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Summary: Kurama/Kagome – Best friends since they were little, one of them realizes their feelings. They haven't seen each other for years, and a promise brings them to meet again. Hoping to get with her, Kurama finds out she has been engaged, and to someone he doesn't approve of.

Chapter Two

"-hope that you two will live happily with each other." The tall male took his seat and everyone waited for the next speech. Apparently the groom didn't want just one best man by his side. He wanted three. The others waited for him.

"That was great!" a young redhead whispered to the orange haired male. They were at the dinner rehearsal and they were at the part where everyone gave their say in the marriage of Urameshi Yusuke and Yukimura Keiko. Kurama was the last to put in his share. He was a bit happy that it was almost over.

Why? It was because everyone in the room wasn't alone. They had someone with them. Kuwabara had Yukina; Hiei was with a business partner. He believed her name was Mukuro. Of course there was the bride and groom. Kurama felt alone in an odd way. He's never minded the fact that he was alone, but every once in a while he would think about the fact he was so alone.

Maybe all he needed was to be pulled out of the darkness by the hands of the people around him. They had someone they wanted to share their lives with, and yet he, Kurama, was alone. He didn't want to be alone, and he hoped he wouldn't be for long.

Kurama stood and raised his empty glass. As his mouth parted open to give his blessing, his cell phone began to ring. Now, all eyes were on him. He had forgotten to turn it off, and so his face turned a deep shade of red. He reached for it and looked down to see who was calling at such a time.

He was about to turn it off until he saw the number. He refrained himself from shutting his phone off. Kurama accepted the call and bowed and apologized to everyone. "I apologize for interrupting everybody. Please continue without me."

With that, he dashed out of the room and headed outside. He heard Yusuke yell from his seat. "But we can't continue because you're supposed to do your part of the rehearsal!"

"Hello?" Kurama answered as he lifted the phone to his ear. His heart skipped a beat and his face was pink. It wasn't from the embarrassment he felt, but from the caller.

"Shuuichi-kun?" A feminine voice called for him. His heart began to beat faster.

"Kagome-chan?" He asked in return.

"Hai! I'm so glad to finally talk to you again and after so many years!" He could hear she wasn't alone from the noise he heard from the background of the receiver, but that didn't mean he wasn't happy to hear her voice.

"Kagome-chan… How have you been?" He asked her with such a caring tone. He was too busy being lost in his own world that he didn't notice the others all crammed together. They were spying on his conversation.

They thought it was a bit odd that he left the room and so they wanted to follow him.

They all listened to his conversation with the mysterious caller. They had intruded on his call a bit too late.

"I shall also see you soon… Good night, Kagome-chan." He smiled with his head down. Then, he turned to the bushes. "You can come out now."

"Ehehehe…" Everybody chuckled a bit before attacking him with questions about the mysterious caller. Kurama just brushed it all off with a smile. This time, his smile was more attractive. He seemed much more… happy, a smile that everyone would want to see everyday.

"It seems as if we are done. We shall see each other in the morning, hm?" Kurama said as he walked off in to the distance. He lived near everyone, but he felt like walking around the town before heading home. He just wasn't tired.

He stayed in Tokyo to attend college. He also wanted to stay with his family. Serene thoughts filled his mind as he sat on an edge of cliff. He hadn't noticed how far he had walked. He entered a grassy area where only animals lived. It had a beautiful view of Tokyo, and everything was natural.

Being there made him feel so calm, yet he was so happy that his heart raced with wild bliss. The world was growing away from nature and grew more dependent on technology, that was why he was so calm, but that wasn't why his heart raced.

It was because of the coming weekend, and if bad news was the reason why, he didn't care. He was going to see her. He was going to see the girl who loved.

"This weekend then?" Kagome asked the person she spoke to on the other line. Apparently she was going to be busy this weekend. "Really? That's great! I can't wait to see you, Shuuichi-kun! I have to go now, but I can't wait! We'll meet at Meiou, is that alright?"

He watched as she happily spoke into the phone. He then sighed and got her attention. Pointing to his watch to inform her that she was taking too long, she ended the conversation and hung up. "It's about time! I'm hungry! It was as if you were talking to a secret lover."

Kagome just stared at him. That's all she could do. How could he say that? Was she really like that? She really missed Shuuichi, but was she over doing it?

"Ah, Kagome-chan, I didn't mean it. You know how I am when I'm hungry." He was her best friend at the time, and he was also her roommate in the apartment building she currently lived in. His eyes then sparkled with the thought of a twisted love story with his best friend and the two men in her life.

He had noticed Kagome had a thing for making friends with the cute guys, but that wasn't why he was her friend. They just were, and that was final.

Kagome noticed the glitter in his eyes, and she was a bit frightened. The tattoos that surrounded his eyes didn't make him scary at all, but brought out more of his beauty. It also fit his personality. He was a queer and strange guy, but that made him a better friend. The last thing she wanted was to fall in love with her best friend while she was engaged to someone else.

"We can go now, Jakotsu-kun, but where are we going again?" Kagome asked as she tucked her cell phone into her coat pocket.

It was amazing how time flew by so fast. They had all graduated, and the friendship that was created stuck together. Not one person left to go back to their childhood home, at least not yet. They all lived in the same apartment building for less than a year.

Miroku and Koenma grew attached to each other and became close friends. They both loved girls who also became very good friends. There wouldn't be any problems with liking the other person because they already knew each other if the thought of marriage ever came to one's mind

As for the other two of the group, Kagome and Jakotsu, their love life wasn't open. No one had known much about their love interests or life, but they did know the two were going out with strangers of their group, and had yet to meet them.

Miroku was always uncomfortable being alone in a room with only Jakotsu. He had remembered the look in Jakotsu's eyes when he looked at him. Jakotsu had even said it was to bad that Miroku was straight. Things might have been interesting.

When Kagome first came to Osaka, she feared of being alone, but it all disappeared when she found out that Koenma was also attending.

He had told her it had slipped his mind and he had forgotten to tell her, but it was all forgiven. As long as they were going to school together, then they wouldn't have to fear of being left out or lonely.

They had stayed in dormitories with people of their own genders, but since Kagome was the last to arrive, she had to stay with the person who had the only room open. Jakotsu.

She was relieved to hear that he was gay, but she never wanted to see what she saw again. She had found out he was gay by walking in the room when he was with his 'special friend' and was in an awkward position on the couch. She had made a note to herself saying that she would never sit on it again.

Of course she wasn't homophobic. She was just shocked to see the two when she first entered the room.

"We are going to have dinner with the others. I'm not quite sure who planned it, but I believe it was that delicious Miroku." Jakotsu spoke a scary adoring tone of voice. He always had a thing for Miroku, but he never did anything that would ruin the friendship the six of them had.

In their little group of friends were Sango, Miroku, Koenma, Botan, and Koenma. Kagome was so happy to have them all as friends. They each depended on each other and didn't count one person as someone else's friend. An example of that would be like if Miroku only thought of Botan as Sango's friend and not his. They were all glad it wasn't like that.

"If you say that to him directly, Miroku would probably die." Kagome joked as she and Jakotsu walked down the sidewalk. One hand fingered her treasured necklace. She never took it off. She wore it ever since it was put on. She had refused to put on any other chain because the one she had meant so much to her.

Jakotsu sighed. "I know, but I would just love to see how that delicious monk would taste."

Kagome couldn't help but laugh. Jakotsu would never do anything because Miroku was one hundred percent straight, but that didn't stop Jakotsu from fantasizing about him.

"You know, Kagome-chan, you have been playing with that necklace a lot. You never want to wear anything else, even that expensive necklace he bought you." Jakotsu commented. He had meant to ask earlier, a lot earlier, but it just slipped his mind.

"This necklace means a lot to me. Besides, price doesn't matter to me; it was given to me by my best friend back in Tokyo. I miss him a lot. That's why I can't wait to go this weekend!" Kagome exclaimed. She knew Jakotsu didn't mind when she had said 'best friend' when she meant someone else. He to had his own best friend in Hokkaido.

They talked more about their lives before they came to Osaka until they reached the restaurant. It was a sushi bar, and everyone was already there. The first the saw was Miroku fly out of the restaurant with a smile on his face. Something good must've happened with Sango.

"Ah, Kagome-chan, you've come!" Miroku exclaimed as he got up and reached for her hands. He would usually say something that would cause his life to shorten, but he had noticed Jakotsu. "Jakotsu, it's nice to see you too!"

Of course he meant it, but was frightened of him. Jakotsu had replied with his eyes on Miroku. "It's always nice to see you too, Miroku."

They conversed for a while until they were called inside. They had such a great time just eating together. Of course they all knew their manners and behaved properly in the public restaurant.

"So, Kagome, what do you plan to do this weekend?" Miroku asked with his cup in front of his face. Behind it was that sinister smile he had. In other words she meant romantic plans. Plans that involved her love life.

"I'm going home for a while." Kagome simply replied with a smile.

"Oh! Can I come too, Kagome? Please?" Jakotsu begged. "I want to meet the woman who raised you so well!"

Of course they all knew Jakotsu only wanted to go because he wanted to see what the males of Tokyo were like. He was so predictable.

This time, it was Kagome who held her cup to her lips. "You won't stop unless I say yes and then introduce you to all the pretty males I know, hmm?"

"Why of course! Besides, I really want to visit Tokyo! I don't remember the last time I went! Oh! Can we go to Tokyo Tower? Please?" His eyes glittered with excitement and innocence. It would hurt to let him come, would it?

She sighed and agreed. That was the number one topic at their table and went on about Tokyo all night.

"Let's go! Come on Kagome! You are so slow in the morning! We'll be late if you keep moving at that rate!" Jakotsu yelled from the front door. They wanted to leave fro Tokyo early in the morning. It was less crowded at that time. Kagome made her way to the door at her own pace, ignoring his complaints. She didn't get enough sleep. She was out for too long, and when she did get home, Jakotsu wanted to play games with her.

He loved board games, especially Go. It was such an old game, but he loved it.

She collapsed onto his back when he opened the door. "Come on, I'm not going to carry you, Kagome."

Nothing. Light sounds of peaceful sleeping could be heard, but that was it. Jakotsu sighed and lifted her onto his back and carried her on his back all the way to the station. Jakotsu mumbled a few curse words and other things about how he would be seen in public with a person on his back, and a girl at that. "I hope you realize that you are the only girl I'd do this for…"

He made it to the station with plentiful stares. At some occasions he shot a glare back to them. There was also one time he snapped at a young girl who asked him why he was carrying a girl on his back. He set Kagome down and he took a seat next to her.

An elbow popped up on the wall of the train, he gazed out the window and into the scenery. He had always wanted to go to Tokyo. Funny, all his life he had never gone. Why was that? Oh yes, he was always in Hokkaido, living with parents that lived near family. What was the point of going?

"Mmnn... Where are we?" Kagome asked groggily.

"The train my dear. You look horrible. Maybe you should go wash up. I think we are almost there." Jakotsu replied wiping a trail of drool of her face. She sure did sleep peacefully. She grumbled and walked of to the restroom at the very back.

"After so long… I get to see you again!" Kagome said aloud as she patted her face dry with the pink hand towel Jakotsu brought for her. A lady started to bang on the door, as Kagome was about to open it.

"Hurry up in there! Other people need to go too!" When Kagome opened the door and stepped aside, the lady glared at her and rushed in with the door shut fast.

Kagome mumbled about how rude people could be and made her way back to her seat. It wasn't long until they made it to their destination. Tokyo, Japan.

The two wandered the streets. Jakotsu stayed near Kagome, not wanting to get lost. She knew a little about Japan and didn't want to get lost.

"Where are we going again?" Jakotsu asked, wanting to strike conversation one more.

"To my old school… Meiou Private Academy." She smiled and quickened her pace. She was almost there! She could feel it! Now, instead of walking, she started to run. She couldn't wait to see him.

"Hey!" Jakotsu ran after her as she finally made it in front of the entrance. No students. Only a closed school gate. Great memories washed through her mind. She really loved this school.

Kagome zoned Jakotsu as she closed her eyes and thought back to her high school years. It had been so long…


Kagome just stayed still, not paying attention. Jakotsu could bother her later. The person still called for her name though. Sighing in annoyance, she was shocked not to see her gay best friend, but the friend she loved the most in the world. Minamino Shuuichi.
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