Unexpected Love

Chapter 20

Yuu was just heading out when he spotted Miki in front of her own locker.

"Not having any tennis practice today, Miki?" Yuu asked.

Miki paused and turned towards Yuu at the sound of his voice "Not today. They are doing some maintenance work at the tennis courts, so, today's practice has been cancelled."

A sudden thought came to Yuu at that moment. Yuu was just going to head over to his part-time job. Today the shop he's working at is having a special sale and they could really use some extra help. After all, it's always been him and his boss alone and I'm sure his boss wouldn't mind paying the extra help.

"Hey, Miki, since there's no practice today, would you like to get into a part-time job just for today? The place I'm working at is having a sale today and we could really use your help."

"Part-time job? What's the job?" Miki inquired, seemingly interested.

"The place I'm working at is called the Junk Jungle Today. It's a clothes shop. A lot of the clothes are priced at discounted rates and we're expecting a lot of customers," Yuu paused and looked at his watch. "Oh no, we're going to be late! Come on, let's just go now. You can decide on the way," with that Yuu grabbed Miki's hand and tugged her along.

"W-wait! My locker isn't locked yet!" Miki exclaimed.

Later at the shop, Miki was smiling and greeting the customers in a blue apron like a pro. "Good afternoon! May I help you find something suitable for you?"

A customer smiled at Miki's attentiveness, "Yes, I would like a shirt with checkers, please."

"Oh, we have quite a few just right over here. Right this way, if you please," Miki gestured and lead the way for the customer.

Yuu had been watching Miki from a distance and he was impressed by Miki's skills at selling. "She's a natural, isn't she, boss?" Yuu looked over to his boss who was also watching Miki work.

"She sure is…," a dreamy response came back at Yuu and he felt a little annoyed at the sound of it.

"Here you go!" Miki held up a shirt in front of the customer. Later, Miki walked over to them.

"Hey, Miki, thanks for helping out here. If I didn't know from Yuu that this is your first part-time job, I would think that you have had work experience before," Yuu's boss smiled at Miki.

"You think so?" Miki laughed, a little embarrassed and pleased at the same time.

Suddenly, a customer called out, "Yuu! What do you think of this skirt?"

All three of them turned at the sound of the voice and watched as a lady customer in a fetching skirt twirl around for Yuu to see.

Feeling a little embarrassed, Yuu just nodded his approval of the skirt while watching for Miki's reaction. He was pleased to see that Miki seemed a little bit annoyed at the display.

"Let's see…It looks good on you and it matches the jacket too," Yuu smiled charmingly at the customer.

"Really? You think so? Then I'll take it!" the customer blushed.

"Yuu! Do you have this in my size?" another lady customer called out.

"Yuu, over here!" yet another called out and another. Soon, Yuu was surrounded by women all wanting his opinion. Yuu only wanted to irk Miki a little by paying attention to the lady customer, but he didn't expect to be overwhelmed by them. Looks like his plan backfired.

"So, Miki, would you like to continue working here for me?"

When the question popped out of his boss' mouth, Yuu immediately went over to his boss, "Absolutely not!" he glared at his boss.

After being surrounded by the women just now, the thought of Miki working here and being surrounded by men…a surge of protectiveness overcame Yuu in that instant, "What if some strange guy tries to pick on Miki? No, absolutely not!" Yuu sticks out his tongue at his boss for even suggesting it.

Suddenly he heard Miki laughing behind him. Yuu turned around. "Why are you laughing?"

"Because you look like a kid with your tongue sticking out like that," Miki giggled.

Yuu smiled at the sight of Miki laughing. Yuu suddenly decided to be a little mischievous. With a little dramatic air, Yuu began to groan out loud and clutch at his chest.

"Yuu?" a worried Miki looked at Yuu.

Pleased that Miki was a little worried for him, Yuu dropped the act. "I'm kidding. Well, you did say I was childish," Yuu grinned.

Miki's face began to turn red, "Yuu! Why you…" Yuu laughed at the swift change of emotions coming from Miki. It never fails to amuse him.

At that moment, the door to the shop opened with a jangle. Miki turned automatically to greet the customer.

"Wel-c…," Miki stopped suddenly. Yuu turned to find Arimi and Ginta pausing in front of them.

"Good afternoon," they both greeted Yuu and Miki.

Miki answered with a hesitant greeting of her own.

"We're on a date and I saw the sign outside the store about the sale going on here. I knew Yuu was working here but I'm surprised to see you here too," Arimi looked pointedly at Miki while clutching at Ginta's arm like a leech.

"I'm just helping out for today," Miki answered. Yuu could see that she was trying not to stare at the tight hold Arimi has on Ginta.

"Well, I'm going to look for a scarf. Ginta, why don't you help me," and with that Arimi pulls Ginta away and walked over to the nearest rack. Miki continued to stare after them.

All of a sudden there was a commotion at the entrance of the shop. "Ginta! Where are you?"

Everybody in the shop turned to see Rokutanda huffing and puffing as he searched for his prey. Yuu groaned inside. What does he want now? It would seem as if wherever there's Arimi, there's always Rokutanda not far behind.

Rokutanda spotted Ginta, and went over to him. "Ginta, you know I like Arimi since I was little. Why are you with her? You call yourself my cousin?"

Arimi looked a bit peeved at the sight of Rokutanda, "How many times do I have to tell you to just leave me alone?" she glared at him.

"Arimi…" Rokutanda looked hurt at her harsh words.

Yuu sighed. This has gone long enough. "If you want to talk to Arimi, do it outside, okay?"

Rokutanda flashed angry eyes at Yuu. "You! You were together with Arimi before but you broke up with her. What? Are you backing up Ginta now?" Rokutanda turned back to Arimi. "Why do you like them more than me, Arimi?" said Rokutanda with a pitiful look on his face.

Arimi turned her nose up at him, "Who I like is none of your business!"

Rokutanda looked hurt again, "Arimi…"

Suddenly, Yuu noticed the whispers going on around them as the drama unfolded before them. Customers were wondering what was going on and making assumptions about how it could be a lovers' quarrel. Gosh, what a mess.

Rokutanda must have noticed the whispers as well and felt embarrassed for the next thing he did was grab Ginta. "This guy over here used to wet his bed!"

A gasp went among the crowd and a few laughed. Miki and Arimi were both trying to hold back their laughter as well.

"And during elementary, he mistook a cat for a puppy!" Rokutanda was getting warmed up.

Furious at having made a fool in front of the crowd, Ginta shook Rokutanda off, "Enough! You have no business bad-mouthing about me!"

"Yes, I do!" Rokutanda glared.

"Oh, and why's that?" Ginta glared back at his cousin.

"I'm going to prove to Arimi that you're far worse than I am!"

"But you shouldn't do it by bad-mouthing me!"

"Alright, then. I challenge you, Ginta!"

"Go ahead!"

Oh brother. Yuu was getting fed up with the ensuing drama. Ginta and Rokutanda were alike, both not willing to back down and acting immature.

"This is stupid," Arimi finally spoke up. Yuu couldn't agree more. Yuu nodded.

Rokutanda's glare landed on him. "I challenge you as well, Yuu!"

Yuu was taken aback. What in the world is going on here? This was suppose to be a day filled with work and getting a chance to spend time working with Miki. How did this day turn out so screwed up? Now everybody is going to wonder what I have to do with all of this. Would Miki think that the fact that he's challenging him is because of his past connections with Arimi? He hope not.