"The Tale-Tell Eye".

A Jigoku Sensei Nuubee fic by Miyuki/Mina-chan.

Spoilers for episode 31 of the anime series ("The terror of the eyes you can't talk about! The sins of the genius violinist").


She has a facade of kindness and silence as she comes and goes in the circle of Life. Always serious, with her violin in her magical hands. Everyone admires the 12-year-old from afar, calling her Miss Genious Violinist and remarking on how perfect she is.

But they can't see that she tearlessly cries.

Ai Shinozaki is a lonely girl, unable to connect with others if not through music. As she plays her violin, she expresses her feelings thought the beautiful sound, silently hoping someone can read through her musical cry of help.

And only one person has been able to do so.

Little Makoto Kurita came to her while she was practising alone in the music room. Originally he came searching for his flut, which he forgot in one of the desks; but as he heard her play, he couldn't help but saying that she had magical fingers and hands. He was embarrassed of saying it, though, thinking she's call him little kid or something – but she was amazed upon someone treating her without any reservations, and she said it was okay. She was kind enough to tell him that his haircut looked good on him, and he was pleased enough to call her "his friend".

No one had ever done something like that before.

That's the reason why she felt terrible at home. Like other times, to remind herself that she wasn't perfect, in her way from school Ai had stolen some candies from the nearby store, hiding them in her pockets. But onlike other times, seeing the stuff she stole didn't cause her any relief.

She could almost hear her words to Makoto again. Playing and re-playing in her mind. Ai had finally a schoolfriend, and and that was the reason why she didn't want to steal anything again.

And that's why the eye appeared in her left hand. It was a swollen, trear.filled eye that accused her as the thief she was.

The fingers he called magic, were then feverishly searching fo a pencil. The eye, it tells her that she's wrong. The sight of it remind her that she's no good.

It has to go, it has to go...

And now, the next day, Ai is playing her violin as always – but her hand is covered in bandages. As she practices her music, apparently in peace, she hopes that the bandage will conceal her dark secret.

No, she's not evil. She wants to believe it.

And deep inside, she also hopes that her very only friend won't ever walk out on her.