I Work for Mort Rainey

Chapter 1: I need a job.

A/N: This is a side job. It's supposed to be humorous, hopefully. I don't think anyone else has started anything like this. And if they already have, then I apologize to you. So far, I've found nothing like this.

10:58 AM

The man. Icky man. Eew….I don't like the guy. I think.


And I have to work for him. Eew.


I'm standing outside of my car, waiting. For something. My dad kicked me out of the house. So I need a job.


Why do I have to work for him? Why not anyone else?


Oh yeah, because he's giving the highest pay.


I'm cold. I don't want to go in. I'll just come tomorrow.


It's really cold. Yeah, tomorrow is fine.


I should get back in the car.