The year is 2050, I am with my children, they want a story. Which one do I give them? The one where Chris comes back to the future. Enjoy

"Tell me the story" Madison said.

"Yeah!" Her twin sister, Angel said.

"Huh, okay" I said.

Hi, I'm...Well, I'll tell you later. These two girls are my children, twins must be handful right? Right, but they are the limelight of my life; you see I was born in a big family.

"A exciting one" Angel said, no her real name is not Angel, it's Angela.

"Ok, how about I take you back 24 years ago?" I asked them.

"24? that's old" Madison said.

"Maybe, but that when the story takes place" I said to them, "This story is about Chris Halliwell"

"Oh Chris! Yay!" Angel said.

"Well it all started when...."