Chapter 22- Going Home.

Valerious manor-

Anna and Libby sat on opposite sides of the room, both watching and waiting for Gabriel Van Helsing to awaken. He had a pulse. At that moment Carl walked in and Libby jumped out of her seat so fast that it tipped over.

"Is Kate ok?!!" Libby said worry racking her voice.

"She'll live." Carl replied.

Libby picked her chair back up and sunk into it.

"Thank god." She murmured.

"Van Helsing hasn't awakened yet, I suppose?" Carl said.

"No...." Anna said from her side of the room, her voice sounded very horse.

"Anna I...." Libby began but suddenly trailed off and got up and turned. "Tell me when Van Helsing wakes up.... I'm going to the armory...I need to think." With that she swept out of the room.

Kevin, Alice and James waited in Kate's room. Carl had just left.

Kevin's P.O.V-

Well Dracula is dead...Van Helsing might pull through...why did this happen? I mean Kate is...Van Helsing might be...I'm just so confused. Kate is lyin in there...she was willin to give up her soul, her very being just to kill that rat Kyle...but then if Van Helsing's body didn't pull a light trick...she'd be under Dracula's will...who knows what kinda evil demented stuff he'd put you through Kate. God...why did you let Kate's soul be compatible with that thing? Look what its done to her! Could you really let this happen to one of your children?! Or is what they say really true? That this place is hell on earth. Because if it is...why am I talkin to someone whose not listenin?

I twitched a small bit.

I don't know what to think...Kate.

Anna's P.O.V-

Oh god Gabriel! You scared me there for a didn't move...but then Kevin found your joyous I was to have you back. How I wish you would wake so that I may tell you.

A loud groan interrupted my thoughts, I looked up and gasped, Gabriel had finally awakened! I ran to his side.

"Oh Gabriel! I thought I had lost you!" I said, my voice over flowing with happiness.

He smiled weakly and held my face in his hand.

"I'll never leave you, Anna."

Kate suddenly began to violently thrash about and she soon got tangled in her sheets and sat bolt up right and yelled out something in a language before falling back down into her pillows.

"Oh god, get Carl!" Kevin yelped, Alice was gone in a flash and James followed as closely as he could.

Only moments after the two left Kate's eyes fluttered open.

"Hey Kev." She said. Kevin just stared at her. "Do I have something on my face?"

"But...but only a moment ago you where looking like you had a bad nightmare." Kevin said.

"What do you mean?"

"You where all thrashy, look at your sheets."

Kate looked down and blinked.

"What the hell..."

"You yelled something in some language..."

"Where's Carl?"

"Your awake!!" Alice screamed and rushed to hug the girl. Carl came around the corner, arms full of medical supplies.

"What seems to be the problem?" the friar said. "Wonderful you up Kate!"

"Errr yeah. Well I seemed to have shouted out some language and thrashed about like I was insane." Kate said now trying to untangle herself from the mess of sheets.

"Really?" Carl suddenly pulled out a book and James got a sudden look on his face of confusion but shook it off. "What did you say?"

"Err something along the lines of 'Audio per expulsum vos ex is insons insontis somes!' I think that's what she said." Kevin replied, his face scrunched up from recalling the difficult language.

"That would be Latin for I hear by expel you from this innocent's body. It seems that you, Kate, have preformed an exorcism upon yourself."

Libby's P.O.V-

I stood in front of the gateway to Castle Dracula, my hand rested upon the cold iciness of the mirror, I had opened it...just to have one last look but I could never get the courage to go back through. I don't think I ever will, after what went on in there. I sighed and left that Armory.

Maybe Helsing or Kate is up?

Since Van Helsing's room was closest I decided to go there first. I rounded the corner and knocked silently on the door.

"Come in." Said a rough male voice.

I cautiously stepped in and my eyes lit up with happiness to see Van Helsing, however, they quickly lost their sheen upon seeing the red mark on his face.

"I'm sooooo sorry for hitting you with that whip!! I only meant to get Kyle's sword away from him! I never meant for you get stabbed, not ever!" I said this all very fast before dropping to my knees, I winced when I hit the stone. "Please! Anna Valerious, Princess of Gypsies and Gabriel Van Helsing, Left hand of God, please find it in your hearts to forgive me! Forgive me for the wrong I have done you!"

Van Helsing just stared at me.

"You are forgiven." Anna said.

"Yes, but if you ever plan to do anything like that on your aim." Van Helsing said smiling a small bit.

My face lit up in the knowledge that they had forgiven me, I rushed over and gave Helsing a big hug.


Kate, James, Libby, Alice and Kevin stood in the courtyard of the Valerious manor. Van Helsing held the hourglass and stood in front of the group.

"Kate, you seem to be the most responsible of the group so I am going to give the hourglass to you." Van Helsing said.

"Wha?" Kate said, obviously confused.

"It will be safer in your time." Van Helsing answered.

"Snap!" James yelled out.

"Can we come visit?" Libby said.

"Anytime." Anna replied.

Kate took the hourglass and looked at one of the sapphire eyes then looked at her friends and then to Van Helsing and the others. She looked back to her friends and they nodded their heads. She smiled at her new found friends and pushed in the eye.

In a flash of light they where gone and their goodbyes echoed away on the wind.

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