chapter 1: kazooies accident

once upon a time kazooie was walking on sopral mountain when she fell off and hit her head. she woke up and gruntilda was standing right there. "hello" said gruntilda. kazooie said "hello, who are you!!" gruntilda thought to herself "omg kazooie has amnesia I will turn her into my evil cohort!!!!!!"kazooie said "hey nice place you got here" and gruntilda said "come over here little birdie, walk inside this machine" "oh wow what a nice machine" said kazooie. then gruntilda slammed the machine shut and turned it on!!!

chapter 2: kazooie is bad

gruntilda opened the machine and kazooie came out. "ha ha ha i have made kazooie into my evil cohort!" said gruntilda

chapter 3: uh oh

"please go and kill banjo for me!!!!!" said gruntulda. "ok" said kazooie. and then kazooie flew out a window into spiral mountain. gruntilda laughed.kazooie flew down into banjos house. banjo was making waffles. "hey banjo cant you get this food me me any faster" said tooty who was very bored and annoying and slamming her head into things because she was so hungry/"please wait, i am almost done, duh huh!!!!" said banjo. and then kazoie crashed into the window. "i am kazooie and i will kill you!!!!"tooty screamed and exploded for a million years. banjo said "kazooie you are so funny, have a waffle!" and banjo forced a waffle into kazooies mouth. kazooie got better!!!!

chapter 4: kazooie is mean


chapter 5: epilogue

"i guess putting a badness antidote into my waffles was a good idea after all" said banjo! and kazooie felt good. THE END