I Work for Mort Rainey

Chapter 5: Maybe, Maybe Not

10:30 P.M.

I'm tired and bored and tired and hungry and tired and sleepy and tired and grumpy and extremely tired. Oh wait, I already said that around… - counts number in her head – four times.

10:31 P.M.

Wait, was it four or five? – counts again – four 'tired' s and one 'extremely tired'. There, I got it right that time.

10:45 P.M.

Okay, I was thinking about the plan that I concocted a couple of hours ago. I don't know how to carry it out. Yet. – grumbles – I'm going to need advice. But I can't ask Melissa so I'll just have to go searching through my address book.

10:49 P.M.

If only I was more organized. I would've found the damned book by now. – throws clothes out of her drawer – This is a last resort. I've checked the shelves, my empty suitcases, the couch, under the bed, the bathroom, the kitchen, under tables, everywhere. Why would my address book be amongst clothes? I have no clue. – shakes head pitifully and goes back to raiding her drawer –

10:53 P.M.

It's not there. - pouts – Now how am I ever going to get help?

10:55 P.M.

I KNOW! The internet! I can go into a chat room and ask people for help. I might meet a few freaky people, but maybe I'll get lucky. Maybe, maybe not. – starts up computer – I never really realized what a nice computer Melissa has. Her dad keeps telling me how it's top of the line. Except he keeps forgetting that I'm the one that was kicked out of her own house, so how could I possibly have anything to compare with him or his family.

11:00 P.M.

goes on Yahoo chat – I'll just sign on with Melissa's ID. She trusts me so she gave me her password. Plus, I'm not doing anything wrong. – types in username: eViLaZnguRl and password –

11:03 P.M.

All right. Let's see who's on. – scans through list of people – Oh whatever. I'll just start typing and ask for help.

11:04 P.M.

eViLaZnguRl: I need help.

rockerchik5000: Hi. Wasup?

weirdodude: Wat's da prob?

eViLaZnguRl: I've applied to work at this guy's house and sort of clean up around the place.

weirdodude: uh-huh.

estherkim: hey ppl

rockerchik5000: hey esther! how r ya?

estherkim: fine

eViLaZnguRl: and my friend and I saw him earlier at the mall today.

rockerchik5000: was he hot?

eViLaZnguRl: I never thought of him as hot before…

rockerchik5000: and?

eViLaZnguRl: Yeah, I realized that I have crush on the guy.

weirdodude: is that it?

estherkim: that's a pretty lame problem

eViLaZnguRl: no you mofos!

weirdodude: kay, we're sorry! Sheesh. You women and ur problems

eViLaZnguRl: 'cept now my really good friend likes him too. And I can't decide whether to like him or not.

estherkim: if i were you, i'd go for him

rockerchik5000: same here

weirdodude: damn, you girls sure are vicious

rockerchik5000: wat's his name?

eViLaZnguRl: Mort Rainey.

rockerchik5000: Wtf! I APPLIED TO WORK FOR THE SAME GUY!

I think to myself, Oh shit…

rockerchik5000: u can't work for him bitch!

After that the girl followed with a long string of curses. I decided to exit the chat room.

So I guess that wasn't too helpful. – grumbles – Life sooo isn't being fair to me! – continuously smacks head against the desktop - Ah, I'll just take go after Mort, like they suggested, as ill-advised as it may have been.

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