Unexpected Love

Chapter 1

"We've decided to switch partners with the Koishikawas!" Yuu's parents announced brightly.

This is unexpected, thought Yuu. A slight look of shock showed on his handsome features. As his parents continued to happily explain to him how they met the Koishikawas and how they conveniently fell in love with each others' partners, Yuu was thinking his life couldn't have gotten even more complicated as it is already.

With that reminder in mind, Yuu's thoughts turned dark but none of it showed on his face. Yuu has yet to find his real father.

But, seeing the joy on his parent's face, Yuu decided to be happy for them. With a smile, he congratulated them. They thanked him for his consideration and then looked at each other, smiling broadly. They could already picture the grand beginning they were going to embark on soon.

"Oh yes, Yuu. Before I forget, we are going to have dinner with the Koishikawas and their daughter the day after tomorrow. Will you be there?"

Yuu glanced at their expectant faces. "Sure, why not," he shrugged. "I'm going out." And with that, Yuu was out walking down the street.

"Hmm...that was easier than I thought,"Yuu's mother muttered to her husband as she watched her son walk leisurely away from the house from the living room window.

Under the calm expression, Yuu was in an emotional turmoil. This doesn't change anything, Yuu thought determinedly. They can remarry or whatever but I'm still going to find out who my real father is. That matters.

Yuu continued walking aimlessly, still in his brooding thoughts. Soon, he found himself walking in the park. A distant sound drew him further into the park. Suddenly, a startling view greeted him.

There in the middle of the park, hitting a tennis ball against the wall repeatedly, was the most beautiful girl Yuu has ever seen. Surely that can't be right. Yuu has seen plenty of beautiful girls who had thrown themselves all over him in the past. This girl was just average compared to them.

But there was something about this girl as she moved through her motions that captured Yuu's attention right away. Yuu couldn't quite figure it out. He watched her silently, wondering.

A few hits later, the girl missed the ball and decided to rest a bit. She laid down her racquet and picked up her pink towel, wiping away her sweat. The sight left Yuu oddly breathless.

"Aha! It's the towel monster!"

The cry knocked Yuu out of his reverie. His eyes moved away and rested on a group of dressed up kids as they ran towards the girl with their water guns. What's going on now?

The girl paused in her ministration and turned towards the sound of the cry. "Huh?"

A spurt of water was her answer. "Ahh!!!" She was wet all over!

"Yay! We got it! Hurray!" the kids cheered over their victory.

A deep, scary laughter interrupted their celebration. Yuu puzzled over this for a while and realised suddenly that it actually came from the girl underneath the towel.

"You think you've got me, eh? Well, I won't die that easily!" the girl raised her arms threateningly with the towel and moved towards the kids.

The kids backed away fearfully and with the sudden lunge from the towel monster, they ran screaming and scampering away.

The girl gave a huge smile and laughed out loud at the retreating kids. A sudden look of mischieviousness flashed across her face and soon she was chasing after the kids after grabbing her stuff with her.

Yuu couldn't contained it any longer. He was bursting with laughter at the amusing play before him just now.

This girl was funny. He had never laughed like this before at a girl in his life. She was certainly different from all the girls he's met in the past. Those girls always noticed him first before he notices them. And then they'd put on an act to get his attention. But it's interesting to know how this girl behaved when caught unawares.

Something pink on the ground not far from where the girl was standing, caught Yuu's attention. Running towards it, Yuu bent to pick it up. It was the girls wrist band. She must have dropped it when she was in a hurry to catch up with those kids.

Yuu looked around to see where the funny yet attractive girl had gone to. Oh well, maybe I'll return it to her if I see her around sometime. Yuu looked down at the initials sewn on the wrist band. M.K. Whatever this M.K girl's real name is, Yuu certainly hope he would see her again because he had a feeling that to get to know her would be the best thing that could ever happen to him. He's not certain why, but his every instinct tells him that it could be worth it.

With a grin, Yuu clasp the wrist band in his hand and turned to go back to his home.