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Gabriel Van Helsing with drew his Tojo blades and stepped back, the snake statue monster guarding the hourglass crumbled into rocks and then with a soft poof was nothing more then a pile of dust. A sword stuck out of the pile, Anna Valerious smiled triumphantly and plucked her sword out. A very pale friar scurried out from behind a pillar and over to the hourglass, muttering about not being a field man.

"Why would the Order want us to destroy an hourglass?" Anna said, stepping over the dust to Van Helsing and Carl.

"It can turn back time, evil might use it to reek havoc on people of the past." Carl replied, closely studying it.

Van Helsing made a grab for it but Carl moved it out of reach.

"I want to study it first, Helsing, you can have it later." Carl said.

Van Helsing shrugged and walked over to Anna and held her close. She stared straight ahead.

"Anna?" Van Helsing waved his hand in front of her face. "Anna? Are you ok?" He said, concern filling his voice.

She whispered something. "Dracula."

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"Dracula is here GET DOWN!" She yelled and pushed a very confused Van Helsing down just as a huge bat dove on them.

The bat took the form of Count Vladislaus Dracula; "I must remember to thank you for doing all the work." He said evilly.

Carl stood absolutely terrified, as Dracula was only feet from him. He gulped and looked at the hourglass a loud click filled the air, it began to shake. Dracula's eyes blazed and he dove for him, a bright green light exploded from the darkened hourglass. Everything around it was engulfed in the blinding green light, then darkness.

Chapter 1- Night Tag

A pair of black boots crept silently over the hard ground. The boots belonged to a girl, Kate Hartford to be precise. Kate was a lively, courageous and sometimes a little crazy 14-year-old. She was dressed in a black t-shirt with a thin dark red shirt under that, which ended just below the elbows, over that was a black coat which ended a little ways above the ankle, almost shin length. Kate had on a pair of black jeans. Her hands where covered by black and red no finger gloves, a ring, peculiar in its design rested on her middle finger, this ring had a full moon making up its base, a dragon with ruby eyes and wings spread full seemed to hover in front of the moon. Moving from her hands to her face, her eyes, which would have ordinarily been a soft blue where, covered up with contacts that had a mix of several colors that contrasted one another to form the appearance that they could glow. Her dirty blonde hair was tied back in a ponytail and the tips of the hair were dyed a blood red, several strands of loose hair hung in front of her face; the top of Kate's head was covered in a well used cowboy-ish style hat. This hat was dark and the edges where slightly worn, from years of constant wear. The brow of the hat was pulled low, but not quite low enough for her eyes to be covered up but catch and glow in the faint light of the near full moon.
Kate crept as slowly and as quietly as she possibly could over the ground and out of her hiding place in the bushes of the local park. Her senses alert for even the tiniest movement or sound. Slowly she moved, trying to stifle the sound of her boots on the asphalt walk. The moon shown down softly, making all in its light appear to have a slivery tint. Kate's purpose on this peaceful and warm summer night was simple; catch her friends, an innocent game of tag. Suddenly to her right she caught sight of a fleeting movement. Smiling to her self she broke into a run, the sound of her boots echoed around the empty park, who ever it was also broke into a run, although it was not as fleet as her own and she soon caught up with the figure and pounced it.

"YAAAH! OFFA! Ow...Kate did you have to pounce me?" The figure said.

Kate smirked at the figure "Yep. How else was I supposed to tag you James?" She replied rolling to her feet.

"Mmmmk" James said shaking his head and resting on his knees.
James Argery was 3 months older then Kate but was smaller in height. He has a pale complexion and was constantly trying to get even the ghost of a tan to appear, which never happened. He had on a black button up shirt, which hung open, and a dark blue shirt with a wolf howling on the front could be seen where the over shirt did not reach. Spiked bracelets and a balled chain wrapped around part of his arm, several necklaces added to his outfit. One necklace was of a Native American arrowhead, another was full of spikes and the last one was a blue crystal of some kind that was on a metallic chain. He wore black boots with a deep red, almost black, tongue. A watch hung from the pocket of his pants. A one-strap shoulder backpack was just barely brushing the ground. He and Kate were cousins and lived only blocks from each other it had been that way since they both where 5 and neither would have it any other way.
"Where are Libby and the others?" Kate whispered, so quietly as if fearing to break the night's perfect stillness and silence.

"An' why on earth should I tell you, who just bull tackled me to the ground?" James retorted.

Kate sighed and rolled her eyes "You're my servant ya have too." Now facing James.

"What! I don't member anyone saying that we where playing that version tonight." He said rather loudly.

Kate raised both her eyebrows and turned one corner of her mouth up and the other down and moved her now semi glowing eyes to the side and down.

"I have got to find you a better hobby cuz." She said shaking her head.

"What? How are my hobbies bad?" James said a bit on the defensive.

"Sorry, there not...ya just gotta pay attention that's all. Now where are the others." Kate replied, she knew how much her cousin's hobbies meant to him, sometimes they meant a bit too much.

James sighed "Oh alright...Libby's by the lake, Kevin is latched onto the tube thinggy in the jungle-jim and I have no clue where Alice is." He replied tactfully.

I have to give locations...no one said they had to be correct. James thought.

"Cool come on." Kate said pulling him along at a run towards the jungle-jim.
Over leaves and fallen branches, through the darkened wooded area's of the park and stalking silently a crossed the asphalt and over the rocks. Careful not to make a sound the duo treks to the other side of the park, to the jungle-jim and Kevin.

"Whoa! Not. So. Fast!" James said ducking branches and diving over rocks to keep up with his cousin.

Kate skidded to a sudden halt, sending the still speeding James into her and both of them to the ground.

"Jimmy! Ouch how fast where you goin? Like a hundred miles an hour?" Kate mumbled from the ground, reaching for her hat she crouched and looked at James.

"Not...urk...too sure." He replied from the ground, rolling over to look up at her.

Kate rested her pointer and middle fingers along with her thumb in a claw like position on the ground while her other hand lay flat. She watched intently as a shadow dropped off of the jungle-jim and snaked in between the bars.

There goes Kevin and the element of surprise. Kate thought.

Carefully she propped her feet up on a rock and a tree, she had to be on her toes, Kevin was always just a bit faster. Pausing only briefly to put her hat back on Kate then blasted out of the bushes, kicking loose dirt up along anything else as she barreled toward the scrambling figure. The wind that was just a breeze had now picked up and was pushing against her back, every so often her hands and the earth would make contact and Kate would push herself forward a bit. At the last moment the dark figure jumped and grabbed hold of the upper bars, sending her whizzing past. Kate slid and rolled coming to a stop several feet later, a path had been left in the loose chips around the jungle-jim. There she lay, stunned from the fall and slide. There she lay, unmoving, that is until she heard the sound of metal chinking together and the thud of sneakers upon the soft chips. Kate whipped up and grabbed hold of Kevin's leg.

"Gottcha Kev!" She shouted happily.

"OH! Damn, Kate Ah thought I could sneak away." Kevin said in his southern accent.
Kevin Rothhard was a 15-year-old maniac. He had tendencies to try to imitate stunts from movie's he liked and his latest project was trying to be like Dracula and walk the walls and ceilings of his home. He was dressed in a black and green Cradle of Filth shirt and black pants, his semi long black hair was tied back but several bits of hair where much to short to be tied and hung freely, the tips where dark red and green. He had in scalar red eye special effect contacts, his skin was tan and he was muscular. He had on a pair of black hiking sneakers with deep blue laces. He, too, had a ring on, only his was finger armor, this shielded the entire finger but allowed for the joints to still be flexible. He reached down and pulled Kate up onto her feet and at that moment James came bolting out of the bushes and threw something to Kate, who caught it. After James came an extremely P.O. ed Libby.

"JIMMY! Give me back my charm!" She screamed and skidded to a halt. "Give it here or-...OH SCREW!" Before she could finish her sentence Kate and company had rushed her, she did an about face and took off into the darkness.

Kate and Kevin had quickly pulled ahead, not long after the chase had begun. Kevin tagged Libby and Kate tossed her back her charm bracelet, she put it back on.

"Jimmy that was a pretty good trick...BUT NEXT TIME DON'T TAKE MY CHARM!" She yelled as James recoiled and leapt behind a tree, fearful of Libby's wraith.

"Jim how'd you get ta the lake an back s' fast?" A confused Kate asked.

"I didn't, just found her lurking in the bush." James replied confidently from behind the tree.

Libby was slightly taller then Kate and had on a black skull and cross bone tank top with a black and blue moon jacket over that. Her complexion was that of one who had spent her child hood summers at a beach. Her tank showed her belly and she had on deep blue jeans with brown and black leather belt that had starts engraved in it. A dog tag necklace with her name and a short quote engraved into it hung from her neck. The quote read "Don't be silly he's imaginary. Oh that's nice, piss off the Vampire." Then on the other tag on one side it showed a P.O. ed vampire and on the other side it showed a girl with very big anime style eyes and her sweat dropping. Libby had on a pair of red and white sneakers that were covered with not too tight not too baggy blue jeans. Around her neck was a pair of headphones that lead down to another shoulder pack only this one had flames on the pack and a neon strap that glowed in a black light. Her ears where pierced, several studs sparkled in the light of the lamps. On her wrist was a digital watch. And her charm bracelet, which had a picture of her as a child and her grandmother, also several Van Helsing charms, she had made her self during the school year. One was of Dracula and the others where of the 3 wolf men and one of Frankenstein.
"Off to the lake then?" Kate said readjusting her hat, which had flown off during the short chase and spiked James in the face.

"What for?" Libby quarried.

"Alice." Kate replied.

Libby shrugged. But before the group could even move out, a loud scream and cracking noise filled the air, followed by an equally loud crashing from one of the trees above them. James dived behind a tree once more.

"Duck an' cover!" He yelped as the rest of the group dived every which way.

Another shrill scream filled the air as a heap of branches and leaves came crashing down out of the trees and into the ground. Libby poked her head up from a bush and Kate and Kevin looked up from their position on the ground. The bunch of branches quivered and then began to mumble! Libby shrunk back into the bushes but kept her head just above the leaves, while Kate got up.

"Wait a tic piles of branches don't quiver or mumble...less there's some one under it." She said, at that moment a hand broke through the tangle of branches and a body pulled itself up.

"Alice! Are you ok!" Kevin shouted, scrambling over to her.

"I'm fine, didn't scare ya did I?" She said, her voice had a slight Brooklyn accent to it.

"No of course not Alice you didn't scare us you terrified us!" James said jokingly as he

emerged from behind the tree.

Kevin picked a branch from Alice's hair and scanned the ground for something.

"Where's your Dracula?" She always had a book in her hands, this time it was Bram Stoker's Dracula. Another much quieter snap sounded off and Alice held out her hands and a hard cover book dropped into them.

"Right here." She replied, stuffing it into her pack.

Alice Harper was the youngest of the group, being 13. She had red hair that was

long and streaked with blond. She was dressed in a deep forest green shirt with a black vest over that, her green eyes looked like they could see through any lie. A spiked choker was around her neck and her skin was a honey tan. She had on jeans and sneakers, both of which where black. Slung over one shoulder was a deep crimson backpack with patches of different bands safety pinned everywhere. Also around her neck was a set of metallic blue headphones that lead into her pack. A small series of patches on the strap that was around her shoulder-depicted characters from Van Helsing; The Wolf man, Hyde, Frankenstein, Van Helsing, Anna Valerious, Carl and in the very middle of the patches are Dracula and his 3 brides. Alice had a pair of sunglasses strapped to the side of her belt. She also never was seen with out some kind of book about Vampires, Werewolves or anything else creature related.

Alice brushed herself off and checked her CD player and sunglasses, nothing was broken.

"How'd ya fall?" Kevin asked.

"I got a close up view of a mammoth moth!" She replied shuddering.

She hated moths with everything she had.

"Gross." Kate said.

They where all silent for a bit then Alice's eyes grew wide.

"You never tagged me!" And with that she took off into the darkness with amazing speed for someone who just fell out of a tree.

"Wha? Where still playin!" Libby said bewildered.

Kate shook her head and bounded off after her, followed by the rest. Branches whipped at all of them, most everyone slowed down but Kate seemed not to notice or care as she was totally focused on her target, she was the hunter and Alice was the hunted. Diving out of the bush she brought her hand out in front of her and it made contact with Alice's back. Upon landing Kate whipped around and did the anime victory sign then danced in place. The rest emerged to find Kate doing a victory dance and Alice doubled over with laughter. Kate was doing the snorkel, the wave, mashing with air and playing the air guitar while hopping around on one foot. All in all it was a very odd sight to behold. James skidded to a halt and gawked with the rest until Kate stopped and also began to laugh, soon everyone was laughing and gasping for breath, Alice was on the ground, tears in her eyes.
This was broken by an earth-shattering boom followed by an extremely strong blast of wind that grasped Kate's hat and held it just out of her reach before setting it on a branch up in a tree. The wind soon died down to a mere breeze.

"What the heck was that!" James asked looking around.

"Don' know, Jim. But it sounded like that boom came from over near the lake." Kevin replied.

"Lets go check it out guys." Alice said starting off into the darkness.

"Ya comin cuz?" James said.

"Go on ahead I'll catch up, once I get my hat." Kate said, jumping madly for a branch.

James shrugged and moved off with the rest. Kate jumped again and again, each time being a near miss for the branch.

"Need a boost?" Kevin said approaching her.

"Would be nice, thanks." Kate replied.

Kevin cupped his hands and she stepped up on them and was lifted up to the branch.

"Your welcome, sure you don't need any help?" Kevin said.

"I got it Kev, I'll catch up." Kate said from up in the tree.
A short ways a way Kevin, James, Alice and Libby stood.

"Took you long enough Kev, where's Kate?" Libby said peering past Kevin into the brush.

"She's comin', gotta get her hat first." He said leaning up against a light post.

Libby blinked.

"She loves that hat waaay to much." She said frowning.

"Like your not obsessed with that bracelet Lib." James snickered.

Libby jerked her head toward James and glared.

"My granma gave me it to me before she died. Its not like I have any other pictures left thanks to that freak." Libby said forcefully.

James looked instantly regretful and apologized before shutting up. Libby's grandmother had died when she was 5, she had given Libby that bracelet only 3 months before. Last year an arsonist had set fire to her old home, fortunately no one was hurt but most unfortunately everything was burnt beyond restoration, the only picture that survived the blaze was the one on Libby's charm. Alice put an arm around her friend and James wondered off to the left.

Smooth move genius make her sad. James mentally scolded himself.

He suddenly stopped short, a person was lying in the grass. No there wasn't grass there any more, it was a charred ring.

"WHAT THE HECK! GUYS COME HERE!" James shouted, wide eyed.

"Almost got it..." Kate said stretching for her hat.

She leaned over a gap and grasped it with fingertips and lurched forward.

"GAH!" Kate yelped and clung to the branch. "What am I gonna do now...I'm stuck." She thought.

Suddenly her feet slipped from the branch and Kate fell. She screamed and landed on her butt.
"Is he..." Alice trailed off.

"I don't think so...knocked out perhaps?" James said, peering at the figure.

"OH. MY. GOD!" Libby squealed. "Do you realize who that is?" She said excitedly.

"No who?" Kevin said.

Libby rushed forward. "That's Dracula!" She exclaimed about to rush to get a better look.

"Whoa there! That's not Dracula..." Kevin said.

"Yes it is look." Libby said thrusting the charm of Dracula and his brides under his nose.

Alice stepped closer and peered down at Dracula. "He's even cuter up close" She giggled. At that moment his eyes shot open.
Ow...this park needs new trees. Kate thought, lifting herself up and putting her hat back on. She took off running toward the lake and her friends.

"Don't do anything cool without me guys." She muttered.
Dracula held Alice by the wrist.

"Who are you." He demanded.

Alice whimpered. "Don't kill me!"

"Tell me who you are and perhaps I wont!" He demanded, more forcefully this time.

Alice tried to pull her hand free but finally motioned for him to come closer. He bent his head down and she whispered something in his ear, a confused look came over his face.

"Huggame? That is an odd name for a girl, Huggame." Dracula said a loud.

Alice grinned widely and wrapped her arms around him in a large and very tight hug. She squeezed the air out of him.

"What are you doing?" He choked out.

"You said hug me, so I hugged you." Alice giggled.


"EEP! It was just a joke! Please don't kill me your greatness!" She squeaked out.

"Tell me your name child." He whispered dangerously, eyes boring into Alice's.

"It's Alice Harper...please don't kill me."

At that moment Kate's voice rang out. "I got my hat guys!"

Dracula looked up to see a dark figure rushing up to the group and skidding past them to stop a few feet from him.

"Whoa..." Kate muttered looking to Alice and Dracula. "What the hell is going on? Let Alice go!" She said glaring at Dracula.

He dropped her, who didn't move from the spot where she hit the ground.

"Who do we have here?" He said darkly, eyes roving over Kate's cloaked figure.

"I could ask the same thing. You alright Alice?" Kate said looking to her friend.

"Kate! That's Dracula!" Alice shouted.

"Huh? Alice that cant be him!" She said bewildered.

"It can and is." He replied stepping forward to Kate.

"And I'm Van Helsing's daughter." At that moment Dracula's hand shot out and gripped her neck.

"Really how...interesting." Dracula said, bringing his face close to hers.

"A little help would be nice guys!" She said.

"Move and miss Van Helsing will...no longer be." He replied flatly.
"That was an expression buddy!" Kate said and brought her foot down on- earth! "No one can move that fast..." She whispered.

"I can." He replied.

I'm in deep water…

"So um Count...how do you like Orlando..." Kate said, Dracula released his grip on her.

At that very moment several arrows flew into the Count's body. He calmly looked down at the arrows and pulled them out one by one.

"Hello Gabriel."

A figure, outlined in the moonlight, stood on the rocks by the lake. A few more arrows sped Dracula's way, he avoided these.

Kevin found his voice; "Are you crazy!" he scrambled up in protest. "You cant go shootin' off a cross bow in the middle of a city park! Someone could get hurt!" He yelled.

"What's a park?" Dracula and the figure said in unison, they stared knives at each other.

"Kev! Do you want to get yourself killed!" Libby shouted.

"Don't tell me that ya really believe that this numb knuckle is Dracula. He's just some nut case." Kevin replied flatly.

"I would love to stay and finish this but I must bid you all farewell." With that Dracula transformed and flew off into the night, taking care to hit Kevin in the face with his wings.
The figure, taken by surprise, took aim with his crossbow and fired several times. Who ever it was jumped down from the rocks, followed by two others.

"What where you kids thinking? You could have been killed!" Said a women dressed in a black corset and a puffy white shirt, a sword was hanging from her waist. Her hair appeared to be chocolate brown and she had a thick Transylvanian accent.

"We could ask you the same thing...who are you anyways?" Kate said suspiciously.

Alice sighed "Its obvious who they are Kate!"

"Id rather hear it from them." Kate said, still peering at the trio.

The figure, who we could see clearly now, except for the eyes due to the fact that his hat was low, spoke.

"I'm Van Helsing, that is Anna and that is" he was cut off by Libby's shriek.

"I was right! Ohmygoditsreallyyouohmygod EEEE!" She ran up to Van Helsing and hugged him.

Alice looked stunned.

"Are you really him?" she asked.

Van Helsing looked down at the teenaged girl squeezing his breath out like an anaconda. All he could do to answer Alice's question was to shake his head. Another shriek and she, too, had latched herself onto him. Kevin and Kate looked at one another then to Van Helsing then to Anna then back to Van Helsing, who seemed to be turning blue. The 3 of them bolted over to pry off the crazed fan girls. Kate yanked hard on Alice's pack, pulling her to the ground. Van Helsing was soon freed from the vice like grip of Alice and Libby.

"If you guys are really who you say you are this will be the coolest thing ever." Kate said motioning for Van Helsing and Anna to step into the light.

"Alice can I barrow your backpack for a sec?" She said, picking up the pack. "Come on you two I'm not a minion of the devil." She sighed motioning once more for Anna and Van Helsing to come into the light.

"What is on my pack?" Alice said, confused.

"Those patches. I can't see your face buddy could ya take off your hat?" Said Kate. She closely compared the two against the patches. A few minuets pasted in silence. "Well I have only one thing to say...need a place to stay?"