaliate. "I am sure you will have no qualms in showing the effect of your potion" Snape dipped a small vial into the potion and took out some of the liquid, eventually passing it to his pupil "Drink up Potter".

Under normal circumstances Harry wouldn't have touched the stuff, but this was Snape and he was not going to lose face in front of that greasy slimeball. He downed the potion in one, it wasn't particularly pleasant but the polyjuice he tried in second year was much worse, this didn't make him want to instantly vomit although the feeling of swallowing cotton wool that accompanied it was sufficiently uncomfortable. Much to Harry's relief nothing happened, OK it wasn't the desired result of causing invisibility but at least he wasn't any worse off for it. "30 points from Gryffindor for your failure Potter, class dismissed".

Everyone left the lab in a hurry, none more so than Harry and his best friends Ron and Hermione. "The sadistic geht, that was damn dangerous. It could have done anything." Ron was fuming on Harry's behalf. "He probably knew it would do nothing, we know Snape, he's just a bitter and twisted individual." Hermione reasoned. Typical, Harry thought. Ron hated Snape almost as much as Harry did where as Hermione had a deep dislike but her academic disposition made it difficult for her to criticise any teacher. "Come on Hermione, surely you can remember his first lesson about the whole 'the accurate science of potions', who knows what he could have done."

The group were only 100 yards from the portrait of the fat lady that marked the entrance to their house common room when Harry felt odd. "Wait up guys" Harry whispered, struggling to get anything out of his mouth, he fell to his knees his vision blurring. "That bastard Snape, knew something like this would happen". Ron sounded outraged but Harry brushed off his concerns "It won't be that, just feel a little faint and sickly...I'll be OK when I get some sugar in me." He climbed to his feet and semi-comatose made his way through the portrait and to his dorm. And as soon as he got there he collapsed onto his bed.