Title: One Eye's (2/2)

Author: Cyclone

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Rating: I'm gonna go say PG.

Spoilers: Up to Chosen and Red Eye's.

Disclaimer: The characters depicted herein belong to a bunch of other people. I'm just borrowing them for a while.

Summary: Things in MegaTokyo start coming together. Sequel to Fifth Knight.

Author's Note: Here's the promised sequel.

"This makes us look like we're incredibly evil!" Nene snarled.

"We don't just look evil, we are evil, as far as everyone's concerned," Linna pointed out calmly.

"Well, we're gonna have to change that, won't we?" Xander said, eager to get into his hardsuit and do something. It had been weeks since the attack on Anri, and Sylia's investigation hadn't been able to turn up anything. Xander was getting antsy, and blowing away bad guys sounded like a great idea to him.

"And we will," Sylia said quietly, "but you won't be joining us, Xander."

"What?!" It wasn't clear just who besides Xander had blurted that out, but the others present were clearly just as surprised.

"Whoever's doing this is challenging us directly, even knowing our capabilities," Sylia elaborated. "Xander, you're not used to using a hardsuit, and we're not used to working with you. At this point, you're more of a liability than an asset... for now. I want you to coordinate with Mackie and remain on stand by in case of emergency."

Xander ground his teeth at that, but nodded. She had a point.

Xander grunted as he slid the missile into place. He turned and shot Mackie a questioning look, "Is that it?"

The younger man nodded, "Yeah, that's the last one. Just need to do a system check, and we're ready to roll."

"Good," Xander nodded and headed for the door.

"Uh, hey, where're you going?" Mackie asked.

"Just going to drive around a bit, clear my head," Xander replied curtly, not even looking back.

After disposing of four vampires and a t'nac'ti demon, Xander was feeling much better, considering that a very tough demon or boomer was after his friend, someone was challenging the Knight Sabers and his little Linna-chan, and he was unable to help with either situation.

In other words, he was still in a rather foul mood as he headed back to rendezvous with the Knight Sabers. It was then that he saw him.

Xander swerved the car around.

AD Police Inspector Leon McNichol was not having a good night. The fake Knight Sabers had almost squished him like a bug (much like the DD had not too long ago, come to think of it...), the Defense Minister got himself kidnapped, and now, someone was choking him to death.

No, this was not a good night to be AD Police Inspector Leon McNichol.

A gunshot interrupted his impending demise, and some part of Leon's mind that hadn't yet been affected by the lack of oxygen was immensely relieved at that.

"Out of the way!" a voice cried out, and Leon complied, rolling aside despite the pain as a car roared past and rammed the man who'd been choking him.

To say that Largo was surprised would be an understatement of an impressive degree. He was going to blast this meddling insect with a particle beam from orbit, but having a couple of tons of automobile ramming into him at a 150 kph put a kink in that plan.

The 40mm high-explosive grenade didn't help much, either. Neither did the twelve-gauge armor-piercing slugs administered from close range.

Xander snarled as he emptied the shotgun -- a full-size pump-action, not the Super-Shorty he'd pulled on Sylvie earlier -- into the demon/boomer/whatever's chest.

He stepped back and fired the other four shots from his anti-armor magnum, then pulled out a pair of his "Nestbusters" -- white phosphorous grenades usually used to clear out vampire nests.

Xander stepped back from the conflagration and blew out a sigh, completely spent. He'd used up nearly his entire arsenal of demon-hunting gadgets. The slugs were blessed and had had a mixed silver and gold core to overcome the usual immunities.

Barring very unusual immunities, there wasn't a demon on this entire plane that could assume human form and still survive that.

So when he saw a shadowy figure rise out of the flames, Xander was naturally quite alarmed.

Largo snarled. That had actually HURT.

He flicked his wrist, summoning a bolt of technological lightning to remove all signs of this meddler.

As the orbital particle beam struck, a young man shot a look over his shoulder.

"That's twice, Boss. Looks awfully familiar to me. Didn't we just leave this show a while back?"

"It appears we're in for an encore," the elderly man replied. "Get the suit."

"You got it."

As the four original Knight Sabers slumped in exhaustion aboard the Sky Carrier, Mackie called out over his shoulder, "We've got trouble! Xander's hardsuit's missing from the equipment bay!"

"What?!" the cry came in stereo.

"Well, well, well," Largo sneered at the hardsuited male figure. "I don't believe I know you."

"Screw you, you Terminator reject!" Xander snarled as he charged, sword blades extended. His hardsuit's sensor readouts had told him all he needed to know.

Not demon. Boomer. A very, very powerful one.

"Kill him," Largo nodded to his blonde companion. Without hesitation, she charged, but Xander batted her aside without effort.

Largo caught a sword blade in each hand and grinned, tossing the hardsuited figure aside. "My turn."

The concussive blast sent Xander flying, and his faceplate shattered. Reflexively, he closed his eyes, shielding them from the jagged shards.

"Ohh..." Largo nodded in understanding. "You."

Xander grunted and nodded, "Yeah. Me."

Largo's face twisted with rage as he sent another concussive blast toward Xander, who dove to the side and returned fire with a rapid succession of railgun spikes and laser pulses.

The lasers scorched Largo's clothing, but the superboomer didn't seem particularly bothered by that.

"So, is this all the strength you have?" Largo smirked, holding the captured railgun spikes.

Shit shit shit shit...

That pretty much summed up Xander's thoughts as Largo flung the railgun spikes back at him. Reflexes honed by decades of demon hunting sent Xander cartwheeling to the side, but even as he rose from that maneuver, Largo was suddenly in his face, throwing him back through a wall and to a lower level.

"How stupid of you to think you were a match for me!" Largo laughed, bashing aside some concrete. "You've come all this way, only to die like a dog!"

"Come down here and prove it, jackass!" Xander shot back. "You're not the first to say that, and you won't be the f###ing last, Junior!"

Largo -- had he possessed a remotely human cardiovascular system -- would have turned purple at that remark. As it is, he merely snarled, "Take a good look before you die, boy!" He tore off his outer covering, revealing his boomerhood, "This is the look of the true victor!"

"Bring. It. On."

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Xander looked around at the newly-arrived hyperboomers.

Oh, this is not fair, he whined silently. He's already winning, and he gets reinforcements?!

He cursed himself for a moment before something struck him, Wait a minute... they're right...

He grinned.

One radio signal later, explosives planted to cover an escape through the hallways in which the hyperboomers stood detonated.

"Ouchie..." Xander groaned as he found himself leaning against Sylia's hardsuited form.

"Are you all right?" she asked.

"Just peachy," Xander replied sourly.

"Human beings... how vulgar!" Largo muttered.

Xander rolled his eyes, "Can we just go ahead and kill this guy now?"

For someone incapable of it, Largo did a fair attempt at going livid, and he snarled, "DIE!"

"Linna!" Sylia called.

Xander missed the interplay between Linna and Nene as he boggled at the size of Linna's motoslave. And its gun. That could come in handy next time someone tried Ascending...

Uncontrolled, the particle beam struck and began moving towards Largo, engulfing the superboomer. Xander stared as Largo did an impressive job of not melting.

What does it take to kill this guy?!

A gunshot broke his reverie, and Largo tumbled over the side.

He blinked when he saw Leon standing on a nearby rooftop. Well, that answered that.

As dawn broke over MegaTokyo, another figure watched the proceedings.

"Huh. I guess I missed my cue."

Coldsteel smiled at the combat boomers Largo's hyperboomers had stolen for him. Yes, this would do nicely.

Unbeknownst to Coldsteel, programming on a chip he'd salvaged some time ago for repairs, programming long dormant, began to activate.

Sylia concealed her anxiety as she waited for the so-called "friend." Fargo hadn't been able to learn anything about her mysterious benefactor, and it bothered her.

Hearing a sound, she turned and watched the elderly man approach her.

"Greetings, Miss Stingray," he said. "Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Bruce Wayne."

Author's Postscript:

Yes, another surprise crossover in the mix.

And yes, I am setting up for another sequel, obviously.