A/N: This struck me as I was walking around my neighborhood (barefoot) and discovered that the road was a tad bit hotter than I had anticipated. I'm sure it's been done before, but eh, what can you do?

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Note: I skipped a few parts. So sue me. It's too long as it is anyway. X3

Shire Grass

Trees and flowers, deer and bear
Brambles scattered here and there
By the creek there sits a tree
That would capture you quite happily
A forest is full of lots of things
But the worst of all is rocks and twigs
Twigs to stab unwary toes
Rocks to cause toe-stubbing woes

Oh how I long again to meet
With Shire grass beneath my feet

Rivendell is a lovely place
Even leaves in the breeze blow at a slow pace
Gardens filled with earth so soft
And tickling hay in stable and loft
Wooden bridge and paths of stone
Worn from the feet of those in this home
And not a soul who now resides there
Won't walk outside with feet left bare

But I would trade it all for a treat
Of Shire grass beneath my feet

The mountains cold are no right place
For hobbits to move at such a swift pace
Hands and feet so tired and numb
All is frozen from toe to thumb
But deep within it's not much better
The ground is slippery because its wetter
And uneven rocks can surely trip
One whose feet don't usually slip

I wish, I wish instead it'd be
Sweet Shire grass beneath my feet

Even in Lórien so fair
You'll find twisted roots and rocks strewn there
Though the air is sweet and the soft leaves gold
Your steps must never be too bold
But its slight relief from the overall march
Where rest is scant and the skin is parched
And troublesome nooks and crannies do
Enjoy causing more grievance for you

Elven magic is certainly neat
But I'd rather Shire grass beneath my feet

Emyn Muil I can not say
Is my favorite place to stay
In fact I'm sure I'd rather try
To spread my arms and the rest of the way fly
But not much is worse than crumbling stairs
And no way of knowing what's up there
And a slimy path so dark and cold
By now your feet feel very old

Oh if I could feel even if not see
Soft Shire grass beneath my feet

Now the ground is bare and hot
And yet so cold perhaps its not
And rocky too, hard and mismatched
Turmoil and despair here is hatched
And to be alone, if not for long
Is too sorrowful for any song
But we are alone, we seem so lost
It could all end with one small toss...

Do you remember? Can you feel or see?
Green Shire grass beneath your feet

Years and years have passed since then
Since I've traveled 'round the river bend
Over mountain, hill, and dale
Through light and shadow, breeze and gale
Rocks and twigs and smoothed out stone
Floors of great halls housing thrones
Deadly bogs, moss and muck
Barrows, roots that get ankles stuck

Now at last to be back home
With final evil overthrown
All the simple sights I love to see
The cozy places I so longed to be
Such love, such friendship, such lasting care
Makes an old hobbit happy he used his wares

For nothing is as soft and sweet
As Shire grass beneath your feet