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The sun decides where it shall go,

Through the sky and twelve cycles it shall flow.

And have you any thought at all,

You will know what sign is your own.

In China and elsewhere these signs are called thus:

Choose carefully, and you will know what is within.

Yugi examined the riddle closely; riddles had never been his specialty but he didn't want to mess this up. He knew he should have thought of the answer immediately, but none of the clues added up. What did it mean when it said, " the sun decides where it shall go?" And "twelve cycles?" Nothing made sense. "Signs?" And how did China fit in with all this? Well, now he knew why Malik was so confident, what he had them doing was impossible. Then he heard Yami's voice in his head.

So, have you figured it out yet?

No, he thought back, none of it fits.

Yes it does. Look at the clues, the sun, the sky, twelve, cycles, signs, China and elsewhere. It all adds up to one thing; what does Chinese mythology promote the most?

The Zodiac?

Yes, and I think that's the answer to the riddle.

Now I see, they do add up.

"The Zodiac," Yugi said and the door clicked open.

"Finally," Kaiba said and he pushed Yugi aside to walk in the door. He didn't get very far though.

"It's empty," he said at last as he stared into the dark seemingly empty room.

"What?" Yugi said and he ran in to check it out. Why wasn't Maris here? Then he saw something looming in the darkness next to him.

"It isn't empty, there are stairs here, some that lead down and up."

"That means we're on one of the middle levels."

"Yes, I know."

Who do you want to find first, Yugi?


Than go up the stairs.

"Kaiba, follow me!" Yugi started to run up the set of stairs next to him.

"Where are you going?" Kaiba asked as he followed.

"To find your brother!" Yugi answered. The stairway was much longer than Yugi expected and Yugi found himself wishing to get to the top more then wishing to find his friends. Finally, he got there. Well, he thought, we certainly don't want to answer a riddle wrong. He heard Kaiba come up behind him and Yugi started off toward the door. Since he was inside the room the door opened without any difficulty. He turned into the hallway and to the right but had second-doubts when he heard Kaiba say, "Yugi, that's my room."

Yugi whirled around and saw Kaiba was staring and pointing at door to their left. Now Yugi was even more confused. Maris hadn't said that she'd gone through Kaiba's room to get to his. He called out silently to Yami.

You're on the right track, if that's what you're wondering.

Thanks, which way?

To the left.

Yugi ran down the hall to his left this time with Kaiba close behind.

As he got to the end of the hall, he stopped to look around. He didn't call out to Yami though; too many times might be rude and he didn't know how long their connection would last. Besides, he didn't want Yami to get in trouble with Malik, the things that might happen to him… From here, guesswork might be the better route to take. After a minute, he decided to go for a room to his right, three doors down the hall. As soon as he stopped in front of it, a riddle appeared in the same flaming red letters.

A color which has no rhyme,

Regal and well defined,

Wise and learned throughout time,

Rome may help you on your way,

For a color of night, not of day.