Jacob (Jake) Thompson- Tom Thompson and Phoebe Halliwell- 17 years old (senior)- Jake is a senior in magic highschool, he is a smart ass and actually gets along with hid younger twin sister- Levitation, fireballs, telepathy and orbing

Rachelle (Rachel; Rachie) Thompson- Tom Thompson and Phoebe Halliwell- 17 (senior) years old- Rachel is the original spoiled girl, she has good intentions. Hard to make a reality. - Levitation, fireballs, telepathy, telekinesis, orbing

Michael (Mike) Thompson- Tom Thompson and Phoebe Halliwell- 15 years old (sophomore)- Mike is the best guy friend steryiotype, he has a crush on Zoë Mason, Penny's best friend. - Empathy, orbing

Penelope (Penny) Montana- Richard Montana and Paige Mathews- 14 years old (freshman)-. Penny, good natured, but likes to have fun, she is advice columnist for her school newspaper - Premonitions and orbing.

Emily (Emma, Em) Wyatt- Leo Wyatt and Piper Halliwell- 13 years old (8th grade)- Emma is the secretly nice girl, hides emotions, she is popular, but also very smart too.- Freezing, blowing up, stealing powers, transferring powers and orbing

Carter Montana- Richard Montana and Paige Mathews- 10 years old (5th grade)- Carter is the shy one, a fumbled one at that - Orbing and freezing.

Nicole (Nicky) Montana- Richard Montana and Paige Mathews- 6 years old (1st grade)- Nicky is in the first grade and that's a big deal, she is the good girl. Good at heart and pure of mind- Telekinesis, see ghosts, orbing.

Kathleen (Katie, Kathy) Thompson- Tom Thompson and Phoebe Halliwell- 3 ½ year old- While Nicky is the nice one, Katie is the fun one. She looks up to Chris- Empathy, Premonitions and orbing

Matthew (Matt) Wyatt- Wyatt Halliwell and Alana Cross- 2 1/2 year old- Matt is Wyatt's son, he's sweet and is likely to repeat things- Premonition, Orbing, Telekinesis, Telepathy and Time Travel


"14? Damn it!" Alt Emma said.

"I don't get it, why didn't it work?" Emma asked.

"His spirits did join in two, his past and his present, super!" Alt Emma said.

"Bianca is not going to like this" Emma said.

"Oh no, Bianca won't know because we have to fix this, now. Or your Chris will be a target for Wyatt and demons alike" Alt Emma said.

"Emma?" Chris asked, "What happened?" he asked like he was fighting within himself. "Who is Emma? He asked a second later fighting for control of what was rightfully his body.

"See, he's fighting himself for control" Alt Emma explained.

"Stop it!" Emma snapped, looking at Chris who was fidgeting uncontrollably.

Chris stopped and was about to say something, before Emma cut him off, "One at a time, past boy goes first"

"Who are you?" he asked.

"Emma, Emma Halliwell" Emma said. He gave her a look. "You're 8 years in the future, we were trying to bind two spirits together and you accidentally are one of them"

"You're next future boy, what do you want to say?" Alt Emma said,

"Great spell" he said dripping with sarcasm.

"Want me to blow up your sorry ass?" Alt Emma asked pissed off.

He sighed, "So fix it," he said.

"He's so weak and puny, I might want to keep him like this" Emma said finally speaking up.

"Don't you dare!" 14- year old Chris said.

"That won't help" Alt Emma said. "So which one of you has an idea?"

"I do" the younger part of Chris said, "How bout a separation spell?"

"Right, I like Chris at 14, he had brains" Alt Emma said summoning the book.

"I didn't, Chris at 14 had 3 girlfriends a week" Emma said.

"Damn, now that's screwed, reminds me of..." Alt Emma said.

"Damien!" the said at the same time grinning.

"Here it is" Emma said, "Two spirits bound by fate, need to now separate"

Chris started to disappear, "Bye Chris" they said and waved as he reappeared. Fully grown.

"Rough day" Alt Emma said, "I'm going to see what Wyatt's doing and try to stop him, hopefully Alana isn't dead yet" she said.

Chris winced feeling extremely guilty for ditching Emma, especially after his promise.


"Chris promise you'll come back and get me when you save the future" Emma said with a lot of confidence in Chris.

"How do you know, I'll even succeed?" Chris asked a little hopeless.

"Cause, you're a smart guy, you'll figure it out, I've got Bianca if I need help. But I probably won't" Emma said.

"Thanks, Emma, I promise I'll save the future for both of us" Chris said.

"I love you, Chris," she said giving him a goodbye hug.

"I love you too," he said as he orbed out with Bianca.

End flashback.

"Bye, Emma" Emma said and alternate Emma disappeared.

"How'd you meet her?" Chris asked her.

"I wanted to summon great-grandma and she was trying to summon mom and we both got each other instead, I was stuck in her world for a week, it's horrible, Wyatt's one piece of work, you know?"

"You met Wyatt?" Chris asked a little freaked out.

"Yeah, lucky me" she said dryly, "I also got to witness Jake's death, that was fun"


"Why, if it isn't Jacob and Rachel, what can I do for you" Wyatt asked smirking.

"You, son of a bitch, you killed Katie!" Jake said outraged, Emma hid behind a pillar. Jake brought a fireball to Wyatt's face.

"Jake be careful" Rachel warned.

Wyatt smirked and reflected the fireball and threw it back at Jake full force. "Jake! No" Rachel sobbed and leaned on her brothers dead body/

"Stay strong, Rachel" Jake said and passed away.

"You son of a bitch" Rachel said looking pissed off.

"Interesting, now I've killed your brother and sister," Wyatt said smirking.

Rachel through 11 fireballs consecutively, Wyatt reflected them back and Rachel blocked her face but didn't get hurt as a red shield came up, Jake's shield. "Thank you, Jake, I'll avenge you're death, I swear...."

Off of Chris's look, "Chris, she loves you, but she's sad, you forgot about her"

"I have to get her here, I swore" Chris said solemnly.

"You can do it" Emma said.

Fade out.


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